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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Warren Man Would Like To Be Your Delegate To Republican National Convention

He is willing, and encourages our residents to contact him directly regarding his potential role as delegate by those means listed below. Please vote #7 on Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

Ash Khare
The Khare Family Residence
5 Leslie Boulevard
Warren, PA 16365
Voice: 814-726-2909
Email: khare@penn.com


Anonymous said...

These candidates for delegate should tell us voters who they plan to support at the convention. I want to support John Kasich because he is the only statesman in the race but what delegates are going to cast their votes for Kasich? It does not say on the ballot who the delegate is supporting. It just lists a bunch of names.

Anonymous said...

Right on 7:51, Why on earth would I vote for a counter productive delegate? I, and most Americans I'm sure would like to think that we had a part in electing our candidate of choice. Where do they stand on the issues facing our great country today and who are they favoring? In a contested convention is this delegate going to walk away from whom I elected him to elect in the second round? The best way to vote is to be an informed voter lest we end up with more of the same as we have now.

Anonymous said...

Hooray 7:51. Unfortunately, the press doesn't cover Mr. Kasich because he doesn't produce these sound bites that sell papers or newscasts that trump or Senator Cruz do. He is by far the MOST QUALIFIED Republican. Congressman, Chairman of various Congressional committees, Governor of OH. The majority of Americans are more middle of the road as far as their beliefs but the liberal press doesn't want that. They have manipulated the news to boost trump in the primaries so he gets SLAUGHTERED in the general election by Hillary. Notice how the press is building him back up again? Testing their power to manipulate the race.
I am a registered Republican but the tea party candidates don't represent my views. trump is mainly worshipped by the uneducated, angry white male. They don't know enough about politics to know that he is saying what they want to hear for a vote only to satisfy his ego. Business man? Ha, he has bankrupted millions of dollars worth of businesses. his campaign was brought about by Obama and his failed presidency and John Boehner's statement that said he wasn't going to allow Obama to win at any cost. Remember the government shutdown? Boehner caused that to save face. Yes, people ARE angry at the government and rightfully so. But this fellow trump? he doesn't care about you, I or anybody else except him, himself and his ego. His campaign speeches have been analyzed and he tells a lie every 3 1/2 minutes. Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? he even admitted he said that purely for votes, he knows he can't do it. Ship millions of immigrants within a year? 33,000+ per day? Balance an 18 TRILLION dollar deficit in 8 years? Expert economists shook their heads in disbelief that someone is that stupid to say such drivel and worse yet, people believe it.
As much as I disagree with Hillary and her gun, human rights and environmental policies, I will vote for her. Senator Cruz and trump will NEVER get my vote in the general election. Hopefully John Kasich WILL make it as a candidate at the convention, as he is the ONLY one who stands a chance against Hillary. Please look up Mr. Kasich's views and see how close they are to your own. Let's all go out and cast a vote to the person who truly represents us. JOHN KASICH.