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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Potter Co. Habitat for Humanity Resale Store Has Many Items Available At Bargain Prices

Potter Co. Habitat for Humanity has a large inventory of interior doors, closet doors, exterior doors, kitchen sinks, vanity tops, a cast iron bath tub, and a large selection of windows, new construction type and also replacement windows.

For more information:
Call Dick Myers at  910--279--7412 of call the Habitat store at 814--320--0466

Here are some sizes for windows and doors, however these are from only one trailer, we have more in other trailers

Replacement window sizes:
3 windows----84 H X 26 W
2 windows----37 3/8 H X 28 3/4 W
1 window ----33 1/2 H X 24 W
1 window -----84 H X 27 3/4 W
1 window -----84 H X 30 W

Used new construction windows:
3 windows ----72 3/4 H X 37 3/4 W
1 window -----72 3/4 H X 71 W
1 window -----24 H X 36 W
1 window ----35 H X 50 W --- crank open
1 window ----48 H X 72 W --- slider

The doors range from 30" wide to 36" wide standard height
Both interior and exterior
some solid, some with glass

This item has 2 leaves & 6 chairs


Anonymous said...

What is the address?

Anonymous said...

You have stated that you are located in Coudersport and you have phone numbers but you did not say where or what street you are on

Anonymous said...

Located on Rt 6 on the west side of town, just down from the Kwik Fill.

Anonymous said...

This is down on Port Allegany Road on the town side before you get to Magic Valley Skateland and Smitty's Record Cellar. The prices are real good and you support a good cause.

Anonymous said...

In the same building as reruns and what not and next to the furniture place beside kaytees resturant