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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alfred Police issue caution on paving company

By Jason Jordan / The Evening Tribune

ALFRED — Village of Alfred Police are warning residents to beware of a paving company they deemed to be predatory.

Buyer beware, was a message delivered by Alfred Police Chief Paul Griffith at last Tuesday’s Village Board meeting.

On Tuesday afternoon, police responded to Tinkertown Hardware Inc., in the Town of Alfred.

Griffith, along with three state troopers, responded to the scene.

“It was a big paving scam, a company came in and told them they would pave their lot for like $3,000,” said the chief.

A crew from Lane Ways Paving, a Scio-based company, according to work reference sites, was doing the work for the hardware store.

The two parties had a contract, but the figures for final payment were left ambiguous.

“It didn’t have any money on it, it just said so much per foot,” Griffith said. “When they went to talk to them they said it was going to be $8,000 to $10,000."



Anonymous said...

You can also check with people in the Galeton (PA) and Wellsboro (PA) area for similar stories. Check with other area Paving & Sealcoating Companies that also hear the stories after. I can NOT believe that someone can not stop these people once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Dah! Why would you hire anyone to do a job and not know the final price? Sounds like a case of stupidity. Don't get estimates, get quotes.
If they said it would be priced on square foot then you had better know how many square feet, . Blaming someone else for your own stupidity is not illegal.

Anonymous said...

They are Gypsies!!!! They pick a different area to work in every summer. They go from area to area scamming people. I am in North Central pa and also in the Construction business. My wife called and said there was a paving company at out house and they had a "left over load of pavement from another job". I can assure you, you NEVER have a wholr left over load of asphalt, it's to expensive. I told her to keep them there and I quickly drove to our house and confronted them. Sure enough they were gypsies. I called them out on theit scam and warned other people. They called me several times and left threatening messages.

They never stay in one area very long as they are quickly discovered and move on to scam in a different area. That's why it is important to hire people from your area that our established and have a good reputation.I can promise you, cheap work is not good work. It's cheap for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Every year several 'paving companies' come to our home to solicit business. It's usually folks from neighboring counties/states. But this year a big truck pulled up and it was filled with men with British accents. They claimed they had an uncle in our town. They also claimed to have 'leftover blacktop from another job'. So, these guys can do a slap happy job then run back to England. Scams are plenty and no one is to be trusted these days. Our parents were prideful of their reputations and their good name meant everything to them. Those days are gone. The honest generation is the one targeted most by these scoundrels. Trust no one.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that it isn't only pavers who are crooked. I dealt and was really taken by a man doing tree removal for a very knowledgeable neighbor. He approached my house, or me, I guess you would say and started in about the condition of the stumps in my lawn, of windows needing paint or replacement. He also said someone was going to be killed on my back Deck! Remember I did not ask his opinion or request his advice. Well I thought since my neighbor had hired this man (a thief, really) that I'd let him eliminate my stumps. He didn't grind them out,as he did for the neighbor, but sent a couple of young men over and simply lowered the Stumps! Then the deck, he frightened me so I agreed to removal. He said they would be back the next day. I ask that they not come too early because I wouldn't be around early. He agreed. I woke up the next morning, saw the two young men from the previous day removing the last of my deck. I approached them, and they said that they were instructed to come very early and questioned my decision to remove the deck. Because it was so solid, removal was extremely difficult. In utter shock, I asked for the location of this man and they didn't know even where he Lived! I was shocked, I had been a real Fool! After much more than 1,000 dollars here I am falling for the old saying, as long as we are in the neighborhood Deal! Be careful, I thought I knew better, oh boy!