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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Roulette, Coudersport EMS Dispatched To Stations

At 11:46 PM on Saturday, Roulette & Coudersport EMS have been dispatched to stations. Call center for details.
Ambulance has responded to the scene. Report 2 possible injuries. Police have responded & declared scene safe. 
Coudersport ambulance to Roulette station. 

Call was the result of a fight at a private party. Both persons injured refused medical transport.

80th Potter County Fair Starts July 31st, Continues Through August 6, 2016 At Millport, PA

Click for complete 80th Potter County Fair book.

You're Invited To A VIP Garden Party At Sweden Valley Manor Friday, August 5th From 1 to 3 PM

 Thanking our corporate sponsors who have helped to make this possible!!

Walter F. “Walt” Keck, Sr., 76, Austin, PA

Walter F. Keck, Sr.

AUSTIN, PA---Walter F. “Walt” Keck, Sr., 76, a lifelong resident of Austin, PA, passed away in his home with his loving family by his side, under the care of the VNA of Northwest PA Hospice, on Saturday, July 30, 2016, after a long illness.

Funeral arrangements, entrusted to the care of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home, Shinglehouse, are incomplete and will be announced with a full obituary.

Port Allegany Borough Tax Collector, will not have office hours on MONDAY, AUGUST 1st and WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3rd.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mary Lashway, Port Allegany Borough Tax Collector, will not have office hours on MONDAY, AUGUST 1st and WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3rd. Payments may be left in the green drop box on her front porch. Receipts will be mailed upon her return.

If you would still like to pay your taxes prior to her return, her Deputy Tax Collector Sandy Kinney is authorized to accept payments in her absence. She can be reached at-642-9479.

If you have any questions, Mary can be reached at 814 558-8947.

Bradford Township Dispatched To Fire On South Avenue

At 7:46 PM on Saturday, Bradford Township Fire Dept. has been dispatched to a report of a fire on South Avenue.
8:04 PM--Recalled by Chief 15

Women’s sober house proposed for Hobson Place in Bradford

By SANDY RHODES Special to Solomon's Words

Ali Childs was the type of person who put herself before others and while Ali died in March, her legacy of helping others will live on through a women’s sober house in Bradford.

Ali’s House of New Beginnings will offer a safe environment for women dealing with alcohol and drug addictions. Officials hope to open the doors to Ali’s House on Sept. 1, according to Executive Director Trina Rickard, who also operates Nakeema’s Haven, a women’s sober house in Cattaraugus, N.Y.

“Bradford is getting honest about the drug epidemic there. They sincerely want something done,” said Rickard, who decided to open a sober house in Bradford after attending the Town Hall meeting in May. “I heard the need (for a sober house) as well as watched the statistics (of overdoses) in Bradford.”

When she saw a house for sale at 22 Hobson Place, she seized the opportunity. The house, owned by Bill Updegrove, will be purchased by Rickard’s organization.

The name — Ali’s House of New Beginnings — is in memory of Childs, who died at the age of 23 of a drug overdose. Rickard reached out to Ali’s family, who came up with the name. Ali, a daughter of Craig and Susan Childs, was a native of Bradford.

“We lost a special young lady with such a beautiful spirit. Her face lit up the room when she came in,” Rickard said. “I felt it was only right to give her family the rights to pick the name. I think they did a beautiful job and Ali's memory will live on.”

And it appears to be the perfect tribute to the way Ali lived her life.

“My mother — Susan Childs — has often mentioned that Ali always put everyone else happiness and sobriety above her own. To hear her speak to and lift up her friends struggling the same disease as addiction was truly encouraging. It is a shame she couldn't take her own advice and see her own worth,” said Ali’s sister, Kaitlyn LaRose, who added the timing could not be better.

“Personally, I think the sober house will be a much needed addition to Bradford,” the Allegany, N.Y., woman said. “Many addicts have accepted the fact that they need treatment, and seek it out. However, when their 30, 60, 90 or whatever days are over they are then faced to go back into the world and function as a normal human being.”

LaRose knows this because of her conversations with Ali.

“Ali was usually very scared to leave rehab. It was ‘easy’ for her to stay clean to be in an inpatient rehab facility receiving personalized treatment plans, attending group meetings, one-on-one counseling, and connecting with like-minded individuals who were also excited about getting clean.”

LaRose said Ali would describe leaving rehab on a “pink cloud.”

As Ali told her sister, when she was in rehab and free from drugs and alcohol, all emotions she was trying to hide from would awaken. This was an intense time as addicts try to adjust to a new life. They eventually think they can handle their addiction and “staying clean might even feel effortless.”

This “pink cloud” effect may lead to overconfidence and the feeling they do not need to follow up with a counselor or attend a meeting. Or even justify drinking a glass of wine because heroin was the problem.

“When the pink cloud ends, and reality sets in it may be a huge disappointment,” LaRose said. ”Studies show that relapse is most likely to occur in the first few years, first few months in particular of recovery, which is why I feel like a sober house environment can be lifesaving for these individuals to still have a support system.”

While the family is honored they are able to honor Ali this way, the tribute remains bittersweet.

“My parents and I had mixed emotions about the sober house honoring Ali's memory. While it is such a gracious testament to her life, we are also still so saddened it had to be this way — that we are honoring her memory,” LaRose said.

