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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bill Pekarski: Day 116, Living life on my terms.

Bill Pekarski

Day 116, Living life on my terms.

Close your eyes, hold your breath, and make a wish, for Christmas is a day of profound love where dreams come true; all you need to do is believe.

Sometimes, all it really takes for wonderful things to happen is to believe, and I am not talking about believing in one man delivering presents. What I am talking about is believing unconditionally in the spirit and true meaning of Christmas. You see, that is the difference between children and adults, at a time when grown-ups question; children just simply believe and display an unparalleled faith.

Believe in yourself, believe in your family, believe in your friends and community, but most of all; believe in God for through him, all things are possible.

Much like I believe that I am alive today because I have a purpose. If nothing else, I have the purpose of continuing to write these daily stories. I strive to inspire and help people appreciate everything that we have, while at the same time honoring people and things that we have experienced along the way. In some way, I am fast becoming a caretaker of our history and I feel responsible for not letting it fade or perish.

Believe in your family for they will always be there to support you. From the time when you are born until the time when you pass, your family will always be there for you; through good times and bad.

Believe in your friends and community. By working together for the common good, everyone can prosper and the community can only strengthen.

Last, but certainly not least, believe in God as his love for us is everlasting and unconditional.

As everyone celebrates over the coming days, I hope all of you take the time to pause and really cherish every moment. Take lots of pictures, eat that piece of fudge, sing along with all of the songs, and be there for those around you. You do have the power to make the holiday extraordinary.

Pick up the phone and call old friends. Even if you have not talked in years, say hello and let them know that you are thinking of them this day.

Go ahead and stand under the mistletoe, and if you dare, close your eyes until someone kisses you for what is life without surprises.

Turn off the television, the radio, the computer, and other electronic forms of entertainment and enjoy the people around you. Play cards and board games with your family and friends creating your own entertainment. Don’t forget to put the big tray of cookies within reach of the table.

Raise your glass and toast to the fellowship of those around you, then toast to memory of those who are no longer with you.

Today I dedicate my progress to us, all of us. May God continue to bless us all today and every day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! May God Bless you with a healthy & abundant New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I am alone for Christmas and I've cried all day for the many loved one lost, my family has narrowed so much and my heart hurts so much for them, the memories are so strong and I'm feeling so alone. I just read your precious words and now I'm in prayer for all who need our love,for one great God and for all the people who have lost so much this year
Your words are precious to me today, you have no idea how much love I am feeling for you, your words and wisdom, your strength and faith. Please pray for me that I embrace what is important and honor those people we have lost and the memories we have. Thank you Bill, for you are a blessing to me and so many others, IN Jesus name, I send you my deep heart felt love and God's grace.

Anonymous said...

Amen 311 I have had the same thoughts today. Thinking of family passed, and Christmas pass I thought of something from a long time ago I read an old article. I thought of the town cop who use to do the midnite Christmas greeting, never knew who he was, but we listened for it, how he made our nite, and then all would take their turn in wishes. Wonder what ever happened to him, were is he now. Well to all Merry Christmas keep it up bill good luck in the new year, GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

I so much enjoy Christmas with my family but my heart is saddened for all those that are hurting, those that are alone, I pray for them, I lost 5 family members last yr & its been a rough yr but by the grace of God & his love, we've hung in there even though the void of the loved is not here with us, Our Heavenly Father is with us, God bless n Merry Christmas

Simplify & appreciate said...

Merry Christmas Bill! We have never met; however I enjoy reading your memories and your life stories. I appreciate your candor regarding your life experiences. The making of the perogies and obtaining the recipe was delightful. I too have had to write family recipes after asking over and over for family to repeat them. A well lived and appreciated life is priceless. The best memories often come from the simplest of times. may Father God Bless you and yours this New Year. Perhaps I'll be able to meet you one day and thank you for sharing your life.