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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Michael Murray Announces Candidacy For Magisterial District Judge

My name is Michael Murray and I'm announcing my Candidacy for Magisterial District Judge. 

My name will appear on both the Republican and Democratic ballot in the Galeton Borough, Ulysses Township and Borough, Hector Township, Stewardson Township, West Branch Township, Bingham Township, Abbott Township, and Harrison Township. I'm asking you to vote on May 16th for Mike Murray. 

Allow me to explain a little bit about the job of a Magisterial District Judge (MDJ). The MDJ is an elected public official given the power to hear and decide cases. The cases that a MDJ may hear include traffic citations, civil cases up to $12,000, landlord tenant disputes and summary offenses. An MDJ is responsible for setting bail, issuing search and arrest warrants, and holding preliminary hearings. 

A little bit about myself. Again my name is Mike Murray. I have lived in Potter County for the past 21 years. I graduated from Galeton Area High School in 2010 with honors. Following high school I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have since worked at Patterson Lumber Company here in Galeton. 

While living here I have been extremely involved with my community and the youth that live here. I have coached youth soccer and youth basketball. I attend many of the school functions and volunteer my time as much as I can. I pride myself on being a role model that kids can look up to. I will continue to stay active post-election. 

I also serve with our local Moose Family Center as a member of the board. The Moose is not just a bar. It is one of the largest charitable organizations in our area. From putting on dinners as fundraisers, to donations to every organization to scholarships. I take pride in being part of such a great organization. 

The reason that I'm running for Magisterial District Judge is for you, the people that make up our great communities. I made my decision to run in March 2016 and have been dedicated to it ever since. In June 2016 I attended the certification course required by Pennsylvania to be a Magisterial District Judge. While there I learned exactly what a Magistrate will encounter on a daily basis and how to handle each of those situations. Upon completing the class, I returned home and took my old job working 40+ hours a week where I continue to work while running in this election. Much like the people that make up this District, I understand what it's like to be a blue collared worker. I promise you that I will work towards later hours and weekend hours so that it is easier for you to attend court.

Since returning from the class I have also decided to return to school and beginning June 2nd I will be attending Eastern Gateway Community College and begin pursuing my law degree. 

Many will point to my youth and lack of experience in the law field as a negative. But I view them as positives. I will bring unmatched energy and enthusiasm to the court room. The classes that are provided for the Magistrates will teach me all I need to know before I take the bench, negating my lack of experience. Having not been a law enforcement officer, I can guarantee there will be no sides taken and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I will give each case the proper amount of attention and not rush a case through the system for the sake of getting it done. 

The MDJ is a critical part of our justice system in Pennsylvania and especially here in our rural area of Potter County. We rely on our Magistrate to not only interpret and uphold our laws and ordinances, and we expect them to be leaders and role models in our communities. Your next MDJ must be firm, fair, and unbiased no matter who stands before them in the court room. They must be able to read and interpret the laws and ordinances that uphold our communities. They must be able to remain calm no matter the case, level headed, and leave all politics out of the court room. I AM THAT PERSON. 

On May 16th 2017, I am asking for your vote to be the next Magisterial District Judge. From my hardworking demeanor, leadership abilities, the ability to stay unbiased, the ability to read and interpret laws and ordinances, and be firm, fair, & just, I believe that I am the best candidate to serve you. I'M FROM THE COMMUNITY AND FOR THE COMMUNITY and with your support, we can continue to have a judicial system that you can trust and support.
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Anonymous said...

Attended IUP.....did he graduate from IUP with a degree in anything?

Anonymous said...

Wish you the best Mr. Murray.....

Anonymous said...

If elected, Mr. Murray, will you be able to serve and attend college at the same Time? I wish you much luck but am not sure how this situation will be handled as a full time magistrate. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the lack of any legal experience whatsoever IS a negative. How do you propose to accurately "read and interpret the law" without any? If you honestly think that a few classes will teach you "everything you need to know" to serve as District Justice, you are sadly mistaken. I'm sure that all three current Magistrates, with years of experience, could tell you that they are still learning new things every single day. No offense intended but, while enthusiasm is a very good thing, in my opinion being qualified to do the job(particularly this job) is much more important. Finally, do you really think it's wise to step into this arena insinuating that your possible counterparts in Coudersport and Shinglehouse, as well as the retiring MDJ in Galeton, have not provided the "proper amount of attention to cases" or "pushed them through just to get them done"? Welcome to the "hot seat". Something tells me you're going to be there more than once between now and November.

Mike Murray said...

This is Mike and I just wanted to take a moment to reply to your comments.
10:33 p.m. : I did not graduate. I attended for 1 year and realized college was not correct for me at that time so I returned back to Galeton where I have been since.

12:13 a.m.: I have many friends that have altered their class schedules in order to take weekend classes and night school. While it may prove to be a lot of work, I'm confident that I wont have a problem balancing my schedule.

9:27 a.m. :I don't believe that the lack of experience at the moment will slow me down. Between now and January (when the new MDJ takes the stand) I will have a very good foundation of knowledge on which to build. While I will not know everything, I have a very wide pool of knowledge available to me through my connections of lawyers, current Magisterial District Judges, current candidates I have met, and former Judges. They have all stated that they are willing to answer any questions I may have.
As for the "case pushing" and "proper attention", I respect and admire the outstanding jobs that Delores Weiss, Annette Easton, and Kari McCleaft have done. I know that this is not a problem in our county. It is a problem however downstate and I want to assure everyone that it will not be a problem here.

Thank you for your time and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Mike Murray

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I was wondering if you could share a little insight into your rational and drive for running for Justice: What inspired you to take a stance in law and in the community? At what point as a blue-collared worker did you identify your wish to pursue this position, and what was your motivation?

Thank you and good luck.