“The sad reality is there have been so many losses lately, and so many families left heartbroken during this war on drugs. While this gesture is so therapeutic to us — that Ali didn't die in vain — we are collectively, as a family, still grieving her loss as well as relating with all of the other families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.”

Rickard said she has worked with Bradford officials to make Ali’s House a reality. This includes zoning, code enforcement and Bradford City Police.

Bradford City Police Chief Chris Lucco told Rickard he is willing to set up a meeting with other officials “so that we can join together in bringing hope to the community.”

When reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, Lucco said, “anytime there is an additional resources for someone suffering from addiction, it’s a good thing.”

While he has spoken with Rickard, he could not comment on the specifics of Ali’s House until he knows exactly how the program works.

Mayor Tom Riel said John Peterson, the zoning officer for the city, was out of town so he could not comment on the specifics of Ali’s House either. He did say the house is still owned by Updegrove and is not in a condition to be rented or occupied at this time.

He added the area is zoned for residential use.

Rickard does not feel she will have the pushback she has experiences when trying to open sober houses in Olean, N.Y., and Cattaraugus.

“We are standing by the federal law that protects us,” she said. ”I also feel with the drug epidemic in the Bradford area, many will step up as they are tired of seeing the hurt and destruction.

“People in Bradford are seeing the truth of what this is doing to our loved ones.”

The federal law Rickard is referring to prohibits the discrimination of sober houses.

The house will hold a maximum of five women. No one will be turned away regardless of their financial situation, Rickard said.

Now, Rickard is hoping the community will step up to ensure the two-story house opens as schedule.

“We are just breaking the news to the public so we are hoping many will step up to help. In fact we need to put together a team and many volunteers to help to get the house ready as well as to run it.”

The work needed includes putting a bathroom together, painting and yard work.

“The yard needs a lot of TLC,” Rickard said. Applications are now being accepted by calling 716-806-1132 or going to

The future residents themselves will also need some TLC on their road to recovery. Now, they will be able to do it with Ali watching over them.

“I always told my sister she had the power to change the world with her smile, kindness and amount of compassion she had for those around her. I told her if she put her mind to it, she could help people just like her to realize their worth and remember a life worth living,” LaRose said. “I wish she still had the opportunity to do so, but the second best thing is her memory living on through those who will live in this sober house.”

LaRose also anticipates hearing women achieve the sobriety that eluded her sister.

“Live the life Ali can't anymore. Stay strong, and keep fighting. My little sister will live on through every success story that comes out of this sober house. I hope there are so many success stories.”

LaRose still knows what a struggle awaits these women to leave a life they have led and conquer new dreams.

“At the end of the day, Ali hated that she had to live her life this way,” LaRose said.

“She always seemed to find a great support system, but I wonder — if something like a sober house was readily available for her — would she still be with us?”

Coudersport Dispatched To Smoke Investigation

At 4:00 PM on Saturday, Coudersport Fire Department has been dispatched to a smoke investigation near the gun club on the Back Road. Caller heard loud explosions and saw smoke.

Austin Dispatched To Vehicle Crash With Power Lines Down

At 1:33 PM on Saturday, Austin Fire Rescue & Ambulance with Medic 6 have been dispatched to 384 West Main Street for a motor vehicle accident with power lines down. Caller reports one vehicle, one injury.

Ask About First Fridays At Coudersport Area Merchants Or At Chamber Office


The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today approved an agreement that will enable Mountaineer Mining Corp., of Berlin, Pa., to mine and remove an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 combined tons of Upper and Lower Kittanning coal from an approximate 2.2-acre coal reserve owned by the Game Commission.

The operation in Shade Township, Somerset County will occur on private lands and will not impact any Game Commission surface lands.

The terms are a five-year agreement, an initial advanced royalty payment of $10,000, and a royalty rate of 6 percent of the F.O.B. pit price for all coal mined and sold from the premises, or $2.50 per ton, whichever is greater.

All coal royalty payments will be deposited in the Game Fund. Mining will be regulated by the Commonwealth’s mining regulations and the Game Commission’s standard Surface Coal Mining Agreement.


State Game Lands 97 could grow by nearly 104 acres in Monroe Township, Bedford County through a negotiated agreement intended to resolve a long-standing legal dispute.

As part of the settlement, the Game Commission would purchase for $235,000 land adjacent to the existing game lands from the Estate of Rae F. Barkman. The estate would be responsible for 2016 real-estate taxes (no proration) and all transfer taxes associated with the conveyance.

The legal dispute to be settled through the agreement concerns the Game Commission’s and public’s use of an access road that crosses a portion of the Barkman tract and provides valuable access to a remote section of State Game Lands 97.

Game Commission Bureau of Habitat Management Director Peter F. Sussenbach said public access had been denied through the dispute and reclaiming the access point had been identified by the Southcentral Region office as a top priority for the agency.

The habitat on the tract primarily is mature forest with stands of dry-oak heath and northern hardwoods. The understory is comprised of blueberry and oak seedlings, flowering dogwood, serviceberry, hornbeam, spice bush and witch-hazel.

Access to the property is provided by Frankies Road and an existing all-year Game Commission access road (WestVaco Access Road).

