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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Roulette & Coudersport Respond To Fire In the Wall At Johnson Trucking Shop Overnight

Roulette Chemical Engine #1 added 11 new photos.

This morning around 1:22 am, Roulette Chemical Engine Co #1 was dispatched to Box 46-02 on Fishing Creek Extension for a working structure fire.

Chief 46-30 (Lacher) responded at dispatch and requested the full first alarm be dispatched.

Chief 46-20 (Tucker) and Chief 46 (Fillhart) responded with Chief 46-20 arriving on scene with nothing showing. Chief 46 arrived and established Roulette Command. Upon investigation it was found that the insulation in the wall was smoldering and causing a significant smoke condition. 

Engine 46-2 with 5 (OIC-Chief 46-30), and Rescue 46-8 (OIC- Lt 46-81 Pelchy) responded shortly after dispatch and arrived splitting crews with engine crew stretching a line and the rescue crew assisting Chief 46-20 and Chief 46-30 with opening the wall to expose the smoldering insulation.

Engine 46-1(OIC-Chief 46-70 Reilly), Tanker 46-5 (OIC-FF J.Fessenden), Ambulance 46-6 (OIC-Chief 46-60 D.Kent) Coudersport Engine 48-2 with 5 and Coudersport Tanker 48-5 with 2 assisted on scene. 

Engine 48-2's crew assisted with interior operations with overhaul while Tanker 48-5 was released to Standby at Department 46. 

The fire was declared under control around 2:10 am with some overhaul taking place.
Crews were on scene 1 hour before being released.

Assisted on scene by
Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department

***Photos courtesy of Dawn Kent***

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