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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Elephants Dancing Concert on Friday, July 21 in Wellsboro, Pa

Members of the band Elephants Dancing are: (from left) Ross LeSoine,Karl Rucker, Mike Iorio, Justin Malinowski, Danny Sales, and Doug Delescavage.
 Elephants Dancing is a different kind of band with a different kind of sound. They bill themselves as a peace preaching, reggae surf-rock group from Pennsylvania.

During their concert on Friday, July 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the Coolidge Theatre at the Deane Center, 104 Main Street in Wellsboro, the band will perform hits from their album, "Rituals" including "Panic Static" named song of the year by Electric City Music Conference, a few tunes from their newest album and new singles. The music video link for "Panic Static" is

Based In the Wilkes-Barre area, the band has six members who range in age from 20 to 25. They include: Mike Iorio, vocals and bass; Danny Sales, vocals and guitar; Karl Rucker, lead guitar; Justin Malinowski, drums; Doug Delescavage, keyboard and Ross LeSoine, sax and percussion.

Elephants Dancing currently has over 40 original tunes that deliver fun melodies, clever raps, syncopation and island vibes. The band's music is positive, uplifting and impacts listeners by imparting messages of wisdom based on the realization of current life and repeating history.

Singer-songwriters Iorio and Sales founded the band in the summer of 2015. They knew each other in high school and both continue to live in Laflin, Pa. The two long-time friends started the band as a duo after re-connecting through their similar musical styles. They groove to roots reggae, island hip-hop, and beach rock and are also influenced by pop-punk, metal, rap, math-rock, and classical.

Shortly after Elephants Dancing was formed, they added two more members, students attending Mansfield University with Iorio, and released an eight-track album titled "Clear Skies EP." It features eight original songs, including "Elephants Dancing," "Clear Skies," "Still Waiting," "Panic Static," "Dirty Karma," "1000 Years," "Nothing But Gold" and "One Life."

With Sales attending Wilkes College, 2016 proved to be challenging in terms of being able to get together to support their new EP. Iorio and Sales used the time to write more originals. They traded audio clips and document files daily to share ideas and structures to create new music. They recorded their first 19-track full-length album titled Rituals." It was released on March 3 of this year. Their originals include "Boardwalk Song," "Go," "Onto The Next," "Summer's Song," "Temptation," "Motto," "Balance," "Chances Are," "No One Man's Fault," "Euphoria," "Give Out Your Love," "Safe Haven," "Crossroads (Rituals) and "Outro." Also on "Rituals" are five of the songs from their eight-track EP.

After "Rituals" release this spring, Elephants Dancing refaced itself. Brought on board were Rucker, Malinowski, Delescavage and LeSoine. They began to perform regularly. Iorio and Sales continued writing.

"To prepare for the release of our second full-length album we decided to introduce brass to our sound," said Iorio. "We have added a seventh band member who plays trumpet." He will not be at Wellsboro. "We went from being a duo to a four-member band, back to a duo and now have seven band members," Iorio added.

This is BYOB - bring your own beverages and snacks - event. Tickets are $12. For tickets visit or for tickets and to reserve a table at no charge, call 570-724-6220.

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