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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Governor Wolf Signs Strangulation Bill Into Law


Anonymous said...

Thank you Governor Wolf.

Anonymous said...

Now if only he would legalize marijuana for recreational use. This state would seriously benefit from the tax..

Anonymous said...

This is for all the Hillary supporters. Well since your like educated please explain to the rest of us just who pays for all these illegals and refugees? Oh that's right you and every other taxpayer with no end in sight. A wall isn't cheap either but it's a sure fix no more kicking the dam can down the road..

Obama care isn't worth supporting not only is it a small business killer but without competition prices will sky rocket and before you know it our health care will be like Canada "worthless"..

The Clintons are only in this for themselves. Hillary says she is for women yet she is receiving money from countries that beat, rape, kill women and children. What about all the emails and Benghazi. What about defending her rapist husband. What about all the furniture, paintings an what not they stole from the White House. What about them saying the Constitution Of American is out dated and needs to be rewritten. What about them wanting to take everyone's guns and pass laws like in Australia. What about alllll the other BS?? Yet people complain about Trump lol..

Hillary supporters are indeed mislead and have screws loss. I for one don't find it amusing they have to act like babies, throwing a hissy fit when someone else doesn't share their socialist views. Maybe us Trump supporters should offer you babies free cheese with your wine..

Anonymous said...

Are you shitting me? Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault couldn't have covered this? They are already in the CRimes Code - which is Title 18 by the way. As far as I'm concerned this is a waste of time and money, creating a law covering Strangulation specifically as a form of assault. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

10:03, Very Well said, I totally agree,You can't change people's mentality that's been Dems for yrs, they don't vote for the candidtes platform, they vote for the Dem, I'm a Dem & my vote is certainly NOT for Killary, She is also for abortions, we will be persecuted for killing innocent babies, etc, I can't even stand to watch het, Bill & her have made themselves rich fraudulently, they could care less about us, the AMERICAN people & Obama care is a JOKE !! The premiums go up every yr, Obama out faced lied & Michelle makes me sick, she did nothing but run Killary in the ground, now you see her hugging Ole Killary, makes me wanta throw up, they are double minded & too faced Dems

Johnny Law said...

It brings to mind a famous quote from George Carlin. "It's all one great big club...and we aren't in it!!"

Anonymous said...

9:15 is spot-on, typically liberal waste of time, money and resources and add more useless laws.