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Monday, May 15, 2017

Genesee Township Voters: We Need a Change

I’m writing to urge you to come out this Tuesday, May 16th to vote in the primary. Our votes are about to be counted and each of us needs to decide whether to vote for a change of Township Supervisors that will benefit a large majority of our residents.

We need new supervisors who will not "close the books" and refuse to look at the misdeeds of their predecessors, including the misappropriation of tens of thousands of dollars. Our new Township Secretary has worked diligently for a year trying to make sense of unaccountable accounting. Thank you Kristine for trying. We truly appreciate your efforts. So, we are still left with the following issues:

* Township accounting where we can’t even get answers about how many $2.00 stickers have been sold or where the $50.00 annual fees for garbage were spent for many years.

* Misappropriations of tens of thousands of dollars from a special fund to support “other interests."

* No accounting for electronic transfers from special funds to the general fund.

* Manufactured time sheets.

* Through all of this a complete disregard for township code book laws and sunshine laws,

In addition, if the UNELECTED supervisors are not replaced, then there may continue to be a total disregard for our only ELECTED supervisor and his lovely family, and they may continue to be shamefully mistreated.

As you know, I have been consistently critical of what I feel to be corrupt practices of the township supervisors who put the current "appointed" supervisors in place before they left.

You should also know that any and all accusations that I have made concerning our township can be backed by facts and figures received from the township offices by my pushing very hard to have the “right to know” as a citizen honored. While the town office was not happy to share this information with me, I am happy to share it with any and all concerned citizens.

If obtaining facts and figures makes me a trouble maker, or if trying to make politicians accountable for their actions makes me a whiner or an instigator, then I guess I'm going to have to live with those labels. But I will do so with a clear conscience knowing that I have tried to work in the best interests of my town.

Thankfully, in this country and in this township, we are still allowed to vote with our hearts, minds, and moral conscience. Remember, your vote is your own and what you do in the voting booth is not open to the judgment or criticism of others.

Please vote in the primary for the best interests for our whole township and elect new supervisors.



Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the recognition of my efforts in your post, I am left in an awkward position. I feel it is important to recognize that MANY people and families have been affected by this election and continued social media coverage, this includes those currently serving, those running for election, those that served our board in the past, those that were previously employed, those that continue to work for our township and even family members of yourself. With respect for all of these people and what they have all been through, I feel it is important to clarify that any opinions and statements contained in this post are not that of mine or coming from me. As the current Right To Know Officer for our township, my office is open to the public and all requests are given the same priority, I have never been directed not to work with anyone seeking information through official means from the office or to limit/monitor the information that I produce for someone, the utmost respect for the township code and sunshine laws within the township office has been given and will continue to do so. - Kristine

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see in yesterday and today's posts that a person could actually comment on Mr. Matteson's post. First, lets clear a few things up...the 10,000 dollars already been spent has not just been for Mr. Luce and Mr. Miller, folks wake up Mr. Matteson, Mr. Baxter and the "ELECTED" supervisor Mr. Thompson has sued everyone in our township, yes folks all of US including themselves,depositions were to start and guess what no response from the 3 who started the lawsuit, afraid of what may have come from this process????? Second, they insist monies have been misappropriated and the township had to hire a firm our of Williamsport to do an audit at the tune of 5000.000...the results no errors found, now add this up folks 15,000 of our taxpayer money has been spent for these three to cause trouble. We have 3 very capable ladies who do our audit, these men have basically said they aren't doing their job in my eyes. Let's talk about Solid Waste, which these men will not leave alone, would the professional 5,000 audit firm have found an error in this account??? I believe so, 50.00 a year and 2.00 a bag is CHEAP folks, they can not leave this alone, it is time to stand up to these three men who have done nothing but try and find wrong doings in our township. Mr. Furman and Mr. Smoker I have nothing personal against either of you are being lead down a path to be manipulated by these three and ruin our town! To blame Mr. Miller and Mr. Luce for the past things that have gone on in our township is just wrong, Mr. Baxter was a supervisor and left the position, why???? To assume one of the roles of town trouble maker? I am tired of seeing the comments "a used care salesman and the "town volunteer and that he can't hold a job", Mr. Miller may have started selling cars but has moved up the chain at his place of employment, Mr. Luce does have a job and volunteers endless hours serving US the people thru the ambulance and fore have the three problem causers served our community? I would also like to add these two and not behind in their property or school taxes as our one "ELECTED" is..2 years folks, it is public record! As our responsibility and freedom to vote , think very hard when you go to the polls on Tuesday...these men will not stop at causing issues until they have complete control, do we want these puppeteers controlling our town??? I DO NOT and will continue to support those who want our town to be a wonderful place to live....there is still time to get the facts and I pray the right people are elected or we are in for some very hard times aheaad.

Anonymous said...

Well I think you've said it all ...The thing is the newly elected township official has been off work for awhile now Hasn't he ? And I think you have it right when you say we all need to know where the money has gone from garbage fees and all other funds ,but I also think the way to accomplish all this is to elect the appointed supervisors to give a new demension to the information we have been given. I think the the appointed supervisors have the town in mind without all the hoopla. This town needs honest,dependable,educated persons to get it back to what it once was.Elect Scott miller and Scott Luce.

Marty Mcfly said...

Scot, and Scott, GREAT SCOTT!

Anonymous said...

Regardless if Mr. Thompson has been off work or not, he is behind on his taxes, he has been released to work after his fall off a township elected official should be behind in a township on their taxes while supposedly being for US the people. Many people have hardships, why is he special?

Anonymous said...

Mr Thompson's fall from the truck could be viewed as suspicious. Did anyone see this happen? Why did it take him so long to report it for workman's comp? He could have had an old injury and this way it now will be paid for for life on workman's comp to the cost of the Genesee taxpayers. I find this situation extremely suspicious.

You Can't Hurt Me Anymore, Susan Williams said...

Dear Mr. Matteson and Posse,
I find it quite sad and unnerving that you have not seen the error of your ways yet. After all, over a year ago, the previous Supervisors entertained your folly each and every month at the public meetings and in local establishments. Some even met with you personally ( at your request) and took your countless calls at their home. The Secretary supplied you with thousands of pages of records, and she and the Board of Supervisors attempted to simplify reports for you.... Reports like the check registers that you couldn't quite comprehend..... The Supervisors even hired a well respected accounting firm to perform an unbiased audit of all the Genesee Township accounts.... to appease the Posse, since they were relentless with harassing the previous Supervisors about the abilities of the Genesee Township Auditors.The Posse was provided all the findings from the outside audit. But, apparently they lacked the ability to interpret the documents. Even under verbal attacks, the Supervisors courteously attempted to interpret the findings for the Posse. But since none of them nor I were teachers, we could not find an alternative teaching method that would make a break through in their comprehension problems.
All being said.... I forgive you, Mr Matteson, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Devlin, Mr. Seitz, And each and every one of you that have accused me and the previous Board of Supervisors of misappropriating funds, manufacturing time sheets, doing transfers that were uncrackable, running ghost accounts to funnel money and for the countless verbal attacks. My prayer for you all will continue to be " Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

ElderMaeJ said...

Oh, give everyone a break. Not only it's that utterly ridiculous, it's really brave to say it anonymously. You can think what you want about Dann's politics, he didn't fall off his truck to collect workmans comp. Get real. Julia Elder