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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lufkin-RMT plant in Wellsville to close in November

Wellsville Daily Reporter

WELLSVILLE — The Daily Reporter learned this morning that the Lufkin-RMT plant in Wellsville will close around the end of November. Jobs at Lufkin, a division of GE Oil and Gas, is reportedly closing due to lack of work and is going to consolidate the jobs at the Wellsville location, near Wellsville Municipal Airport and relocate them to larger facilities within the company.

State Sen. Catharine Young was surprised by the announcement.

“The closure of the Lufkin-RMT plant in Wellsville is unwelcome news and extremely disappointing. The company had not expressed to anyone that there was an issue, so this announcement is coming out of the blue,” she said. “After I learned of the news, I personally spoke with a representative from GE Oil & Gas’ headquarters in Houston to request that they work with state and local officials to reverse this decision.

“Regrettably, I was informed that the price of oil had dropped to a new low and it is expected to stay low for an extended period of time, severely impacting the company’s ability to operate,” Young said. Read more...


Anonymous said...

Has this senator young been living under a rock? There are many companies laying off and closing down because of the low oil prices. Its always amusing to hear them poor their hearts out saying that they contacted the companies and told them to take care of the displaced workers, give me a break, those big companies dont give a rats a$$ who calls them or their workers. Its the all mighty dollar that rules the world nothing else. There is no compassion towards the workers that make these companies their money. State reps and senators are the same as the companies, all they want is your vote and tax dollars, they could care less for their fellow man. Thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to place this business and can't seem to imagine where it is in Wellsville. Can someone give a description of the Location? Feel for these people loosing yet more jobs. Hang in there, a lot of us understand how rough this is.

Anonymous said...

They used to be RMT located right behind TOPS in Wellsville. Several years ago they were bought by Lufkin and then by GE and relocated to a large plant up near the Wellsville airport.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how many jobs are being affected? about 60?

Anonymous said...

Vote TRUMP! How's Obama working out for you NOW!

Anonymous said...

Haha, trump. Bankruptcy lawyers love him. Dow Jones at a record high, 200k+ jobs added last month. Unemployment lower than in previous 8 years. How do I like Obama now? Not my favorite president but not too bad. trump can't talk more than 5 minutes without calling someone a name, mocking someone or showing his woeful ignorance of world affairs. It's obvious the fellow is not too bright and he is realizing he is in way over his head. That's why he is already looking for excuses to blame others IF he even continues to the general election and gets soundly defeated. I am guessing that you are white, uneducated lower middle class? THOSE are the folks that he is pandering to. Those who don't truly understand what is going on in the real world. He is a master manipulator of people with a lesser grasp of the real world. Remember the people who followed the "Rev" Jones that drank the kool aid and died? Not a lot of difference here either, tell them what they want to hear, promise them the world and deliver NOTHING! Hillary isn't my first choice but the thought of this fellow even near a nuke? Lord help us!