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Friday, September 16, 2016

Think About It

Which God?
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Out of all of the Gods out there, which one do you choose to follow? Do you follow the one of your parents? Or do you find one that best suits your needs? Which is the right one, or are they all the same? It has been said that there are 3000 gods to pick from. Do you pick the hard taskmaster or the loving grandparent type? Did you know that if you believe in the Christian God, you are excluding all the 2999 others as if they didn’t even exist? Some would probably accuse you of being intolerant and narrow-minded.

Personally I have given this some thought over my lifetime. I was brought up in a home that practiced Christianity. It wasn’t perfect, and in fact there were many unchristian things that went on. But I was taught that there was a God and it was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. As a young adult I questioned what I had been taught and started to look elsewhere. Now I didn’t look into all 3000 gods, but I did check out a few and in each case I seemed to come up with the same problem. I couldn’t live up to the expectations.

When you think of it, you can live up to any of the various religious expectations? Aren’t we all failures on one form or another? Those very struggles actually helped me to embrace Christianity. Why? Because Christianity, above and beyond all of the other religions isn’t based on what you do for God, it’s what He has already done for you through His Son Jesus Christ. In a moment while crying out to God about my failure to be able to live according to his rules and commands He simply impressed upon my heart that of course I couldn’t do it. 

If I could then Jesus didn’t need to come. I needed to surrender my life to His ability and let go of my own. This is what Jesus talked to Nicodemus about in John 3. It’s called being born again. Has it been perfect since then? No, I still on occasion take the reins of my life away from Him and try to do things on my own. It doesn’t work. Ultimately you can believe that your rocking chair is your god and God will still love you and reach out to you. Your response is your choice. Think about it.

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