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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Local reps ‘hopeful’ after first meeting of crude advisory council

Local Penn Grade oil producers are hoping for a new day of PA DEP working together with them to solve problems with new laws enacted to control drilling in the Marcellus & Utica shales. 
The law is basically a one size fits all for shallow drillers as well as the deep well producers. Many of the provisions are not workable for the local oil producers. 
Rep.Marty Causer was successful in establishing a Crude Development Advisory Council bringing DEP, academic & local oil producers together to discuss the problems and propose solutions. 
Era editor Marcie Schellhammer has written this very informative article in the Bradford Era, part of which we have posted here. We recommend you click on the link and read Marcie's entire article.  Jim

Bradford Era
“Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new day,” said Mark Cline, member and new vice chairman of the state’s Crude Development Advisory Council.

The first meeting of the council was held Tuesday, and its three local members came away from it feeling optimistic.

The council was established in the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Development Act in 2016, and is required to examine and make recommendations regarding existing regulations and policies of the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and to assist with new policy impacting the conventional oil and gas industry.

Also serving on the council are state Rep. Marty Causer, R-Turtlepoint, and Bob Esch of American Refining Group; as well as Patrick McDonnell, acting secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection; Dennis Davin, secretary of community and economic development; Sen. Scott Hutchinson, R-Oil City; Joe Thompson of the Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers, of which Cline is president; David Ochs and Burt Waite, both of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association; Nick Andreychek of Ergon Refinery; Dr. Terry Engelder, Penn State University professor of geosciences, and Dr. Richard Parizek, Penn State professor emeritus hydrology; Bruce Grindle and Arthur Stewart, both of Pennsylvania Grade Crude Coalition; and John Phillips, president and chief executive officer of the Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry and Tourism.

Cline said, “This is the first time ever the DEP and industry has been able to work together with academia there. Last year, we were brought in to talk after the regulations were written.”

Now, this council will have a say in regulations before they are put in place.

“Some of the duties are tough, but having a hand in some of the new regulations that are going to be written is going to be great,” Cline added.

Committees were created to work on issues identified at the meeting. “One is for production water, one is for increasing oil production, one is for promoting the industry and the other is for educating citizens.”  Read more....

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