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Saturday, November 19, 2016

PA State Police Detail Last Month's Arrests On Klein Road In Pike Township


Anonymous said...

Not getting lost on the fact these two were on parole and handling weapons but....Are these charges of "manufacturing a controlled substance" based on GROWING pot? If they were in fact "manufacturing" bad drugs, lock them up. In reality, when will the rest of the nation wake up like those states that are progressive and tired of chasing a plant that is less harmful than your Coors Light. Science has proven that fact over and over that pot is far less harmful than alcohol. A 38 year study was just published in JAMA definitively showing this. This study was on 1,700 people from age 0 to 38 showing that pot does not have long lasting health or mental effects. They did find an anomaly with periodontal disease. REAL MEDICINAL VALUE HAS BEEN PROVEN OVER AND OVER. Look up the studies and statistics. Police have more important things to work on such as real drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine and alcohol, as in alcohol related assaults, alcohol related crashes, alcohol overdosing. Alcohol - 80,000 deaths annually in the US alone. Tobacco- 480,000 deaths a year in the US alone. Many of those are from secondhand smoke! If we are truly looking at health issues, look at those two LEGAL drugs and fix that problem. Legalize it, tax it and move on.

Anonymous said...

My guess is they are hoping to get info out of these low level criminals that would lead to a more productive bust. Otherwise I would have to agree that this bust is a waste of taxpayer time and money.

Anonymous said...

Until it has been deemed legal to grow, possess, consume, carry, etc pot, then it's illegal and anyone getting busted for it is just an idiot. Period.

Joe Dirt said...

They broke muultiple laws.....period. Lock their worthless butts up.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Extremely Stupid"! What a bunch of idiots

Anonymous said...

Growing plants is "Manufacturing Drugs", according to the LAW. But, who are the people writing the laws?? They are PAID servants of Capitalism. The Corporations make more money "treating" a disease than they do "curing" a disease (or medical condition, etc)

If money grew on trees, then money trees would become illegal.

The racist past of "White Men" against "Marihuana" happened in 1937, when the Federal "Marihuana Tax" was passed. It was, by design, racist against the colored population. Nothing pissed off these white men in power more than their white daughters smoking pot, enjoying the music, and sleeping with people of color.

So, the alcoholics in charge in the Capital wrote these laws, with $$$ in mind, to make it illegal for ANYONE to use marijuana. It is a Schedule 1 drug!

Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are: heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), MDMA (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote.

In the White Man's land, where they make the laws, "Spiritual" experiences are confined to the Christian Church. PERIOD. The indigenous "shaman" spiritual healers are a scourge to be eliminated!!

Yes, you make more money selling a less effective "treatment" rather than letting a plant grow that can "cure".

Why can we NOT change the laws?? Because.. the un-named, un-identified, heart of the problem is US. Look in the mirror. Because you care more about saving $0.23 at Walmart. Because you care more about the bottom line than ethics, moral, and humanity. THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

How can you make a profit when a cure grows like weeds??? YOU CAN'T!! So, the insanity is that now, growing a plant is illegal!! a felony!

Think of the children. Maybe they can come together and agree that someone's suffering and helping that person is MORE IMPORTANT THAN MAKING MONEY, by causing someone to suffer!

Please. Anyone reading this, think of your Grandma. Think about her when screwing someone over, like the TV Cable Company does with their bills. Why are PROFITS more important than PEOPLE?!

And that's what's wrong with society today.

Oh, sorry, forgot to comment on this Topic. Yeah. they've broken some laws and terms & conditions of release from prison/jail/probation. Once you're in the system, your individual sovereignty no longer exists. You are the property of your country. "We, the People" are killing ourselves. Causing our own misery. Let's stop!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Based on that rant, I hope you are not operating any machinery.