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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Clarion University SBDC Upcoming Business Education Semanars

Upcoming Business Education Seminars

The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) offer a variety of educational events and workshops all across the state to address the many needs of small businesses.

First Step

One of the most popular workshops we offer, the First Step: Starting a Business, is a great place to begin for those looking to start a business.

First Step: Starting A Small Business DuBois

QuickBooks 2016 Level I: Coudersport

Mixed Generations in the Workplace: Freeport

First Step: Starting A Small Business Emporium

QuickBooks 2016 Level II: Coudersport

24th Annual Legal Conference Replay: Oil City

Marketing Bootcamp Series II: Search Engine Optimization: Oil City

Leadership Series III: Management Style and Coaching: Clarion

Marketing Bootcamp Series III: Google Analytics: Oil City

COSTARS Connection: Franklin

First Step: Starting A Small Business DuBois

Marketing Bootcamp Series IV: Promote Your Business through Social Media: Oil City

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