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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The First Presbyterian Church of Coudersport Donates $10,000.00 to the Coudersport Pool Fund in Memory of Darlene Sitler.

Most people knew Darlene Sitler as a musician. She taught music at Northern Potter Children’s School for 30 years. She was organist and choir director at Coudersport’s First Presbyterian Church and played French Horn in community bands and in the Wellsville, N.Y. Performing Arts Orchestra.

Others knew Darlene as a gardener. She took great pride in the flowers she tended at her home and at her beloved Presbyterian Church. She added vegetable gardening to her repertoire and delighted in sharing the bounty with the congregation through the summer.

Darlene also enjoyed walking for exercise and began to compete in area 5K races, happy to continue to improve with each outing.

It was that same kind of drive that led her to the Coudersport Swimming Pool to conquer her fear of water. She signed up for adult swimming lessons shortly after her 50th birthday and worked with the instructors to overcome her apprehension and learn to swim. It was among her proudest accomplishments.

It is in memory of Darlene, who gave credit to her Lord for all she accomplished, that her church family donates $10,000.00 to the Coudersport Swimming Pool fund.


Anonymous said...

Good on them. She must have been a wonderful person. I hope the gift is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic tribute!

Anonymous said...

What a greatful gift & honor for Darlene, "heart touching"♡"

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sitter was my elementary school music teacher. She was such a wonderful person and teacher. This is a great way to honor her memory.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that a church in Potter County is successful enough to make such a donation in honor of Ms Sitter. No matter what your views are about the new pool, you still have to have a good feeling for this church, and it's congregation committed to the cause. Bless them all!