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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Spaghetti dinner and Chinese auction set to benefit former air force member

A Spaghetti dinner and Chinese auction to benefit former Air Force member will be held at the Westfield fire hall from 10 AM to 6 PM on December 10th.

Dinners are $9.00 for adults $6 for children under 12 and 2 and under eat free! Dinners will be served until 6:00 PM. 

The drawing for the Chinese auction will start at 5:30. If you cannot make the benefit and would like to donate please contact Tammy Perkins Home- 814-848-7583 Cell-814-203-8712 or message Jessica Perkins through facebook! 

Thank you for all of your support to make this a successful benefit! Our hearts are truly grateful <3 span=""> We are trying to keep this a surprise for Miranda, so please do not message her regarding the benefit.

Miranda's story
Oct 2014 my doctor informed me I had Auto-immune Hepatitis, so I bought a book on liver disease and felt somewhat at ease because with Autoimmune Hepatitis you can go into remission. Then I started reading about other liver diseases and read about Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). I remember thinking I am grateful I did not have PSC because as I read about the horror of it and the symptoms, it read to pretty much be a death sentence. Little did I know 2 weeks later I would be sitting in a doctor's office who informed me I do indeed have PSC. 

The ride home with my husband was mostly silent; I think we were both in shock. When we arrived home and sent the babysitter home, Aliyah was napping and Neil (4 months at the time) was awake. As I held him I broke down uncontrollably sobbing. I remember thinking with all the horrible men of this generation (unfortunately I just met too many) I want to be there to raise one good man, I want to be there for my daughter and teach her independence, strength, compassion, and to always be comfortable in her own skin. Now the only wish I had was to watch my children grow up.

Another huge adjustment for me was accepting that I could no longer do the job I was paid to do. Accepting that I no longer had the strength to "fight though it and fake it." Not only did I have the struggle of losing a job I learned to love, but also leaving a unit who really cared and I adored them so.

The last 5 weeks have been the hardest. I have stayed in a hospital longer than I have been home. I was just informed that I am in bad shape and a liver transplant is needed sooner than later. My doctors have asked me if I have any other living donors besides Chris just in case he is not a match. He wants to have back-up plans in place. 

He doesn't think I will survive waiting for a deceased donor, so living donor is my only option. I am grateful, in a way, because the one thing this has taught me is to love harder and to appreciate life. I am so motivated to beat this and make the most of my life. After all this mess is done and I am healthy again, I vow to serve others because I know what it is like to fight for your life. One of Miranda's friends has been accepted as her live donor! 

Her insurance will cover a portion of the hospital expense, but not all of it. We have no idea what this is going to end up costing them in medical expenses. Thank you to all those who have shared Miranda's story, who pray for her and who have donated to help her and her family!!!!!


Dave and Cindy Johns said...

So very sorry to learn of Miranda's prognosis. You all are in our prayers. May your efforts to raise funds on her behalf be a HUGE success, Tammy. God bless & keep you in the palm of His hand.

Anonymous said...

I read the entire post concerning Miranda, but I'm confused. Is she a local woman or someone that was in the service, and needs help. Is the family picture at the beginning, her and her Family? I certainly wish her the best and would consider a donation, if she is from the area. I also know a woman who developed diabetes while serving her country and she receives a rather generous disability check from the service because this happened while in the army. Is the family aware, or was she in the service when diagnosed with this disease, that there may be additional support through this entity. If so they might look into this chance for more help through the government. I will be playing for this family, and if anyone can answer my questions, I'd be grateful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To poster 5:06 - Miranda is the daughter of Kenny and Tammy Perkins and was here from the Ulysses area. The picture is of her and her family and was in the service. Our prayers go out to the family and pray she gets the help she needs.

Anonymous said...

To post 7.22 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to inform me about Miranda! This is poster 5..06. I do indeed know the family, they are related to my family somehow. I was not aware of this tragedy. Somehow I don't seem to hear the things I would like to know. Indeed, I will make a donation, and again entire the friend who does receive a disability payment from the government because the she did become ill while in service. Maybe there is that chance for Miranda, at least would help a little. Blessings to you for the information, so clearly relayed. God be with the Perkins family too, and of course to Miranda and her family too.