Two retired skid roads provide additional access within the property interior. Acquisition of this tract will aid in the reduction of indentures into State Game Lands 97 and will guarantee long-term and reliable public and administrative access to this remote section.


State Game Lands 33 will grow by more than 171 acres thanks to a land donation by the Woodduck Chapter of Trout Unlimited, approved today by the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners.

The property, which is located in Rush Township, Centre County and adjoins the existing game lands, mostly is forested with mixed oaks, aspen, maple, birch, and cherry, with mountain laurel, rhododendron, witch-hazel and greenbrier in the understory.

On about 30 acres of the tract, there are seven impoundments of an acre or less that are part of a passive system to treat acid-mine discharge affecting a tributary to Cold Stream, which is stocked with trout and runs through the western side of the property.

Access to the property is from Dike Road, east of state Route 322.

Additionally, the Board of Game Commissioners today approved the donation of fractional interest in clay, coal and other minerals on nearly 1,944 acres of State Game Lands 54 and 195 in Jefferson County.

Harry Deible offered the donation, which includes a one-third interest in coal and other minerals on about 27 acres in Snyder Township under a portion of State Game Lands 54; a one-third of one-half interest in coal and other hard minerals on more than 136 acres in Henderson and Gaskill townships under a portion of State Game Lands 195; and a one-third interest in clay and other hard minerals, except coal, on more than 1,780 acres located in Henderson and Gaskill townships under a portion of State Game Lands 195.

Acquiring these fractional interests in mineral rights will provide more control of the surface on these portions of State Game Land 54 and 195.

And Camp Earl Inc. donated to the Game Commission a 50-foot-wide, 1,590 right-of-way along the northwestern boundary of a property it owns in Forkston Township, Wyoming County, adjacent to State Game Lands 57.

The board approved the donation today.

Game Commission Bureau of Wildlife Habitat Director Peter F. Sussenbach said State Game Lands 57 is about 45,000 acres, but the upper section is difficult to get to because of its location and rugged terrain. The right-of-way will provide easy access that will connect an existing parking lot to that section through the right-of-way.

Access to the right-of-way will be from Windy Valley Road.

Sussenbach said the right-of-way also will allow the Game Commission to better manage timber on the tract.


Two state game lands tracts will grow by about 120 acres each through an agreement with the Transcontintal Gas Pipe Line Co. (TRANSCO).

State Game Lands 168 will pick up about 117 acres adjacent to the game lands in Eldred Township, Monroe County, and State Game Lands 300 will grow by about 120 acres in Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County.

The acreage is being acquired in exchange for a license for right-of-way that will allow TRANSCO to construct, operate, maintain and remove a 42-inch natural-gas pipeline across a portion of State Game Lands 211 in Union Township, Lebanon County.

In addition to conveying the parcels to the Game Commission, TRANSCO will pay the agency’s standard habitat, surface and timber damages, as well as its standard annual license fee for as long as the license remains active.

The Monroe County parcel offered by TRANSCO is located in the Aquashicola Creek watershed, and contains the headwaters of an unnamed tributary. The habitat is primarily mature forest with stands of white pine, hemlock, Norway spruce, hickory, red oak, poplar, black gum and black birch. The understory is comprised of witch-hazel, dogwood and black haw. Access is available by way of Camp Wind Gap Drive, south of Upper Smith Gap Road.

The Lackawanna County parcel is located in the Lackawanna River watershed, and contains the headwaters of White Oak Run and Laurel Run. The habitat is primarily a mature oak-maple forest along with some limited scrub oak, and the understory is comprised of bracken fern and sassafras. Access to the property is limited to existing state game lands roads, from the east off Archibald Mountain Road. Both properties will serve to reduce the acreage of indentures into these game lands.

The license will authorize 1,320 linear feet of 42-inch natural gas pipeline within a new 50-foot wide right-of-way, occupying 1.52 acres of State Game Lands 211, immediately adjacent to the southern boundary. TRANSCO will use and reclaim an additional 1.32 acres of game lands outside of this right-of-way during construction and reclamation.

The pipeline crosses the Appalachian Trail (AT) on state game lands, and TRANSCO will be installing that crossing via a conventional bore, thereby avoiding any surface impacts for a minimum of 107 feet on either side of the AT.

As a result, 0.25 acres of the 1.52 acres of the licensed right-of-way will not sustain any surface impacts whatsoever. In addition, TRANSCO will implement an extensive reclamation plan within 1.80 acres of the temporary workspace and portions of the right-of-way to include a variety of tree and shrub plantings.

The Board of Game Commissioners approved the exchange unanimously.

Potter County To Be Site Of National Socialist Meeting On August 13th

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -- (attributed to John F Kennedy, Edmund Burke, and others).

This quote is particularly apt as word spreads of this confirmed event in our midst: "Representatives from the National Socialist Movement of Pennsylvania have announced plans to hold a rally for 'white patriots' on Saturday, Aug. 13, off Rt. 49 near Ulysses." Among the events is a 'swastika lighting."

I will not disgust you with any more details. We took a strong stand two decades ago when August Kreis spewed his hate and intolerance. Here's hoping this blows over. If not, it might require good people to stand up (especially since the promoters advise, "Bring your kids").

