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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Coudersport Boro council meeting tonight

Coudersport Boro council meeting tonight..workshop begins at 1800 (600) meeting at 1830(630)

From a resident:
The Coudersport Borough Council will be holding their monthly meeting tonight at 6:30 pm at the Borough Maintenance building on Damascus Street.

According to a borough official and also an employee they "may be discussing" the plans for the construction of a natural gas wastewater treatment facility to be located in Coudersport.

I recall reading somewhere that the proposed facility would use distillation as part of the process and may be located to the west or upwind of Coudersport borough.

Unfortunately I will be out of town and may not bo back in time to attend the meeting. But other Coudersport residents may want to attend.

Would you please post an announcement about the meeting on your blog so that others that may be interested may attend?

Unfortunately he only information I found on this is an executive session, council "workshop" begins at 6pm. Followed by the borough council meeting (open to the public) at 6:30 pm.

I wish I had more info to provide. Coudersport Borough may be able to provide more details. Their number is 814-274-9776

Reader Has Questions:
Jim, the main thing here is they don't have a public plan for how they will remove the radioactive contaminants from the wastewater and prevent them from being discharged to the sewage plant.

For instance, measuring radioactivity in water is on-trivial. You can't wave Geiger counter at it and expect an accurate result. You have to seal the water in a vessel and let it sit for 21 days to find out if there's radiation in the water. I have no indication that these precautions are being taken. 

My mentions and citations on radiation are coming from a conversation I just had with Dr. John Stolz of Duquesne University.


Anonymous said...

Not a scientist... Don't pretend to be but I know how to do research and then judge based on the sources what I think of the material presented. I always reccomend people used their own judgement as long as they use rational thought and not ridiculous talking points like "jobs or American energy independence." Nothing I read in any of these links made me think this was a good idea let a lone that I wanted to send my kid to a school that was nearby a frack waste water treatment plant. In the last decade since fracking hit Pa. 900 peer related/ reviewed studies have been done...not a 1, not one, suggests that fracking is good for people.





Anonymous said...

havent we seen enough with the contamination from reese hollow etc NOT A HEALTHY PLAN

Joshua B. Pribanic said...

Question I have for the council and the company: Is the "treated" distilled water being tested for radioactive compounds before it leaves the plant? If so, is the water sample sitting for 21 days in order to accurately test for radium...if not, why not? How is the sewage plant ensuring they're not accepting radioactive compounds? Are they monitoring for Radium-226 and Radium-228 at this moment in their discharge...if not, do they plan to start before and if the Epiphany wastewater plant is approved? Has anyone taken a baseline for radioactive compounds in the streambed sediment (upstream, at the discharge, and downstream) where the sewage discharge to the river is located? If not, are there plans to ensure a baseline is performed and published to the public before the facility is permitted? Lastly, where is the leftover brine/salt and sludge from the distillation going?

Epiphany Water Solutions is a young company with only four team members, and I can't find another operation like the one proposed for Coudersport which has proved its success — in that case, is Coudersport expected to be the testing grounds for an unproven prototype?

The company claims on its website that it can bring TDS levels of fracking wastewater at or below 100ppm after treatment...however 100ppm or below discharged to the sewage plant could still contain any and all kinds of contaminants, including radioactive compounds. In that case, what is the city and sewage treatment plant doing to ensure the TDS leftover from Epiphay Water Solutions is not exceeding safe drinking water standards, and does not contain radioactive compounds?

WhatMeWorry? said...

JKLM, Radioactive water, safe practices, what could go wrong??

It's not like they donate to grease the skids or anything.

from Nov 2016 Endeveor
Water plant proposed in Coudersport
Facility would treat drilling wastewater

A company is proposing construction of shale gas drilling waste-water treatment plant on Coudersport’s western border, Endeavor News has learned.

Discussions between members of the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority and two businesses, Epiphany Environmental and JKLM Energy, date back at least five months. Few details have been made public.

Under the proposal, the Pittsburgh-based Epiphany would build the plant close to the sewage treatment plant off Toles Hollow Road. JKLM would have a financial stake in the project and use the facility to recycle wastewater from its gas well hydrofracturing.

Epiphany has been working on the technical aspects of cleaning gas field wastewater since 2010. Its process removes minerals and heavy metals from the fluid in the first stage. Solids are contained, dried and disposed of in state-licensed landfills.

Clean brine that remains is processed in the second stage. The by-products include salt, which can be sold for commercial use such as road application, and distilled water. The water can be reused for hydrofracturing or discharged into a conventional sewage treatment plant.

Skip Toomalu said...

Yep.....it's a bad idea. It's much better to have the frac water trucked all over the state with hundreds of truck loads a day rolling around. They NEVER have accidents or spill anything......

Anonymous said...

It is CAMA. This has nothing to do with borough their meeting is next Monday 6:30 at the sewer plant.