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Saturday, January 28, 2017


posted on January 27, 2017




Pennsylvania American Water has a water tanker at the Kane Fire Hall located at 50 Poplar St, in Kane Borough. We encourage customers to bring their own containers.

Water will be available at the fire hall this evening from 7 – 10 p.m. Starting tomorrow, the tanker will be available daily from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. until further notice.

Pennsylvania American Water reported earlier today that the results from samples collected from its Kane Water Treatment Plant on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, confirm no detection of any potential contaminants. The company also said test results continue to remain well within water quality compliance standards regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The results also confirm that the condition does not constitute a health threat. Pennsylvania American Water conducted additional testing through its parent company (American Water)’s nationally renowned, EPA-accredited, laboratory in Belleville, Illinois, on the source and treated water.

Water quality experts sampled for potential drinking water contaminants, including metals and volatile organic compounds. The results confirmed that the current water condition is not a result of industrial pollution, pesticides, or the gasoline leak that occurred at the Kwik Fill on Fraley Street this past December.

Results also indicate that this event is a result of a still unknown naturally occurring event, which may have been caused by the unseasonal warm weather and recent heavy rains.

Pennsylvania American Water is committed to providing quality, reliable water service to customers and takes this situation very seriously. The company will continue to monitor the situation and conduct ongoing sampling through our Belleville Laboratory, which will be focused on the two reservoirs supporting the water treatment. These reservoirs have been deluged with runoff during the last several storms.

In addition, crews are flushing parts of the distribution system and at the plant to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If customers experience cloudy or discolored water, run water until it clears before using. This should typically take only a few minutes.

All of these activities are focused on verifying that this is a temporary condition and replenishing the system with odor free drinking water. Pennsylvania American Water has been working closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and local officials throughout this situation.

Pennsylvania American Water will be issuing additional updates as needed through our website, community leaders and the media. We thank our customers for their patience as we work to identify the cause of this temporary condition and restore the quality of their water.

For more information, contact Pennsylvania American Water's customer service center at 1-800-565-7292.


Anonymous said...

The question is do you believe them?

Anonymous said...

I know our water turns brown when the rains flood the area.. it clears up within a day or two.. give it time.. your getting all excited over nothing.. drink you water i'm sure it's safe..

Anonymous said...

Considering this inconvenience, I shouldn't have to pay a water bill for the month of January. I think that's fair considering the company isn't providing a quality product.

Anonymous said...

The water is undrinkable. It's not the white coating of foam that sits on the surface it's the chemical odor and taste. It is definitely unusable. American Water is doing damage control because they dont want to be hit with multiple lawsuits. The only way to find out what is causing the contamination is independent laboratory analysis. Period.

Anonymous said...

My water is fine but I'm not someone who is trying to get money from a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

My water smells and tastes like a dirty rusty pipe. Not that i have tasted a dirty pipe. "BUT". The smell is horrible and tbe taste is nauseating. After showering my skin is reddened, itchy and rashy and after washing my face my eyes burn and feel gritty and my face feels like a i have a sun burn. All these symptoms are
new for the past week. We are
told the water is safe and not a health hassard. But no one knows for sure "obviously" ifit is "SAFE" for everyone? After rinsing my mouth after brushing my teeth i got dry horrible film in my mouth which made me feel nauseous. I have aldo heard other people with these same symptoms. There is obviously something WRONG with the water and I dont think we are being fully informed

Karrie Cole said...

Damage control for American Water or EPA?

Karrie Cole said...

Our water smells like industrial pesticide. It tastes like industrial pesticide. Our dog has had diareah for 5 days. My husband has been to KCH twice in 2 days with constant nosebleeds that started after showering in the contaminated water. Both children also have diareah. I do the dishes and have to open a window to do them otherwise I get lightheaded and dizzy. My hands literally sting and hurt and throb after contact with the water. The real issue in my opinion is HOW a foreign chemical could have made its way into the public water system and since the person or persons responsible are busy quashing the truth it certainly looks more and more like a conspiracy. I used a water PH test strip in our tap water and it was normal except for there was zero acidity and the PH was abnormally high at 7.5. I've tested the tap water before and there was average acidity and PH was 5. How does water that literally hurts your skin to touch have a PH of 7.5 and zero acidity. This water is so caustic it burns flesh. What is in the water? I then used URS urinalysis test just to see what results I got. We'll I was shocked to find out tap water has small to moderate levels of leukocytes! Leukocytes are white blood cells. Only raw sewage OR biological medical waste would cause leukocytes to be in our tap water!!! What is American Water and it's employees doing??? A news to get the truth not lies.

SwordfireX5 said...

Im from erie and have heard whats happening...everybody in that town needs to start calling their representatives and senators and they better do it quick.