Coudersport Chamber Seeks Administrative Assistant For Chamber Office

REMINDER: Public Invited to Meeting for Dingman Run Bridge

Bridge to be replaced as Part of Public-Private Partnership Project

Coudersport – Potter County residents are invited to a public meeting on Monday, August 1, to provide information and answer questions about upcoming work to replace the Dingman Run Bridge on Route 6 near Coudersport, Potter County. The replacement project is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) public-private partnership to replace 558 bridges.

A brief presentation about the project will be made and then representatives of the contractor team will be available to answer questions. Project plans will also be displayed. The meeting will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Gunzberger Building, 1 North Main Street, Coudersport. Residents, business owners and motorists are encouraged to attend.

The facility is accessible to persons with disabilities. For special accommodations or for further information please contact McKenzi Loid at 412-475-5164.

The bridge replacements are part of the Rapid Bridge Replacement project, a Public-Private Partnership (P3) between PennDOT and Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners (PWKP) under which PWKP will design, replace and maintain the bridges for 25 years. The P3 approach will allow PennDOT to replace the bridges more quickly while achieving significant savings and minimizing impact on motorists.

To see the bridges included in the statewide initiative and to learn more about the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project and P3 in Pennsylvania, visit Additional information on the project, the team and how to bid on the project can be found at

Reports Drilling Started

RANGE RESOURCES APPALACHIA LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Gallagher Twp Township

RANGE RESOURCES APPALACHIA LLC reports drilling started on 2016-07-30 00:00:00 at site MOHAWK NORTH UNIT 2H in Gallagher Twp township, Clinton county
Tags: PADEP, frack, spud, drilling, gas, unconventional

PA Permit Violation Issued to Cabot Oil &Amp; Gas Corp

PA Permit Violation Issued to Cabot Oil &Amp; Gas Corp in Dimock Twp, Susquehanna County

Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2016-07-22 to Cabot Oil &Amp; Gas Corp in Dimock Twp, Susquehanna county. SWMA 301 - Failure to properly store, transport, process or dispose of a residual waste.
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling

Liberty, Blossburg Dispatched To Rollover Crash On Rt. 15 S

At 12:31 PM on Saturday, Liberty and Blossburg have been dispatched to a rollover crash on Rt. 15 Southbound in Liberty Township.

Hamlin Township Dispatched for Tree Blocking Rt. 6

At 11:01 AM on Saturday, Hamlin Township Fire Department has been dispatched to the area of Rt. 146 & Rt. 6 for a tree down blocking the roadway.

You're Invited To A VIP Garden Party At Sweden Valley Manor Friday, August 5th From 1 to 3 PM

 Thanking our corporate sponsors who have helped to make this possible!!

The Celestials To Perform Sunday At Ulysses Library Music On The Lawn

Stan's Blueberry Patch Is Now Open On Rt. 44 South Of Sweden Valley

Hot Muffler Set Truckload Of Hay On Fire On Tennessee Road

14 Year Old Flown To Buffalo Hospital After Dirt Bike Crash On Butter Creek Road

Ulysses Woman Injured When Brakes Fail

Northumberland Woman Unhurt In Rollover Crash On Lyman Run Road

Oliveburg Man Unhurt In Car/Deer Crash In Allegany Township

Troy-Bilt Generator Stolen From Garage On Pleasant Street In Ulysses

HIt & Run Vehicle Takes Down Pole & Wires On Rt. 46

Jim Albney, 58, formerly of Eldred, PA

Jim Albney

RICHMOND, Va. — Jim Albney, 58, formerly of Eldred, PA, passed away on Tuesday (July 26, 2016) in Richmond, where he has resided for the past 30 years, following a long courageous battle with cancer, surrounded by his loving family.

Born Dec. 20, 1957, in Port Allegany, Pa., he was the son of Vincent Tony Albney and Mary Lou Stannard, and he was raised by his stepmother, Ethel Hendricks Albney. Jim has been married to Pam Poland for the past 30 years. He attended Otto-Eldred High School. He, and Pam, owned and operated the A and D Tree Cutters Unlimited company in the Richmond area for the past 25 years.

He loved and lived to ride his Harley, along with Pam on her Harley with him. Jim has been an Easy Rider Rodeo competitor for over 22 years, and has an award named after him, the “Jim Albney Award” for having the most fun on the track.

Surviving in addition to his wife, Pam, are a son, James Albney II; three grandchildren, Blayze, Alisa and Liam; two brothers, David (Becky) Albney and Bobby (Amy) Albney; six sisters, Donna Westbrooks, Cathy (Ralph) Iennaco, Toni (Ray) Blose, Tammy (Jim) DeFilippo, Tonya Gebauer and Terri (Jeff) Woodruff, also his half siblings, Dorothy Gaus, Adam Stannard, Judy Green, Lisa Kinney, Bobby Stannard, Rebecca Hoffman, Debbie McDonald and Ronnie Stannard.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his grandmother, Ann Albney; his father-in-law, Jim Poland; and nephews, Jon Gebauer and twins, Brenton and Vincent Benson.

