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Friday, February 3, 2017

Police Pursuing Speeding Car In Wellsville Area

At 8:45 PM on Friday, Police in Allegany County have been pursuing a speeding car in the Andover, Elm Valley, Wellsville area. The car is currently in the Wellsville area at speeds up to 112 miles per hour. Police have the license number of the vehicle. The vehicle is going south on Rt. 19 and has just struck a police vehicle.

8:50 PM--State Police cars have been instructed to terminate the pursuit. Other law enforcement is continuing. Car is reported southbound on Rt. 19 and has pulled into a driveway.

8:53 PM--Police are on scene with the male driver and have taken the person into custody!!

8:54 PM--Request ambulance to 2020 Rt. 19 in Willing to evaluate a patient.

Please be aware and use caution if driving in the area.

 Wellsville Reporter Update:

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