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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dairy Farmers Qualify to Participate in Pilot Study

I wanted to let you know what we are doing in Tioga county as far as a dairy study.
After receiving anecdotal stories from farmers in Pennsylvania and one in Ohio that says he saved $10,000 a year from not using antibiotics and not having to dump milk we decided that a controlled study was in order.

Our product is brand new in the field, as it is a nutrigenomic product — meaning a blend of certain nutrients activates genes to produce the enzymes needed for health
in mammals. There are currently 23 peer review studies by major universities on how this works on humans and all mammals.
This increases glutathione production 300%, as well as increases in catalase, and Super Oxide Dismutase… all three are very important in reducing oxidative stress.
We do this with Nrf2 activation.

If you go to any nutritional presentation you are soon talking about oxidative stress, and many products for
humans as well as animals make claims to reduce it, however, only one product has shown significant reduction
in oxidative stress in blood tests… That is our product, proven clinically on humans.

As people began to give it to their pets and farm animals they began to have huge results.
So we decided to conduct a controlled study.
Two of the farmers near Wellsboro: Aaron Butler and Rodrick Davis will participate

Here is what we will study.
1. High somatic cell count - through DHIA we will identify top 10 SCC cows and use some for a control and some given our Nrf2 activator.
We will test them weekly for the SCC over two months and report results
2. Cows ready to freshen. … will be given the supplement 3-4 weeks prior to freshening, and then their SCC measured till end of testing as compared with control group
3. Cows that develop mastitis will be given the Nrf2 activator for 7-10 days and SCC will be measured every 2 days
4. Calves that will develop scours… will be given Nrf2 activator for 3 days.. .and stools and health will be observed.

We think this can really benefit farmers on the application of activating the Nrf2 pathway.

Of course, more information on Nrf2 can be found on or
it has been called by Washington State University possibly the most important preventative and the most important therapeutic discovery in the history of medicine.”

We are excited that Pennsylvania and specifically Tioga county can be a part of this pilot study.
I think that many farmers, science oriented readers, within your readership would find this fascinating.

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