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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Coudersport Resident Cites Unanswered Questions In Authority's Lease To Frack Water Processor

The cat's out of the bag. And it's UGLY! Coudersport Area Municipal Authority's lease is posted below!

This process was ludicrous. CAMA negotiated behind closed doors.
The board refused requests to hold a public information meeting to
provide the public with any details of the lease before voting to decide to lease or not.

CAMA did their best to shut the public out of the process completely.

Area residents raised many health and safety concerns.
On July 12, 2017 CAMA limited those who wished to speak during a public
comment period to 2 minutes and refused to answer any questions.

CAMA did nothing to address the concerns raised by residents who took advantage
of the two minutes.

Residents were not given any details of the behind closed doors negotiations.

And no board member responded to the requests for provisions to reduce the
associated potential risks on the environment, air quality and watershed. Resident’s
concerns were simply ignored by the board members.

The school is situated directly downwind of where Epiphany plans to store,
distill and mist wastewater from JKLM’s unconventional wells. And after the board
members learned helium balloons released from the site drifted over the elementary
school, they voted unanimously to approve the lease to Epiphany.

Area residents deserved better. Parents of Coudersport Elementary School students
deserved better.

It’s incredibly difficult to believe CAMA’s price tag was 1K a month, a pathetic amount of money.

I doubt anyone could have imagined how ugly small town politics could get, this lowered the bar substantially.…/0BwV75wo6lhJPTEJtSmRqUkJCV…/view…

Laurie Barr


Lonnie Jo Hynds said...

I attended the last two CAMA meetings. Both the regular monthly meeting on June 26th and the 'special' one on July 12th. My impression was that 'we the people' were being 'humored' at that the course of action had already been decided. I spoke with the Epiphany fella out in the parking lot and was not impressed. Later, when I googled the company [by the multiple names listed] I felt that my original gut feeling was entirely justified.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable that local authorities are willing to subject defenseless kids to the absolute horrors of frack waste water. It isn't 2006 any more. We have a decade of research into the Heath effects of fracking and associated chemicals and not a single one of over 800 peer reviewed studies even suggests one positive thing.
What is wrong with these people and will parents allow them to harm their children?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect, look at the Solicitor for CAMA. He hates it when anyone from the public attends "their" meetings. Would be nice to see the meeting minutes for the last year published online.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Coudersport. To busy fighting a Sheetz expansion over some plants/trees and raising money for a pool but to incompetent to fight a potential health concern of a Fracking Water treatment plant. Amazing how Sheetz is made out to be all about corporate greed but JKLM and Epiphany aren't. Would take 10 new convenience stores/gas stations over treating Frack Water locally any day.

Anonymous said...

11:33:00 AM With the exception on the board, JKLM, Epiphany and a few key players, few people were aware of this. This was successfully kept under wraps until it was too late. The blame belongs entirely on the shoulders of each of the board members who helped cover this up and their trusted co-horts.

Anonymous said...

I think the people in this town should protest. The whole town is down wind from where they want to put the treatment plant.the officials of this Town should know better then to put something like that down wind of the town. Shame on them

Anonymous said...

lawsuit waiting to happen. problem is it is going to take one of our children getting sick or worse. to shut this down. hopefully someone with some power in this town shuts it down before its too late. signed lease or not, a loophole something. this CANNOT happen to our children.

Anonymous said...

Particularly concerning to me is who is responsible for the radioactive monitoring required by DEP and a comment I read about a town where this is being used smelling like pee.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of comments like the one at 12:36. This big secret that you talked about was on the front page of the Endeavor at least three times over the past couple of months and has been mentioned on here multiple times. It has also been on WFRM AM 60 News, on the Black Forest Broadcast station that Jerry Miller runs. Also I saw it in the Bradford Era. Some big secret there 12:36. Maybe you need to be a more attentive citizen.

Anonymous said...

Before all of the panic alarms go off has anybody bothered to confirm that there will be a release of radioactivity into the air and that it has been verified that this is something to be concerned about? There seems to be a lot of assuming and bandwagon jumping here when we we need are facts.

Anonymous said...

All of you might just as well save your breath. As Drumpf and his billionaire & millionaire lackeys and cronies take over this beautiful land - and Potter County is one of THE most beautiful parts of that land - we can say goodbye to any and all environmental protections. Drill, frack, destroy any and everything - it just doesn't matter anymore. Fracking Waste Water storage - why not? - someone in this frightening administration will find a way to make a buck out of it and then make you pay for it! They just DO NOT CARE! You voted for Drumpf, now sit back, put a chew in you mouth, hang out your Confederate and Nazi flags and and say "Hot Dang It" - we own this country now! - the rest of you can go and .... ..........!

John Peterson said...

i have learned recently that CAMA isnt regulated by the State or Fed's . Don't take my word for it call the PUC and try to file a complaint .. They will tell u the same thing.. Thay can't do anything because no one regulates CAMA like alot of small towns ..

But they will do what they want i guess .. Don't like this at all

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you all will get used to the smell

Anonymous said...

The next time you boil water or make tea on your stove you had better all wear gas masks because that's what the 'steam' would be like coming from this plant.

Anonymous said...

Our Buddies

Borough Appointments:
William Krog, Chairman 1/1/2021 23 Avenue C
Todd Brown 1/1/2020 207 Ross Glenn
Edward Easton III 01/01/18 505 North Main Street
Sweden Township Appointment:
Tim Haskins 01/01/19 1277 East Second St
Eulalia Township Appointment:
Paul Herzig 01/01/17 1115 East Second Street
George Stenhach, Stenhach& Stenhach, Solicitor
John Segursky, Uni-Tec Engineers, Engineer
Beverly Morris, Manager

a thousand dollars, big money huh....

Anonymous said...

