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Monday, January 2, 2017

Bill Pekarski: Day 125, Living life on my terms

Bill Pekarski:

Day 125, Living life on my terms.

I got a great card the other day from a relative who had been reading and enjoying these stories. She explained that she caught herself while she was baking pies wearing dark blue slacks and a navy fleece top. The revelation made her laugh as she realized it must run in the family. Who knows, maybe it does.

Hearing those types of stories can never get old. I always hope that as I write, readers are able to connect and bring back their own memories. If it does, then I have been successful and for me that is my greatest form of satisfaction.

Moving forward I have to tell you that lately I have been having very vivid dreams, and usually I wake up remembering most of them. For instance, just this morning I had a dream that I was all of the way back in kindergarten.

I was back in class with Mrs. Moore in the basement of the old elementary school. Just like stepping back in time, everyone was there. I remember seeing Shiela Russell, Jody Cornish, Joe Kelley, Julie Leete, Brian Caldewll, and several others.

It was just a normal day and we were listening to Mrs. Moore read to all of us while sitting on the big carpet in the back of the room. After she read, Joe Kelly and I walked to the cafeteria to get milk for our class. It was one of the class duties that everyone loved to do because it involved getting out of the classroom.

The price was reasonable as I remember, only 10 cents for a carton of milk. When we got to the cafeteria, Mrs. Renko would take our order envelope and help us to count out how much milk to take. The cooler door was this big heavy wooden door with a big metal hinge that was at the same height as my head (at the time that is). With our milk trays filled we returned to class and everyone took their milk back to their desk.

After everyone was finished, Mrs. Moore lined everyone up at the door and we walked to the end of the hall to the play room. Now I have not thought about that old playroom in years, but it was just like yesterday in my dream. On this day I was lucky to be able to play on wooden jungle gym in the center of the room. It was my favorite part of being in the playroom as I loved to climb and slide down the poles.

Many of kids would like to play in the front corner where they had a bunch of play kitchen sets. That was where Jody and Shiela went on this particular day; Brian Caldwell and Joe Kelly joined me on the jungle gym. While I was sitting on top I could see Julie Leete playing with a big toy dump truck. It was at about this time that I started to wake.

I don’t think there was any particular meaning to the dream, but it was amazing how real it seemed to me. I could not only imagine everyone as their younger selves, I could smell the smells and feel all of those old feelings. If only for a moment, I thought I was really there. Maybe, I was.

I really wished the dream would have continued as I was hoping it was a day when Mrs. Marzo would have picked me up. When she would come for me we would sometimes go to the Fun and Food Barn for lunch. There is a memory I would like to relive again.

Today I would like to dedicate my progress to a woman who for many of us was our very first teacher, Mrs. Mary Moore. She really did teach me everything I needed to know in life.

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