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Saturday, March 25, 2017

G2 Gymnastics – Jamestown Results

Recently, G2 Gymnastics of Shinglehouse traveled to Jamestown, NY for the Lucky Stars Gymnastics Invitational hosted by Stroup’s Gymnastics. Almost 600 gymnasts represented USA Gymnastics Clubs from PA, NY, and Canada. Thirty-Four members represented G2 Gymnastics at the competition. G2 had a strong showing as the Level 3s brought home 3rd Place and Level 6s brought home 4th Place in the Team division. Despite very tough competition, G2 received over 100 individual awards including all around champion: Kara Longo. G2 Gymnastics will be traveling to West Seneca, NY this weekend to compete in the Spring Graffiti hosted by Flips Gymnastics.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact G2 Gymnastics and Fitness as we will soon be accepting new gymnasts for our 2017-2018 competitive season. We offer programs for all children ages 3-18. The last class of this session will be April 1st so watch for an updated schedule. For more information, please visit:

Top 3 Event Winners:
VAULT: Hannah Fleniken-2nd, Kaylee Oswald-2nd, Kara Longo-2nd
BARS: Corinne Waid-3rd, Kara Longo-3rd
BEAM: Kara Longo-1st
FLOOR: Ashley Oswald-2nd, Kara Longo-3rd

9.0 CLUB:
VAULT: Aeralyn Salada-9.40, Morgan Mattison-9.15, Madison Cady-9.475, Sara DeLong-9.50, Hannah Fleniken-9.55, Kendra Niver-9.35, Emily Proctor-9.15, Sayedie-Skye Fields-9.10, Teigan White-9.30, Emma Chambers-9.0, Irelyn Rounsville-9.425, Madison Errick-9.0, Brielle Fidurko-9.45, Kaylee Oswald-9.55, Hanna Wysocki-9.20, Genecis Easton-9.40, Lily Stedman-9.10, Maddison Gietler-9.20, Danica Yates-9.50, Kara Longo-9.55, Laci Miller-9.05, Emma Saulter-9.025
BARS: Addison Amidon-9.275, Morgan Mattison-9.075, Skylar Waid-9.20, Madison Cady-9.0, Kendra Niver-9.25, Kaylee Oswald-9.20, Danica Yates-9.325, Corinne Waid-9.05, Kara Longo-9.275
BEAM: Adelyn Walker-9.25, Morgan Mattison-9.20, Skylar Waid-9.10, Madison Cady-9.0, Kendra Niver-9.35, Emily Proctor-9.30, Emma Chambers-9.40, Ashley Oswald-9.05, Kara Longo-9.375
FLOOR: Morgan Mattison-9.10, Madison Cady-9.10, Sara DeLong-9.40, Hannah Fleniken-9.15, Kendra Niver-9.15, Emily Proctor-9.25, Emma Chambers-9.15, Irelyn Rounsville-9.025, Madison Errick-9.10, Jaden Dunbar-9.0, Kaylee Oswald-9.125, Ashley Oswald-9.05, Kara Longo-9.15, Selin Sumer-9.40, Emma Saulter-9.15

34.00: Aeralyn Salada-34.125, Addison Amidon-34.525, Mia Shaffer-34.725, Sayedie-Skye Fields-34.125, Irelyn Rounsville-34.70, Jaden Dunbar-34.575, Brielle Fidurko-34.75, Maddison Gietler-34.15, Danica Yates-34.95, Ashley Oswald-34.15
35.00: Adelyn Walker-35.625, Skylar Waid-35.95, Hannah Fleniken-35.90, Madison Errick-35.275, Lily Stedman-35.425, Selin Sumer-35.40, Emma Saulter-35.125
36.00: Morgan Mattison-36.525, Madison Cady-36.575, Emily Proctor-36.65, Emma Chambers-36.025, Kaylee Oswald-36.475
37.00: Kendra Niver-37.125, Kara Longo-37.35