Friends may call today at the Frame Funeral Home, Eldred, from 11 a.m. until the time of the funeral service at 2 p.m. The Rev. Bruce Ireland will officiate. Burial will follow with a motorcycle procession to the Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Kane Driver Found To Be DUI After Traffic Stop

Troopers Charge 2 With Harassment After Altercation

Burglary Investigated In Gibson Township On Low Grade Road

Lost Dog - Shinglehouse - Bell Run / Chapman Brook Area

Her name is Olivia. If found or seen please call Mark at 814-904-0051 or 585-730-1836. Still missing as of 7-29-2016.

Father, Daughter Texted About Burning Down Their House

Johnsonburg Fire Dept. Dispatched To Glenn Hazel Road

At 7:53 PM on Friday, Johnsonburg Fire Dept. has been dispatched to Glenn Hazel Road. Radio dispatch not understandable nut sounded like heavy smoke at chip pile for Domstar.

Austin Dispatched For Tree Blocking Roadway On Rt. 872

At 7:47 PM on Friday, Austin Fire Dept. has been dispatched to Rt. 872 just north of Nelson Run Road for a tree down blocking the roadway.

Lois Marie Botens Romanelli ,87, born March 9, 1929 in Bradford, PA

Lois Marie Botens Romanelli

Lois Marie Botens Romanelli ,87, born March 9, 1929 in Bradford, PA, went to be with the Lord on July 29. 

She is preceded in death by her parents, Velma Botens Palmer and Cecil Botens, four sisters: Barbara Botens, Ruth Botens Raymond, Isabel Botens Fuoco and Shirley Botens Peterson. 

Lois is survived by her devoted husband of 67 years, James V. Romanelli, her four children: Linda (Chuck) Arnold of Maineville, OH, Margaret Wilson of Rochester, NY, James M. Romanelli of Bradford and Susan Romanelli of St. Augustine, FL, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, two sisters: Mary Swiger of Perry, OH and Dorothy Kelly of Olean, NY and many nieces and nephews.

Lois attended Bradford Area Schools and worked at Bell Telephone before marrying Jim on May 22, 1948 at St. Bernard’s Rectory. She was a member of St. Bernard’s Church and the Catholic Women’s Club. She enjoyed reading, playing cards and getting together with friends and family.

Jim and Lois were the owner/proprietors of the City Line Inn until 1984. Upon retirement they spent winters in Florida until recently returning to Bradford full time.

Visitation will be Monday, August 1, 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Mascho Funeral Home, Inc. Funeral services will be held at St. Bernard’s Church on Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Entombment will immediately follow at St. Bernard’s (Cemetery) Mausoleum. At the request of the family, donations may be made to the St. Bernard’s building fund, P.O. Box 2394, Bradford, PA 16701. The family would like to thank the staff at The Pavilion at BRMC and the many friends who’ve shown support during this difficult time.

Funeral arrangements are entrusted to the care of the Mascho Funeral Home, Inc.

Online Condolences can be expressed at

Coudersport EMS Dispatched For Bee Sting Victim

At 6:29 PM on Friday, Coudersport Ambulance & Medic 6 have been dispatched to meet a vehicle coming into Coudersport on Rt. 49 with a patient who has been stung by a bee and having an allergic reaction.

Norwich Township Dispatched For Lines Down Across Rt. 46

At 6:22 PM on Friday, Norwich Township Fire Department has been dispatched to a location in front of 11974 Rt. 46 for a pole and lines down across the roadway.


WELLSBORO—The Hamilton-Gibson Children and Youth Choirs will officially begin their 22nd season on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at a special kick-off rehearsal at the Bogaczyk Farm in Cherry Flats, Thomas Putnam, director of the community-based choirs has announced.

“Our program has grown from just 18 singers in grades 4-8 in 1996, to a full program for singers in grades 2-12 from all over Tioga County," said Putnam. "This year we also have two singers from Potter County," he added.

Youth from Bradford, Lycoming, Potter and Tioga counties in Pennsylvania and Chemung and Steuben counties in New York are welcome to join the choirs. “They do have to be willing to drive to rehearsals and performances," he added.

Registration for the choirs is open. All singers from grades 2-12 are encouraged to apply. Opportunities include the Young Men’s Choir for boys in grades 9-12 or those with changed voices; the Young Women’s Choir for girls in grades 9-12; the Children’s Concert Choir for children in grades 5-8; and Choir Too for children in grades 2-4 or those who are still working on their singing voices. Choir Too is the training choir.

Each choir meets once a week and performs an autumn concert, a holiday concert at Dickens of a Christmas Weekend and a spring concert. The choirs also perform as asked during the year. Touring began early in H-G Choir history and has included Washington D.C.; New York City, joining with the Newark Boys’ Choir; Toronto, Prague in the Czech Republic and Brazil. On April 28, 2015 the choirs completed their never-before-attempted 67 Initiative with its goal to sing in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Highlights have included singing the National Anthem at a Phillies game in front of over 60,000 people; singing at the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville; at Fallingwater – a home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright; and at 50 schools throughout the state.

The choirs have performed with the choral department at Mansfield University; with the MU Symphony Orchestra and the Williamsport Youth Orchestra; and a number of community-based choral programs throughout Pennsylvania.

The choirs have sung the National Anthem at the Little League World Series in Williamsport for 14 of the past 15 years. The first year they sang there was in 2001 for President Bush who was attending the Little League baseball series. They have sung the National Anthem every year since except one. They will be singing at this year's game on Sunday, Aug. 21 at 3 p.m.

