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Monday, August 22, 2016

Wolf Administration Announces $8.8 Million In State Investments to Improve 23 Airports

Bradford Airport Gets $150,000. To Replace Hangar Door

Harrisburg, PA – Twenty-three airports will make safety upgrades and expand operation opportunities with the assistance of $8.8 million in state investments, Governor Tom Wolf announced today.

“Maintaining and expanding opportunities in our transportation system includes the more than 400 airports in our state,” Governor Wolf said. “Hundreds of thousands of jobs are supported by aviation in Pennsylvania, and these investments will help them operate safely, expand to meet demands, or attract more growth.”

Included in the grants is $5.4 million distributed through the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, which is a capital budget grant program funded with bonds. The grants leverage nearly $3.6 million in local matching funds. Authorized by the General Assembly, the grants are administered by PennDOT’s Bureau of Aviation.

The investments also include $3.4 million in state funding from PennDOT’s Aviation Development Program, which comes from the state’s jet fuel tax and leverages $1.1 million in local matching funds. Public-use airports in the state are eligible for the Aviation Development Program.

The program complements the state Multimodal Fund, which dedicates $6 million to aviation in this fiscal year alone. The fund was created by Act 89, a far-reaching transportation funding program that clears the way for significant investments in all transportation modes.

McKean County: Bradford Regional Airport -- $150,000 to replace the existing hangar door and track foundation system to allow for opening and closure for a hangar on the airport.

For more information on aviation in Pennsylvania visit


Anonymous said...

$150K for a garage door??? CRAZY> I guarantee you, if this door was on a private building owned by and being paid for by an individual, it would be about less than half that dollar amount to replace.
That's our tax dollars at work. Paying $150K for a $40000. job. (and that's too much)
I hope this hangar is rented to any and all planes that use it, THAT money should then be used to do maintenance and repair on the hangar,, not tax dollars.
I wonder who gets to use this hangar?

Unknown said...

This $8.8 million sure would help with the schools in POTTER county.. Seeings how POTTER county is the poorest county in PA and you're robbing it blind..

Anonymous said...

this whole airport shit blows my mind its not cheap to your own damn doors

Anonymous said...

The airport benefits and serves a very small part of the local population. Let the airport and the elite few that use it, pay for it themselves..
I'm tired of my tax dollars helping the wealthy.
The last airplane I flew had a rubber-band and was made out of balsawood and cost 15 cents.

Fly Robin Fly. said...

It's not cheap to fly? What rock you been under? $39 to Pittsburgh? You can't drive there for that. Although our tax dollars subsidize that ticket, it's still a damn good deal. Use it and get out of your valley once a decade. There really is more to this world than your backwoods holler!

Anonymous said...

Robin, it should be $239 to Pittsburgh and you and Batman can pay it,, Don't use my tax money for your vacation. I should not have to subsidize your choices.

Anonymous said...

9:14. But it's not $239, rather you like it or not, the price is $39. Why not take advantage of it? If they offer it, utilize it. Possibly not the smartest use of tax dollars. Neither is the Secret Service guarding trump utilizing resources properly but it's being done also. Unfortunately though, if you aren't flying on from PIT elsewhere, or you don't have someone picking you up at the airport, then the cost goes up. But either way, $39 or $78 R/T is a bargain for those who enjoy flying.