Full Meet Results:
Kate Mitchell: vault-8.65, bars-8.025, beam-8.75, floor-7.10, AA-32.525-24th
Aeralyn Salada: vault-9.40-6th, bars-7.725, beam-8.55, floor-8.45-12th, AA-34.125-15th
Addison Amidon: vault-8.65, bars-9.275-4th, beam-8.35, floor-8.25, AA-34.525-13th
Mia Shaffer: vault-8.95, bars-8.225, beam-8.90, floor-8.65, AA-34.725-16th
Adelyn Walker: vault-8.90, bars-8.675, beam-9.25-9th, floor-8.80-13th, AA-35.625-16th
Morgan Mattison: vault-9.15, bars-9.075-13th, beam-9.20-11th, floor-9.10-7th, AA-36.525-11th
Skylar Waid: vault-8.95, bars-9.20-9th, beam-9.10-13th, floor-8.70, AA-35.95-15th
Madison Cady: vault-9.475-7th, bars-9.0, beam-9.0, floor-9.10-6th , AA-36.575-10th
Sara DeLong: vault-9.50-6th, bars-8.80, beam-8.25, floor-9.40-4th, AA-35.95-14th
Hannah Fleniken: vault-9.55-2nd, bars-8.5, beam-8.85, floor-9.15-10th, AA-35.90-13th
Kendra Niver: vault-9.35-7th, bars-9.275-5th, beam-9.35-7th, floor-9.15-7th, AA-37.125-6th
Emily Proctor: vault-9.15, bars-8.95-11th, beam-9.30-8th, floor-9.25-5th, AA-36.65-7th
Sayedie-Skye Fields: vault-9.10, bars-8.425, beam-8.10, floor-8.50, AA-34.125-23rd
Emily Schultz-Cone: vault-8.65, bars-7.40, beam-8.80, floor-8.0, AA-32.85-24th
Teigan White: vault-9.30-8th, bars-8.825-12th, beam-8.90, floor-8.75, AA-35.775-15th
Emma Chambers: vault-9.0, bars-8.475, beam-9.40-6th, floor-9.15-8th, AA-36.025-11th

Irelyn Rounsville: vault-9.425-5th, bars-8.0, beam-8.25, floor-9.025-8th, AA-34.70-13th
Madison Errick: vault-9.0, bars-8.45, beam-8.725-4th, floor-9.10-8th, AA-35.275-9th
Jaden Dunbar: vault-9.10-10th, bars-8.55-12th, beam-7.925, floor-9.0-10th, AA-34.575-12th
Brielle Fidurko: vault-9.45-4th, bars-8.50-13th, beam-8.25-12th, floor-8.55, AA-34.75-11th
Kaylee Oswald: vault-9.55-2nd, bars-9.20-4th, beam-8.60-6th, floor-9.125-7th, AA-36.475-4th
Hanna Wysocki: vault-9.20-16th, bars-7.40, beam-7.75, floor-8.55, AA-32.90-24th
Genecis Easton: vault-9.40-10th, bars-7.90, beam-7.85, floor-8.65, AA-33.80-20th
Lily Stedman: vault-9.10-14th, bars-8.70, beam-8.725-13th, floor-8.90-14th, AA-35.425-15th
Maddison Gietler: vault-9.20-12th, bars-8.10, beam-8.55, floor-8.30, AA-34.15-18th
Natalie McDowell: vault-8.90, bars-8.30, beam-8.025, floor-8.175, AA-33.40-20th
Danica Yates: vault-9.50-6th, bars-9.325-6th, beam-7.65, floor-8.475, AA-34.95-17th

Ashley Oswald: vault-8.10-7th, bars-7.95, beam-9.05-6th, floor-9.05-2nd, AA-34.15-6th
Anna Schuessler: vault-8.275-4th, bars-7.70, beam-8.05, floor-8.775-9th, AA-32.80-13th
Corinne Waid: vault-7.425, bars-9.05-3rd, beam-8.0, floor-8.925-5th, AA-33.40-10th
Samantha Proctor: vault-7.375, bars-7.90, beam-8.85-9th, floor-7.925, AA-32.05-17th
Kara Longo: vault-9.55-2nd, bars-9.275-3rd, beam-9.375-1st, floor-9.15-3rd, AA-37.35-1st

Laci Miller: vault-9.05-5th, bars-8.20, beam-7.675, floor-8.85, AA-33.775-12th
Selin Sumer: vault-8.90-8th, bars-8.575-5th, beam-8.525, floor-9.40-5th, AA-35.40-8th
Emma Saulter: vault-9.025-8th, bars-8.0, beam-8.95-7th, floor-9.15, AA-35.125-12th

Photo by: Shawn Murray Photography
Pictured L-R

Front Row: Madison Errick, Mia Shaffer, Kate Mitchell, Irelyn Rounsville, Addison Amidon, Aeralyn Salada
2nd Row: Morgan Mattison, Hannah Fleniken, Lily Stedman, Danica Yates, Emma Chambers, Anna Schuessler, Samantha Proctor, Madison Cady, Maddison Gietler
3rd Row: Kendra Niver, Genecis Easton, Sayedie-Skye Fields, Skylar Waid, Sara DeLong, Teigan White, Emily Proctor, Natalie McDowell, Adelyn Walker, Jaden Dunbar
Back Row: Hanna Wysocki, Ashley Oswald, Corinne Waid, Laci Miller, Selin Sumer, Emma Saulter, Kara Longo, Brielle Fidurko, Emily Schultz-Cone, Kaylee Oswald

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