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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The regular meeting of the Galeton Borough Council was held this date in the Borough Office following a five minute executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

Members present were Michael J. Messino, Doug Droppa, Rob Pflug, Joe Petrenscik, and Denny Dean. Not present was Ron Tarabori.

Others present were Chief Brackman; Solicitor-Michael Plummer; Reporter-Nick Hartrandft; Rotary President Elect – Paul Miller; Citizen-Angela Jackson and Borough Secy/Treas.-Andrea Caracciolo.

President Messino called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM followed by the Pledge to the flag.


After reviewing, a motion was made by Doug Droppa, seconded by Rob Pflug approving the 5/10/17 minutes as presented. All were in favor, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

After reviewing, a motion was made by Rob Pflug, seconded by Denny Dean approving the May/June 2017 treasurer’s report as presented. All were in favor, motion carried.

Citizens Participation

Paul Miller attended the meeting representing the Rotary to discuss a couple of things with Council. The first of them being that Rotary feels because of all that Joe Pagano did for this Borough that a street should be named in his memory. Council will discuss later.
Secondly, Mr. Miller had the banner with him that is going to be hung at each Welcome to Galeton sign advertising the Woodsmen Show. Council was pleased with the banner.
Finally, the Rotary would like the Council to help push for the Woodsmen Show more than has been done in the past. He told Council that the Woodsmen Show is the second largest event in the County next to our Fireworks with over 20,000 attending. They feel this helps our economy and we should show more support for the event. The Rotary did a big media advertising this year to help promote the show.

Police Report

Chief Brackman presented his monthly report with the following:

Traffic Warnings – 23
Traffic citations – 25
Non traffic violation – 1
Criminal arrest -1

The Code Enforcement report was also discussed,

Borough Secretary

The secretary told Council that the Potter County Conservation District has awarded the Borough a $48,000 grant for work on First Street. This would be from Railroad Avenue to Third Street.
A meeting is going to be scheduled in September with them to discuss our plan.

A letter was read from the Galeton Development Corporation commending the Borough on its clean-up day and how well it went.
The Council added that the Borough Crew did an excellent job.

The secretary presented to Council a list of the 2017 shooting team for the fireworks.
A motion was made by Joe Petrenscik, seconded by Rob Pflug to sponsor the 2017 Fireworks Display in John J. Collins Memorial Park by the list of shooters that was presented. All were in favor, motion carried. The insurance policy for the event this year cost $1704.00. It was also noted that the Borough would once again pay for the port a johns from Leslie’s Septic for the fireworks committee.

It was mentioned that vehicles are still parking on the new wall on School Street. Council wants the no parking signs up immediately so that the ordinance can be enforced.

A quote was given from Apache Tree Service on the maintenance of all the trees and shrubs on all Borough property which includes the park, Germania Street, Bridge Street and Main Street. The quote is for trimming, thinning, shaping, and heightening all of the trees plus removing some dead ones. The quote is for $8,000. A motion was made by Joe Petrenscik, seconded by Rob Pflug to accept the quote and have Apache Tree Service do the work contingent on getting the trees in the park completed before our 4th of July celebration. All were in favor, motion carried.

A yearly maintenance cost is to be requested after all this initial work is completed.

The work on a driveway at a residence on East Main Street was brought up. Our solicitor reviewed our Stormwater Management Ordinance and told Council that the work should cease at this residence until the stipulations of our ordinance is met. Letters are being sent to both the owner and the contractor.

A complaint was made concerning the tires and rims that are for sale chained to a pole on Union Street. A letter is being sent to the owner to remove them.

Old Business

Rob Pflug brought up the extra work that the secretaries had to do to get a handle on the community clean-up day sponsored by GalePride. He suggested that an invoice for the secretary’s time and the office supplies used for the mailing be sent to GalePride for reimbursement. The Postage for the letters was reimbursed to us by the PA Greenways. A motion was made by Doug Droppa, seconded by Denny Dean to invoice GalePride for reimbursement. All were in favor, motion carried.

Rob also brought up that he met with the electrician handling the work for the Rock the Tarmac concert in the park. There is going to be a lot of extra electric being used for this concert for all the equipment. He feels that the sponsors should be invoiced for the extra electric charges as well as for water that may be used. The secretary said that these two items were mentioned to the sponsors from the start that they would be invoiced and they agreed to it.

Rob also mentioned that the park being used by a Borough resident is fine and there wouldn’t be a charge, but that if an outsider comes in and uses it for a fundraiser there should be a fee to use the park. This is going to be discussed further during budget time.

President Messino said that the park regulations sign coming in to the park on the Park Lane side should be replaced, it has been there for years and is getting worn. Secretary is going to look into this.

New Business

The council discussed the Rotary’s suggestion regarding Joe Pagano. The Council decided to rename Park Lane to Joe Pagano Lane in his memory for all that he has done for the Borough. The park is pretty much what it is because of Joe. This is the road to the park between the Acorn and Batterson’s Beverage off West Street. A motion was made by Joe Petrenscik, seconded by Rob Pflug to rename Park Lane to Joe Pagano Lane. All were in favor, motion carried.

The residents that live on Park Lane and the Library’s addresses will remain Park Lane.
A sign with Joe Pagano Lane is going to be made and erected right past the Acorn on the left entering the park.

Rob gave a report on the previous week’s Authority meeting.
-The water line at the Wetmore needs replaced after having the two major leaks this year. The new line will be placed beside the old one and the old one then cut off.
-It was reported that there is a residence in town that has a dog that is keeping the meter reader from reading the water meter. A letter is going to be sent to this customer telling them to have the dog out of the way or their water will be shut off.
-A discussion was held on Martz putting in new monitoring systems at the Wetmore and the Sewer Plant. Proposal is approx. $11,000 for Wetmore and approx. $13,000 for sewer plant. The costs can be made in monthly payments for 60 months.


A motion was made by Rob Pflug, seconded by Doug Droppa to pay the bills for the month of June 2017 as presented. All were in favor, motion carried.


A motion was made by Denny Dean, seconded by Doug Droppa to adjourn. All were in favor, motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM.

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