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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Roulette Residents Recycling: Nita Is Getting Tired Of Dumpster Diving!!

Roulette Residents

The recycle dumpsters have had a lot of stuff dumped in them lately that does not belong in there. I personally am getting tired of digging it out. I am going to give a list of stuff that can go in the dumpsters and stuff that cannot go in. If the issue continues then you may be asked to put your items in one by one instead of just dumping them in.

Cardboard almost any cardboard but pizza boxes must be clean.

Paper includes newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, egg cartons (not foam egg cartons), soft covered books (no hard back books), etc.

Plastics containers #1 - #7 anything with a triangle, i.e., milk jugs, detergent bottles, shampoo , etc. It does not include anything like PVC pipe is made of, including kayaks cut in half. All plastics must have a recycle triangle on them or they do not go in.

Glass is bottles and containers such as pickle jars, mayonnaise jars, etc. It does not include window glass, mirrors, dishes of any sorts, pyrex, ceramics, foam packaging, any kind of kind of Styrofoam, pots and pans of any sorts.

There is to be no plastic bags with the exception of your shredded paper and that must be in a clear bag. All recycles must be dumped of food waste and rinsed. Thank you

Nita Spencer
Secretary / Treasurer


Anonymous said...

You go NITA all people are doing is getting rid of their trash so they don't have to pay to haul it away, But the boro now can when they dump it in recycle... THINK ABOUT IT, its like people taking their trash and putting it in trash cans on main st or by a store that has a can out, I've seen people who can afford trash pick up put their little bags of thrash in Rite aid, shopnsave, main st, hospital. and if you watch they don't put any out on pick up day.. I'm on you side go get them.......

Anonymous said...

We get the same thing here in Liberty Twsp in Port Allegany, our Twsp finally put a camera up, they dump tvs, microwaves, garbage they won't pay to haul away themselves.....You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

This is why its easier to just throw it all in the trash..do some research on recycling..you may be surprised at how little of an impact you are making compared to the headaches of sorting and hauling.