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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pennsylvania State Police Welcomes 62 New Troopers

Pennsylvania State Police Welcomes 62 New Troopers

News provided by
Pennsylvania State Police

HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Commissioner Tyree C. Blocker announced today that 62 cadets graduated from the State Police Academy in Hershey, PA and have been assigned to troops across the commonwealth. The men and women represent the 147th graduating cadet class.

Blocker spoke during the ceremony at Bishop McDevitt High School, along with Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Christie and Major William White. Anthony Mazzone, from Montgomery County, spoke on behalf of the graduating cadet class.

Five cadets received special awards and recognition:

The American Legion Award, presented to the most outstanding cadet in recognition of all around academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications: Kelly Chambers

The Colonel John K. Schafer Award, presented to the cadet who achieved the highest combined score on a series of physical skills test: Cody Simcox

The Commissioner Daniel F. Dunn Award, presented to the cadet who earned the highest level of academic achievement in the class: Justin Leri

The Sergeant Charles B. Gesford Award, presented to the cadet who scored the highest on the department's pistol qualification course: Tyler Kalnik

The Colonel Paul J. Chylak Award, presented to the cadet who demonstrated the highest proficiency in driver safety training: Josh Stratton

The graduates have been assigned to the following troops:

Troop C, Clarion
Jared Beilman
Zachary Huffman
Aaron Shaprio
Corre Sommers

Troop C, Clearfield
Andres Made

Troop C, DuBois
Joseph Caputo
Caleb Diaz
Seth Hari

Troop C, Kane
Brandon Collett
Scott Emeigh
Daniel Nestler
Quinton O'Rourke
Josh Sheppeck

Troop C, Marienville
Chanse Davy
Tyler Kalnik
Nicholas Wissinger

Troop C, Punxsutawney
Daniel Jackson
Antonio Suprano

Troop C, Ridgway
Joseph Burke
Michael Cook
Eric Neidrick

Troop D, Butler
Clayton Duvall
Matthew Kephart
Nathan Spangler
Philip Treadway

Troop D, Kittanning
Jordan Eckman

Troop D, Mercer
Kelly Chambers

Troop E, Franklin
Daniel Kephart

Troop E, Warren
James Andrews
Steven Peters
Joshua Russo
Shea Sedler

Troop F, Coudersport
Andrew Book
Brandon Henne
Matthew Lesher
Nicholas Smith

Troop F, Emporium
Jake Wallace

Troop F, Lamar
Andrew Adams
Andrew Bishop
Lauren Pohlig
Zachary Yetter

Troop F, Mansfield
George Aguirre
Anthony Mazzone

Troop F, Stonington
Allen Wolff

Troop G, Bedford
Josh Stratton

Troop G, Huntingdon
Brooke King

Troop G, McConnellsburg
Davey Miller

Troop N, Bloomsburg
Nicolas Lakkis
Mark Malshefski
John Waida

Troop N, Swiftwater
Jasmine Berrocal
Justin Leri
Melodee Shuman
Cody Simcox
Dustin Spangler

Troop P, Towanda
Robert Borkowski
James Gaizick
Michael Mogish
Michael Novak
Anthony Oliveri
Michael Prendergast
Mohamad Saloukha

For more information on the Pennsylvania State Police, visit


Anonymous said...

These people deserve credit for their achievement. However, I think it might be time for a 'uniform upgrade'. This picture looks like something from the 1930's or maybe a dictatorship country. The style and colors are historic not to mention the M-1 carbine looking rifle (how about an M-16 or A2). Good luck to all of you.
PS. Upgrading the uniforms should not require a 2 million $$ study.

Anonymous said...

How many troopers do we need? the highway fund is being drained and the PSP is a major expense.... Act 89 should be spent on repairing our roads, not to fund the PSP.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have their protection than to have illegal immigrants kill any more of our innocent people here

Anonymous said...

What do you know

Anonymous said...

What do you know.....

Anonymous said...

Please explain how they protect you.
Honestly it is very rare for a trooper to actually "Prevent" a crime.
Yes, I know when they do prevent a crime they deserve all the credit in the world and I'm the first to give it to them.
But from an honest perspective, largely they investigate, do mop up and do things most parents should have taken of years ago.

Anonymous said...

More debt for your kids that actually pay taxes

Anonymous said...

YOU HIllbillies need to get your water checked that you're drinking!!!!^

Anonymous said...

state needs revenue... hired for speeders

Anonymous said...

Congrats Troopers ! Now let`s get some of these drunk rednecks off our roads.

Anonymous said...

why don't shinglehouse have new troopers.

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand what hillbillies need to get their water checked? Considering that you refereed to us as hillbillies, I'd venture to guess you aren't a local? So what knowledge would you have of a troopers roll as it pertains to us "hillbillies".

PSP from coudy barracks service Shinglehouse...That's why Shinglehouse specifically doesn't have any listed.