The tuition cost for participation is kept to a minimum due to gifts from local citizens who are committed to offering a quality community choral experience for local students and through parent-run fundraisers.

Scholarships are available for any child who desires to sing from families who are in difficult financial situations. 

For more information about the Hamilton-Gibson choir program for children and youth, call the H-G office at 570-724-2079 or email


Fan favorite, Driftwood is shown performing at Stony Fork Creek Campground at the last Hickory Fest organized by Sue Cunningham.
WELLSBORO—Headlining Hickory Fest 2016 will be Donna The Buffalo of Trumansburg, N.Y. and the Claire Lynch Band of Nashville, Tennessee.

These two nationally known bands are among 18 bands and soloists from across the country that will be on the outdoor stage Friday through Sunday, Aug. 19-21 at the 90-acre Stony Fork Creek Campground, nine miles south of Wellsboro in the heart of Pennsylvania Grand Canyon country.

The stage show will begin Friday afternoon with music and workshops and continue Saturday. Sunday morning will begin with an open mic and end with more bands and music. People interested in performing on stage at the open mic are asked to register now by visiting the Hickory Fest website,

Everyone performing bluegrass and acoustic music at Hickory Fest this August had a strong connection to the late Sue Cunningham. She co-developed and, with the generous help of her family and friends, produced the music festival originally known as “Music in the Mountains.”

For 13 summers, from 2002 through 2014, Hickory Fest was a nationally recognized event featuring performances by world-class musicians, singers and songwriters. The 2016 festival is the same caliber.

This may be the last time fans in this area will get to see Claire Lynch fronting her own band. The three-time International Bluegrass Association female vocalist of the year announced her intention to leave the road after 2016 to focus on songwriting, according to an article published on July 11 in the Sarasota, Florida Herald-Tribune. Lynch has been fronting her band for over 10 years.

Donna The Buffalo has been touring since 1989. The band’s feel-good, groove-oriented, danceable and often socially conscious music has roots in old time fiddle music. It has evolved into a soulful electric American mix infused with elements of Cajun, zydeco, rock, folk, reggae, and country.

The others performing this August at Hickory Fest are: Verlon Thompson from Nashville; the Hillbilly Gypsies from West Virginia; the Short Straw Pickers, Billy Gilmore and Friends, Big Sky and Quartermoon Band, all from Florida; Driftwood from Binghamton N.Y.; Blue Sky Mission Club from Ithaca N.Y.; Sue’s Brothers from Pittsburgh; Well Strung from Slippery Rock; Grain from State College; Megan McGarry from Clearfield County; Van Wagner from Danville; and locals, including Dan Shipe, the Cherry Flats Ridge Pluckers and Grass Stained Genes.

The fun-filled weekend of music will benefit the Sue Cunningham Memorial Music Scholarship and the Tioga County Unit of the American Cancer Society.

With early bird pricing, admission to the three-day music festival is $70 now through Monday, Aug. 1. Beginning Aug. 2, the weekend pass price will increase to $80. A weekend pass or daily tickets can be purchased online at until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14 or between now and Aug. 17 by calling the Deane Center at 570-724-6220 or stopping in at 104 Main Street in Wellsboro. All weekend passes and daily tickets will be sold at the gate Aug. 19-21. Children 12 and under are admitted free.

For camping information, call Stony Fork Creek Campground at 570-724-3096 or email

Photo Courtesy Of Frank Serio Photography


The second annual Stars in the Arts Festival will be held at Lyman Run State Park on Saturday, September 10 from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. This event will feature artisans from the PA Wilds Cooperative, Route 6 and other juried artisans. During the event, there will be several musical performances from local historian/ folksinger Van Wagner, Vernal Pool and Burning Tractor. 

 Food vendors will also be on hand to delight the taste buds. To celebrate our dark skies, several solar scopes set up by the Cherry Springs Dark Sky Team will allow visitors to view actual activity happening on the sun, then later that evening when the sun goes down and the weather permits, stargazing will be done from the top of the dam.

A children's activity area will be set up to let kids have some hands-on experience designing a Stars in the Arts banner.

This event is being sponsored by the Friends of Lyman Run (FOLR) , a chapter of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF) and is one of 36 friends groups located in the Commonwealth and associated with State Parks and State Forests. FOLR is looking for business sponsors in the area to help with the costs of doing this event and which also allows this event to be free of charge. If you are a business and would like to sponsor music - $500., Children's Crafts - $300 - Advertising and Promotion - $500 - please contact the event coordinator, Chris Firestone at (814) 435-7727. PPFF is a 501 (c) 3 charity and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Any donations or sponsorships would be most welcome and all contributors will be acknowledged publicly prior, during and after the event.

Stars in the Arts is also seeking vendors. The cost for a space for the day is $25. Food Vendors spaces are $30 (must show proof of insurance). If you are not a juried artisan, please contact Chris Firestone for selection information before sending in a vendor form. Forms are available at the following places: State Park offices at Lyman Run, Hills Creek , Leonard Harrison, Ole Bull/Kettle Creek and Sinnemahoning Wildlife Center. The Route 6 Tourism Office, the PA Wilds Cooperative Store in Coudersport, and Firestone Forge in Germania, PA. Vendors must provide their own tents, tables, and chairs.

