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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Elk County men connected to five burglaries

By RICHARD LECKER III Era Correspondent
Bradford Era

ST. MARYS — Police have connected a pair of Elk County men to five burglaries throughout St. Marys between September and October.

Cody James Luchs, 26, was charged on Oct. 12 with 16 felonies charges and one misdemeanor charge in connection to four burglaries in St. Marys.

On Thursday, a second man was charged as a co-defendant, but in the new affidavit, police connect the pair to six burglaries in St. Marys.

Allen Edward Weyant, 27, has been charged with 19 felonies and one misdemeanor in connection to the burglaries. Read more...


Anonymous said...

Throw them all in jail for 10 years or more.
Nothing worse than a thief.
Bunch of pukes.
Waste of flesh and blood.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day they'll learn & turn their lives around or they'll be in jail the most of their lives!!!!

Anonymous said...

jail to good for them cut their hand off and put them on a chain

Anonymous said...

Now that's a bit harsh, I certainly do not condone their actions, but everyone deserves another chance. They need someone to reach out to help them n if they don't receive the help than back to jail !

Anonymous said...

well five burglaries they will never stop stealing 26 and 27 years old i dont my tax money wasted on two loser they know right from wrong ya give other chance so they rob your they wont come to my house it will the one they will ever try to rob and not a gun have guns but if shot someone in your house are in trouble this called broken heart and not illagey to you have it in your house weather you hnow it so bad people need toget their shit because they will be in the wrong place