If they didn't follow procedures, get a lawyer and sue the Authority.

Anonymous said...

Will there be tourism generated by this development?

Georgeanna DeCarlo said...

Thank you, Laurie for making this information available to the public and for calling DEP to fact check. Will CAMA officials hold Broeker responsible for this intentional misleading or excuse his manipulation of information, determined to stay the course? Apparently putting a fracking waste water treatment plant is another step in the blatant corporate re-structuring of my hometown, Coudersport, which I've lived in most all of my 50 years; the area that my ancestors settled in nearly 100 years ago. Being caretakers of our waters, woodlands has been an ingrained part of residents and visitors.
It's been unthinkable that even the practice of fracking and foresting these hills would happen, yet at the same time we've been corralled into employment with these companies. As farmers sell gas and oil rights to pay off debts, they're going out of farming. Fracking was not halted in 2016 because of the recession, it stopped because they had nowhere to dump their waste.
We are at the headwaters of the Allegheny River. We are the ONLY triple divide east of the Mississippi. Authority members excluded the public because public opinion didn't matter. Is Authority debt and members hesitance to raise rates the real reason for putting a fracking waste management site here as referred to at the meeting by George Stenhach?
Brainstorming with input from the community could have provided valuable insight as well as presenting residents with the CHOICE of how they would prefer to proceed. How about considering Penn State University project "Harvesting Energy from Wastewater Treatment" and produce electricity to power the plant itself, potentially as tech improves, adding electricity to the grid? To suggest that the steam generated from this facility would not cause harm is a ridiculous assumption. We have not seen the plans. To assume that DEP oversight and permits will keep the public is safe is irresponsible. Contamination of residents water on North Hollow Road from a JKML Energy well was noticed by a resident who saw the foam in a pond at Charles Cole not an announcement from JKML Energy after they knew they had a problem.
I haven't met Epiphany Environmental CEO Tommy Joseph personally yet but seeing the feedback from his last investors provides valuable insight:
Now he wants us to invest our money, our well being, our property our natural resources and everyone's downstream into another of his "firsts."
Another question that's gone unanswered is what the projected capacity of including this into our sewage system will be and how that will affect growth of our current and projected businesses and residents.

Anonymous said...

1:08. YOU NAILED IT!!! The folks that rely on government programs, food stamps, Medicaid, etc are the ones who will suffer the most under trump. These are the people that were hoodwinked by his slick talking, lies and false promises. Anyone with any sense should have looked at his record. He needs money, he robs a charity. Needs a building built, hires contractors and doesn't pay them. Fails another business, declares bankruptcy and leave all of those who owe him money empty handed. HE IS NOT A BUSINESSMAN, NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE!! The reason that he owes RUSSIA 1/2 BILLION DOLLARS is because US banks wouldn't loan him anymore money!! He will never slap Putin's hand, they have him over the barrel and he will do nothing to anger the Russkies!!
He and his cronies live for this, rape the land, plunder, pillage. His friends will reap the profits and Coudersport residents will suffer. Email Rep. GT Thompson and Sen. Toomey and tell them to put COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY and get trump the hell out of there!! Their GOP standing is more important than our country. PLEASE USE THE 25th amendment!!

Anonymous said...

A little tourism will be generated .
The best part is that this pond could be used as a swimming hole for the local kids. And it will be heated. Doesn't get any better than that. Heated , outdoor, community pool. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

I've been making phone calls and talking to people about my concerns for weeks now. And the other day someone brought up something up to me that I didn't consider. Someone called and said "This could end up costing residents millions." Explaining "IF" Epiphany's facility discharges to the sewage plant (as planne) and their waste fluid brings the amount of fluid the sewage plant is able to process to capacity,(Endeavor said Epiphany plans to process 200,000 gallons of waste per day) it will restrict development in the area on lots and parcels that are currently undeveloped in CAMA's service area.

This includes areas of Sweden Twp. Eulalia and Couderport.

Or CAMA can simply build another sewage plant.That won't cost the residents a cent right? hahahahha

Anonymous said...

I noticed the moderator is refusing to allow most of the comments that support this project, or dispute the ridiculous non-facts that you people are posting. How can anyone take this site seriously if the comments are filtered to only show a biased agenda?

Solomon's words for the wise said...

I am the moderator. I haven't seen any comments supporting the project.

Anonymous said...

Property values will plummet and this won`t help the local economy in any way. This will end up costing the local citizens on many levels. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Drill baby drill

Anonymous said...

Advice to the young get out while you can.Your parents and grandparents have sold your future to the big corporate elites.Capitalism only benefits the wealthy

Anonymous said...

Your local officials sold out your town... This whole deal doesn`t pass the smell test.

Anonymous said...

Your local people voted them all in office so there ya's go.......bye...bye......Coudersport!

Little Johnny said...

So let me get this straight. Steam mist blowing into the atmosphere and possibly into town is an issue, but sewer gas and stench from the sewer plant right next to it isn't? I think you narrow minded rednecks need to really educate yourself and see just what Epiphany does to treat the water and make it safe. If you people need a health issue to rant about, you should take a short walk across from the Laurelwood and check out the Pure Carbon pond....

Diane Weeks said...

Thank you Laurie, for all of your educated effort & work to help keep our areas waters & environment clean. Pure and simple, we cannot have Fracking projects & also preserved our precious triple divide waters in the same area.
Diane Weeks

Anonymous said...

Following public comment and nearly 30 minutes in executive session, authority members William Krog, Todd Brown, Edward Easton, Tim Haskins and Paul Herzig approved a series of motions at a July 12 meeting to lease the property to Epiphany with a projected effective date of Sept. 1.

Way to kill us all CAMA. Maybe you should start buying up all the houses of the people you've so willingly thrown under the bus! What are you thinking?!!