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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Emporium Woman Charged With Using Obscene Language


Anonymous said...

So you can be charged for having a potty mouth?! Didn't know that!

Mad Mike said...

With the complete understanding that the first amendment is abused and that there is a complete and utter lack of decency in today's world... Charged with obscene language seems like an overreach of the law if not a violation of one's civil liberties. Despite the fact that I can't stand ignorant people who can't watch their mouth, for example in the presence of elderly or children, I still do not think it's a law enforcement matter. We have enough government intrusion already.

Anonymous said...

WOW, stay classy!!!

Mr Front Porch said said...

In this case, I believe the appropriate charge would have been harassment to the victim. The abusive language was directed at the victim - the victim was harassed - annoyed and/or alarmed. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Mema said back in her day women never used foul language. They always wore dresses to the ankle and were polite.(maybe the "actor" is a biker chick)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the upstanding, straight-as-an-arrow, police officer was offended by the language.

Anonymous said...

someone actually had to call the police and report this. I'd be embarrassed to make that call. Get a life. Just walk away. It's not really a "public inconvenience." More like a person with terribly thin skin.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm the one who called the cops and y'all like to make assumptions. She was drunk and was swearing very loudly with little kids around. One of the kids being my 5 year old little sister. I told her that there was little kids around and she told me to go onto her property and do something. Of course I called the cops because I told her numerous times that little kids were around.. I had a right to call the cops.