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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Open House Monday, May 16th At Cole Memorial's Ryan Family Dental Center


Anonymous said...

Great that we have another dental service in the area. Only wish they had a sliding fee for those who do not have insurance. Called to inquire about prices $171 for your first visit. No payment plan. For someone on a fixed income that is steep. So did a search for dental plans... you guessed it. None are accepted in this area. The ones you do find for Dubois and that area... after you purchase the plan you need to wait six months to have a filling fixed. SMH.

Something to think about.. A person with insurance is charged the same fee as someone without insurance. When the insurance pays the dentist there is an adjustment and then the insurance pays the balance. The person with the insurance is most generally not charged the adjusted amount but the person without insurance receives no adjustments and pays the full fee.

I wouldn't mind paying for dental insurance but none are accepted in the area.

Anonymous said...

I have been on several different dental plans over the years and they were all accepted where I went to the dentist. As for people with insurance not paying the difference, that is not true. I have dental insurance and still have to pay the balance not paid by the insurance company. Keep looking I am sure there is something out there.