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Friday, October 14, 2016

Scarnati Announces $1.5 million State Grant for Westfield Business Park

(HARRISBURG) – A $1.5 million state grant has been awarded to the Tioga County Development Corporation for Westfield Business Park in Tioga County, according to Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25).

Scarnati explained that the funding is being awarded by the State Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). The Westfield Business Park redevelopment project is converting 17.6 acres into a mixed-use site for light manufacturing, warehouses and office spaces. This grant will help with completion of the fourth phase of the project which includes demolition and renovations to usable buildings.

“This local business park represents a significant partnership between economic development agencies, state and local taxing bodies, community organizations and business groups,” Scarnati stated. “The $1.5 million state investment is a very exciting development which will provide substantial support for the project. I commend the Tioga County Development Corporation, as well as local government, business and community leaders for their hard work on this revitalization project.”

Scarnati, who was instrumental in securing this funding, explained that the total cost of the project is $3 million and will help the Westfield Business Park to be restored to productive use within the region.

“This state support will enable the recycling of this former tannery into a site that will be useful once more in attracting much-needed new industry to the Westfield community and is a critical part of its future economic development,” Scarnati said.

Scarnati noted that RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects.

For more information regarding the RACP program, please visit: http://www.budget.pa.gov/Programs/RACP.


Anonymous said...

Here you go young Pa taxpayers another few million on your credit card you will pay for in the future.And the politicans will pocket it in campaign donations.It is called pay to play and Pa politicans play the game very well

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea, too bad there aren't any and won't be any businesses to move into it unless Trump gets elected. However, if hillary gets elected the state can turn it into a refugee housing complex and get federal subsidies. Everyone living around there will have a bunch of terrorists living next to them. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Trump will turn it into a touchy feely camp, watch your daughter's.

Anonymous said...

Go Trump

Anonymous said...

There are no businesses left in westfield! No need for a business park! How about you just fix up the main street and community! Such a joke.

Anonymous said...

Make Westfield Great Again!
Bring Back the Jobs! What does not mean to you, Westfield? Bringing back the auto industry to Detroit means nothing to you. Bringing back the fabric industry to the Carolinas means nothing to you. What was Westfield like when it was Great?

I suspect that the young people who left Westfield in search of good jobs found them. The people who got hurt and are mad are those who stayed where they were born and relied on the jobs that were available in the immediate area and now gone - jobs that required either manual labor or on-the-job-training - farming, the Westfield Tannery and supporting infrastructure (the feed mill, Borden Condensory, milk truck drivers, general stores, etc.). Farming, as a viable way of life, was destroyed by the advent of the mega farms out west. The Tannery started to die in the 1960s when the decision was made to not address the dumping of the effluent into the Cowanesque River.

What Westfield needs to do is to attract new businesses and then to embrace that new business. The Electricord is a shining example of a new, successful business. Let us hope that another new business can be attracted to the Westfield business park. These things are needed: the Internet with which to take orders, a location in which to build the goods, people to build the goods, and UPS to deliver the finished goods. Not needed is a company bent on employee exploitation or a work force that prides itself in not knowing how to use a computer or having no need for algebra.

Wishing you good luck.

Anonymous said...

Funny how these grants materialize just before election day. And Trump doesn't care about this at all; come down off your high horses. Pretend you have an IQ.

Anonymous said...

Neither does Clinton worry about these small areas !!! DUH !!!
Whose calling the kettle black with the IQ BIT !!!!''

Anonymous said...

We are because we see Trump for who he is and his failed attempts also we don't have to use words like DUH and wave our hands

Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us on how you see Trump for what he is. Then humour us on how the Clintons are any better.