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Saturday, February 4, 2017

G2 Gymnastics – Level 2 Champions

Pictured L-R
Front Row: Kate Mitchell, Aeralyn Salada, Mia Shaffer, Irelyn Rounsville
Middle Row: Hanna Wysocki, Emily Proctor, Hannah Fleniken, Kendra Niver, Anna Schuessler, Samantha Proctor, Natalie McDowell, Maddison Gietler, Kaylee Oswald, Genecis Easton
Back Row: Teigan White, Morgan Mattison, Emma Chambers, Kara Longo, Selin Sumer, Emma Saulter, Laci Miller, Brielle Fidurko, Sara DeLong, Jaden Dunbar
Missing from photo: Addison Amidon, Madison Cady

Recently, G2 Gymnastics of Shinglehouse traveled to Williamsport, PA for the Climb High Gymnastics Invitational hosted by Dynamats Gymnastics. Twenty-seven members represented G2 Gymnastics at the competition. G2 had an outstanding showing with multiple achievements including the Level 2’s winning the Team Division of the event. Along with the Level 2’s, the Level 3’s and Level 4’s brought home 2nd place team awards. G2 received 90 individual awards including all around champions: Teigan White, Ashley Oswald, and Emma Saulter; and event champions: vault -Aeralyn Salada, Irelyn Rounsville, Anna Schuessler, Kara Longo, and Emma Saulter; bars -Emily Proctor, Natalie McDowell, and Emma Saulter; beam -Emma Chambers, Ashley Oswald, and Emma Saulter; and floor – Emily Proctor, Irelyn Rounsville, Kaylee Oswald, and Anna Schuessler. G2 had many new gymnasts receive State qualifying scores at the competition: Level 3: Jaden Dunbar, Hanna Wysocki, Genecis Easton, Natalie McDowell and Level 4: Anna Schuessler.

G2 Gymnastics will continue their training as they are in the heart of their competition season. They will be attending the Comedy Classic in Falconer, NY and Pajama Rama in Wyalusing, PA in February.

If you are interested in a great small town, family operated program, we invite you to join our gym family. We offer classes starting at 3 years old including preschool, progressive, and competitive programs. No experience necessary! We also offer sibling and bring a friend discounts. We provide open registration – Pre-register at any time during our session at or email for more information. Our current session runs through February 11th. Classes fill up quickly so please register asap!

Top 3 All Around Winners:
1st Place: Teigan White, Ashley Oswald, Emma Saulter; 2nd Place: Emily Proctor, Irelyn Rounsville, Natalie McDowell, Anna Schuessler, Samantha Proctor, Kara Longo; 3rd Place: Aeralyn Salada, Emma Chambers, Kaylee Oswald.

Top 3 Event Winners:
VAULT: 1st Place: Aeralyn Salada, Irelyn Rounsville, Anna Schuessler, Emma Saulter; 2nd Place: Hanna Fleniken, Kendra Niver, Teigan White, Brielle Fidurko, Natalie McDowell, Ashley Oswald, Laci Miller; 3rd Place: Emily Proctor.
BARS: 1st Place:Emily Proctor, Natalie McDowell, Emma Saulter; 2nd Place: Addison Amidon, Teigan White, Ashley Oswald, Samantha Proctor; 3rd Place: Hannah Fleniken, Irelyn Rounsville, Anna Schuessler, Selin Sumer
BEAM: 1st Place: Emma Chambers, Ashley Oswald, Kara Longo, Emma Saulter; 2nd Place: Teigan White, Kaylee Oswald; 3rd Place: Natalie McDowell
FLOOR: 1st Place: Emily Proctor, Irelyn Rounsville, Kaylee Oswald, Anna Schuessler; 2nd Place: Brielle Fidurko, Ashley Oswald; 3rd Place: Emma Chambers, Genecis Easton, Natalie McDowell

9.0 CLUB:
VAULT: Level 2:Aeralyn Salada-9.0, Hannah Fleniken-9.10, Kendra Niver-9.10, Emily Proctor-9.05, Teigan White-9.15; Level 3:Irelyn Rounsville-9.50, Jaden Dunbar-9.025, Brielle Fidurko-9.35, Kaylee Oswald-9.10, Genecis Easton-9.05; Level 4: Anna Schuessler-9.0; XG: Kara Longo-9.0; Level 6: Laci Miller-9.15
BARS: Level 3: Kaylee Oswald-9.175
BEAM: Level 2: Madison Cady-9.10, Teigan White-9.075, Emma Chambers-9.175; XG: Kara Longo-9.15; Level 6: Emma Saulter-9.20
FLOOR: Level 2: Sara DeLong-9.025, Kendra Niver-9.05, Emily Proctor-9.025; Level 3: Irelyn Rounsville-9.50, Brielle Fidurko-9.325, Kaylee Oswald-9.35, Genecis Easton-9.175; Level 4: Ashley Oswald-9.15, Anna Schuessler-9.175; Level 6: Laci Miller-9.025