Stars in the Arts is also co-sponsored by the Route 6 Tourism Office and the Pennsylvania Counsel on the Arts.

Potter County Commissioners Meeting For July 7, 2016

Potter County Commissioners Agenda For July 21, 2016

Zale L. JAMES, Jr., 86, of Ulysses, PA

Zale L. JAMES, Jr

Zale L. JAMES, Jr., 86, of Ulysses, PA, died Thursday, July 28, 2016 in Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport, PA. 

Born January 16, 1930, in Andrews Settlement, PA, he was the son of Zale L. and Sarah James James. On September 10, 1949, in Genesee, he married the former Donna M. Baker, who predeceased him in 1988. In 1991, he married the former Edith “Edie” Green Grizzle, who predeceased him on June 8, 2016. 

A 1948 graduate of Genesee High School, he worked with his father on the family farm in Andrews Settlement for many years. He was employed at Air Preheater in Wellsville for 20 years and at Three Mile Island as a quality control inspector for 15 years. A licensed pilot, he was a co-pilot for Wellsville Flying Service and was a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He rode motorcycle and four-wheeler for pleasure. Zale attended All Saints Episcopal Church in Brookland, PA. 

Surviving are: three sons, Douglas James of Coudersport, PA, Dean (Susan) James of Danville, PA, and Todd (Diana) James of Lebanon, PA; two daughters, Mary Sue (Wilbur) Gray of Middletown, PA and Laurie (Michael) Judd of Harrison Valley, PA; two step-daughters, Laurel Jean (Michael) Black of Palmyra, PA and Mia A. (Lalu) Narayan of Coudersport; a step-son, Stephen D. (Beatrice) Grizzle of Middletown, PA; 19 grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren. 

He was predeceased by a daughter, Janis Torrey; and a great-granddaughter, Cora Jane Elizabeth Torrey. 

The family will hold a private service at the Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA on Monday, August 1, 2016. The Rev. Janis Yskamp will officiate. Burial will be in Ulysses Cemetery. Memorials may be made to All Saints Episcopal Church, c/o Patti Gamble, 1436 Horseshoe Road, Ulysses, PA 16948. Online condolences may be expressed at

Reminder: Public Meeting for the Dingman Run Bridge Project

Just a reminder that Potter County residents are invited to a public meeting on Monday, August 1, to provide information and answer questions about upcoming work to replace the Dingman Run Bridge on Route 6 near Coudersport, Potter County.

The replacement project is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) public-private partnership to replace 558 bridges.

A brief presentation about the project will be made and then representatives of the contractor team will be available to answer questions.

Project plans will also be displayed.

The meeting will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Gunzberger Building, 1 North Main Street, Coudersport.

Residents, business owners and motorists are encouraged to attend.

2016 Rail Freight Grant Program Opens Application Period

Harrisburg, PA - PennDOT’s Bureau of Rail Freight, Ports and Waterways has opened the application period for the 2016 Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) and the 2016 Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP), Secretary Leslie S. Richards said today.

“Rail freight continues to play a crucial role in offering connections that serve the business community and help build Pennsylvania’s economy,” Richards said. “Our grant programs reflect the commonwealth’s commitment to keep this mode of transportation vibrant and effective.”

Pennsylvania ranks first in the country in the number of operating railroads, with 63, and also ranks near the top in total track mileage, with more than 5,600 miles.

In the last grant period, PennDOT awarded $36 million for 15 projects through RTAP and 16 projects through RFAP. RTAP is a capital budget grant program funded with bonds and RFAP is underwritten through the new Multimodal Fund, created by Act 89.

For eligible organizations wishing to apply for funding through either program, applications for both programs will be available on the Bureau’s website ( for thirty (30) days beginning on Monday, August 1, 2016 and ending at 6:00PM on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

Program information can be found on the Bureau’s website ( and application questions should be directed to Tom Stettler at (717-772-2637) or Steve Panko at (717-787-1202).

Work Continues Next Week on I-80 in Montour County

Montoursville – A multi-year, $30 million project continues next week on Interstate 80 in Montour County with work in the westbound lanes.

From 7 p.m. Sunday, July 31, to 9 a.m. Friday, Aug. 5, the westbound right (driving) lane will be closed between mile 217 and mile 219 so the contractor can replace sections of concrete pavement and concrete shoulder.

From Sunday night, July 31, through Thursday night, Aug. 4, the westbound right (driving) lane will be closed between mile 224 and mile 228 from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. each night so the contractor can reconstruct the right shoulder.

Motorists should expect delays, be alert and drive with caution through the work zone.

Capitol Update

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Capitol Update
Friday, July 29, 2016 The latest news from the State Capitol
Come See Us at the Potter County Fair
The Potter County Fair is just around the corner! My office will have a table set up at the fair from Monday, Aug. 1, through Friday, Aug. 5. The table will include state maps, as well as brochures and booklets on state programs and services. The table will be staffed during the late afternoon and evening. Please be sure to stop by!

