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Friday, August 26, 2016

Think About It

Your Story
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Have you ever thought of your life as being a story and each and every day you’re writing new pages? That the pages of our life tell the story of the ups and downs, along with the many turns and twists that your story has taken? What kind of story would it be? Would it be a comedy, tragedy, serious, romantic or just ho-hum? Some have referred to the story of our life as a tapestry with life’s events woven together. Whatever the case, what is your story saying? Are you satisfied with it or would you like to rewrite it?

As I’ve looked back over my life I can see some hiccups along the path of my story. Some of those hiccups were caused by my decisions other hiccups by the decisions of others. I didn’t handle some things well and overreacted in others. Probably for many years I never thought about my life being a story, so I moved from chapter to chapter without an understanding that they were, in spite of what I thought, being all joined together to create one story. I’ve wondered what my children and grandchildren think of my story. Would they want a story like mine or would they want to steer clear?

I met someone yesterday that is in some of the early years of their story and they are creating a lot of drama. Their focus is in the moment and what will make them happy. They’re not considering how their actions in the moment are creating chaos in the life story of others. Pain, destruction and unrest are being written into the story of others who didn’t ask for it, but are getting it anyway.

I believe that our story is being written in conjunction with God’s. In other words, God’s story is trying to intersect with ours and His story is a story of redemption. He desires to take our story and melt it together with His so that even the bad of ours has purpose and meaning. When our stories intersect we start to see that the story we’re now writing is created from a different sense of values and a different sense of purpose. The story becomes written from a place of love. Love for myself, others, and God. It’s the story I would want my children to repeat to their children. Think about it.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pastor B.J. Knefley! You really spoke to my heart with this one.