34.00: Level 2:Emma Chambers-34.825; Level 3: Brielle Fidurko-34.45; Level 4: Ashley Oswald-34.375; Level 6: Laci Miller-34.95
35.00: Level 2: Morgan Mattison-35.15, Madison Cady-35.15, Sara DeLong-35.425, Hannah Fleniken-35.075, Kendra Niver-35.45, Emily Proctor-35.05, Teigan White-35.20; Level 3: Irelyn Rounsville-35.85, Jaden Dunbar-35.15; XG: Kara Longo-35.35; Level 6: Selin Sumer-35.10, Emma Saulter-35.75
36.00: Level 3: Kaylee Oswald-36.125

Full Meet Results:
Kate Mitchell: vault-8.0, bars-7.75, beam-8.475-6th, floor-8.10, AA-32.325
Aeralyn Salada: vault-9.0-1st, bars-8.20-5th, beam-8.075, floor-8.50-4th, AA-33.825-3rd
Addison Amidon: vault-8.15, bars-8.50-2nd, beam-8.40-7th, floor-7.80, AA-32.85-9th
Mia Shaffer: vault-8.40, bars-8.05, beam-8.50, floor-8.45, AA-33.40
Morgan Mattison: vault-8.85-10th, bars-8.70-5th, beam-8.725-7th, floor-8.875-7th, AA-35.15-6th
Madison Cady: vault-8.85-10th, bars-8.60-6th, beam-9.10-5th, floor-8.60, AA-35.15-6th
Sara DeLong: vault-8.75, bars-8.80-4th, beam-8.85-6th, floor-9.025-5th, AA-35.425-5th
Hannah Fleniken: vault-9.10-2nd, bars-8.90-3rd, beam-8.20, floor-8.875-7th, AA-35.075-8th
Kendra Niver: vault-9.10-2nd, bars-8.60-6th, beam-8.70-9th, floor-9.05-4th, AA-35.45-4th
Emily Proctor: vault-9.05-3rd, bars-8.85-1st, beam-8.125, floor-9.025-1st, AA-35.05-2nd
Teigan White: vault-9.15-2nd, bars-8.80-2nd, beam-9.075-2nd, floor-8.175, AA-35.20-1st
Emma Chambers: vault-8.65, bars-8.20-4th, beam-9.175-1st, floor-8.80-3rd, AA-34.825-3rd
Irelyn Rounsville: vault-9.50-1st, bars-8.80-3rd, beam-8.05-6th, floor-9.50-1st, AA-35.85-2nd
Jaden Dunbar: vault-9.25-4th, bars-8.65-6th, beam-8.35-5th, floor-8.90-5th, AA-35.15-4th
Brielle Fidurko: vault-9.35-2nd, bars-8.20, beam-7.575, floor-9.325-2nd, AA-34.45-6th
Kaylee Oswald: vault-9.10-6th, bars-9.175-4th, beam-8.50-2nd, floor-9.35-1st, AA-36.125-3rd
Hanna Wysocki: vault-8.60, bars-8.0, beam-7.825, floor-8.825, AA-33.25
Genecis Easton: vault-9.05-6th, bars-8.60, beam-7.075, floor-9.175-3rd, AA-33.85
Maddison Gietler: vault-8.90, bars-8.40, beam-6.90, floor-8.775, AA-32.975
Natalie McDowell: vault-8.90-2nd, bars-8.75-1st, beam-7.50-3rd, floor-8.10-3rd, AA-33.25-2nd
Ashley Oswald: vault-8.25-2nd, bars-8.90-2nd, beam-8.075-1st, floor-9.15-2nd, AA-34.375-1st
Anna Schuessler: vault-9.0-1st, bars-7.85-3rd, beam-7.40, floor-9.175-1st, AA-33.425-2nd
Samantha Proctor: vault-8.15-2nd, bars-8.10-2nd, beam-7.625, floor-8.75, AA-32.625-2nd
Kara Longo: vault-9.0-1st, bars-8.30, beam-9.15-1st, floor-8.90-4th, AA-35.35-2nd
Laci Miller: vault-9.15-2nd, bars-8.50-4th, beam-8.275, floor-9.025-4th, AA-34.95
Selin Sumer: vault-8.70, bars-8.55-3rd, beam-8.90, floor-8.95, AA-35.10
Emma Saulterr: vault-8.65-1st, bars-8.95-1st, beam-9.20-1st, floor-8.95, AA-35.75-1st

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