Outreach Hours Set for Aug. 4

To help ensure access to state government information and services, I will hold outreach office hours at the following locations on Thursday, Aug. 4:
  • Emporium Borough Office – 9-10 a.m.
  • Port Allegany Borough Office – 11 a.m. to noon. Services available include assistance with any state-related issues or concerns, driver license and vehicle registration applications, and applications for various state programs, such as the senior citizen Property Tax/Rent Rebate and PACE/PACENET prescription drug assistance programs.
Services available include assistance with any state-related issues or concerns, driver license and vehicle registration applications, and applications for various state programs, such as the senior citizen Property Tax/Rent Rebate and PACE/PACENET prescription drug assistance programs.

As always, you are welcome to stop by my offices in Bradford (78 Main St., first floor), Coudersport (107 S. Main St., Room 1) or Kane (55 Fraley St.) Monday through Friday, or visit my website at or my Facebook page at for the latest news from state government.

Veterans Assistance Available 
Veterans service officers will be available in my Kane, Bradford and Coudersport offices in August to assist veterans and their family members with issues such as compensation, education, pension, health care and death benefits.

The schedule is as follows:
  • Monday, Aug. 1, 1-3 p.m. – Melissa Davis of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) will be at the Kane office, 55 Fraley St. No appointments are necessary.
  • Thursday, Aug. 4 – Dan Falls of the American Legion will be at the Coudersport office, 107 S. Main St. Appointments are required and should be made by calling 814-274-9769. Only one appointment is left this month, at 9:30 a.m. Mr. Falls will return to the office on Thursday, Sept. 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Monday, Aug. 8, 1-3 p.m. – Melissa Davis of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) will be at the Bradford office, 78 Main St. No appointments are necessary.
For information about future veterans outreach dates and locations, click here.

Working to Address the Opioid Crisis
Starting next week, the House Majority and Minority Policy Committees will convene hearings statewide to gather testimony from law enforcement, medical professionals, treatment centers, employers, educators, advocates and citizens about the state’s opioid epidemic and potential solutions to address it.

While opioids are effective pharmaceuticals for killing pain, they carry a significant risk of addiction. Some data suggest that 60 percent of prescription opioid deaths occur in patients with no history of substance abuse and who are only prescribed an opioid by one health care practitioner. In 2015, 3,383 Pennsylvanians died from overdose of drugs.

The hearings will focus on the effectiveness of current strategies being used to combat addiction and other tools, resources and services that may be needed. The information gathered will then be developed into a series of policy recommendations to be introduced as legislation for a special session expected this fall.

For more information on legislative efforts thus far, click here.
Computer, Tech Classes to Count as Science, Math Credits
To encourage high school students to gain computer science and technology skills, a new law will allow these types of classes to count as a science or math credit toward graduation, thereby helping employers fill available science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) positions.

Beginning with the Class of 2017, students who successfully complete a class in computer science or information technology may satisfy one math or science graduation credit requirement. Public schools have the power to decide if earned computer science credits count as math or science.

The new law is designed to give schools greater flexibility in helping students better position their education for in-demand careers.
Photos Sought for Vietnam War Wall Honorees 
If you have a family member who served during Vietnam and whose name is etched upon the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is working with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund on its Wall of Faces program.

The groups are currently searching for photos to match every single name on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall for a virtual exhibit.
Currently, Pennsylvania still needs nearly 400 pictures of Pennsylvanians who served and died in Vietnam.

For more about the program or to see which photos are still needed, click here

Headline Harrisburg

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Headline Harrisburg
Friday, July 29, 2016
The latest news from the State Capitol 
I am partnering with Life and Independence for Today (LIFT) to host a Disability and Aging Resource Expo on Wednesday, Aug. 3, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Johnsonburg Fire Hall, 99 Clarion Road, Johnsonburg.

This is our third annual expo, and we have even more local and statewide service providers participating than last year. The expo is a great opportunity for senior citizens and their families, as well as members of our community living with disabilities, to check out all that is available to them. It’s also a chance for LIFT to display the various services they perform in Elk County and the surrounding six-county region.

LIFT was established in 1987 by people with disabilities and serves as a Center for Independent Living (CIL). In addition to providing independent living skills training, they can assist with advocacy issues and offer peer mentoring services, information and referrals.

Various types of health screenings will also be performed during the expo. Admission is free and lunch will be served.
I hope to see you….
at the 156th Clearfield County Fair, which starts this Sunday, July 31. Click here to view a schedule for the week.
Attention Veterans
- A representative from the Pennsylvania American Legion will visit my DuBois district office this Tuesday, Aug. 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is a great opportunity for the men and women who serve or have served our country to check out programs and benefits that may be available to them.

You do not need to be an American Legion member to take advantage of this service.
On the Road Again
- Reconstruction of the Horton Township bridge over Mead Run on Route 219 north of Brockport will begin next month.
Construction is expected to start during the week of Monday, Aug. 8, and be complete in early November.

During that time, drivers will encounter one lane of alternating traffic in each direction controlled by temporary traffic signals.
I recently attended a meeting of the North Central Regional Planning and Development Commission in Ridgway. Pictured with me are Bob Rusiewski, program director for the Appalachian Response Commission/Economic Development Association, and Jodi Foster, director of the Elk County Planning Commission. 

The North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission is the designated Local Development District for Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean and Potter counties. This region is considered a forerunner in industrial site location, economic growth, workforce quality and business opportunity.