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Monday, August 7, 2017

Editorial: Government working together? What a concept!

WEST CHESTER, Pa. –   The West Chester Daily Local News published an editorial Saturday about congressional Republicans and Democrats who are part of the Problem Solvers Caucus working together to find a bipartisan solution to the problems that plague our health care system.

An eight-year campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act got a thumbs-down from the U.S. Senate 10 days ago, leaving Americans fearful for the future of health care.

The rising costs and instability that exists with the ACA demand some type of solution: Letting it implode or fall to rhetoric about the “disaster” that its opponents claim does not solve anything for the American people.

And so we citizens are left wondering what’s next.

Here’s a wild idea: How about members of the U.S. Congress work together, across the aisle, to solve the problem? In fact, why not work together to solve the many problems facing our great nation, starting with the governmental paralysis born out of our national divisiveness.

Ideally, Congress as a whole should be a bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, but instead it has too often functioned as two parties with bringing the other side down taking precedence over working together. Health care reform is the poster child for that behavior with Republicans caught up in un-doing President Obama’s signature legislation rather than focusing on the health care needs of the nation.

Against this backdrop, the Problem Solvers Caucus in Congress is a positive step, and we are pleased that this region’s representatives are part of that movement.

U.S. Reps. Ryan Costello, R-6th Dist., Pat Meehan, R-7th Dist., and Lloyd Smucker, R-16th Dist., are members of the caucus. They make up Chester County’s legislative delegation in Washington and include Delaware, Montgomery and Berks counties.

Also, U.S. Reps. Charlie Dent, R-15th, of Allentown, Brian K. Fitzpatrick, R-8th, of Bucks County, and Glenn Thompson, R-5th, of Centre County round out the six representatives from Pennsylvania who are part of the caucus.

Digital First Media reporter Michael Rellahan reported recently that the group of 44 Republicans and Democrats announced “a set of principles to advance solutions to address the destabilized individual health care market. These bipartisan proposals focus on areas they can find broad consensus to work together to stabilize the health care industry.”

“By resetting the health care conversation in Congress, the caucus members are attempting to set the stage ‘for the kind of bipartisan solutions that Americans have been yearning for’ and ‘restore some predictability as insurance companies make decisions about premium prices in 2018,’ according to the release,” Rellahan wrote.

“Task one is to stabilize the insurance marketplace this year for all Americans,” said Costello in a statement. “We need to ultimately implement sustainable reforms to improve our health care system, and it needs to be anchored from the ideological center in order to pass both chambers of Congress and have the confidence of the American public.”

Costello, in an interview, said he would work to bring the matter to the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee, of which he is a member, Rellahan reported. The danger of leaving the ACA’s cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments in the hand of the Trump Administration, which has threatened to suspend them on a month-by-month basis, or any administration, is untenable, he said.

“You need to handle things on a responsible way that protects constituents and the health care system as we know it,” Costello said.

“The last great hope for this country is that Republicans and Democrats prove they can work together,” said caucus Co-Chairman U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, a New York Republican. “We’ve locked arms to continue the fight for the American people, their families and their health care. We as a caucus, will continue to work together with bipartisan dignity and commitment to the American people, who deserve stable health care and a functional Congress.”

The caucus is half Democratic and half Republican by design: If a member wants to join, he or she must bring a partner from the other party. The caucus leaders do not name the membership, leaving it to individuals to declare their affiliation.

We applaud this effort, even as we regret that it’s necessary to create a problem-solving mechanism. Problem-solving is what congressional representatives are elected to accomplish. Working together for the good of their constituencies is what we expect.

By signing on to Problem Solvers, the Congressional delegation from this region has proven its willingness to embrace a citizens-first mentality rather than politics-first. We urge all 18 members of Congress from Pennsylvania to join.

With numbers, there is hope for leadership that focuses on solutions that unite and create a truly greater America.


Anonymous said...

Another scam by the politicians and nothing will get done for the one's that actually play by the rules

Anonymous said...

As long as Vladimir Putin is running our country (with the help of Drumpf) we will never achieve a stable and safe United States. When the next Civil War begins - and it will - there is no hope for anyone who loves this beautiful land of ours. 200 days and not one societal advancement or legislation has passed in this sewer of an administration. In the immortal words of IT: SAD! Stop golfing, stop Tweeting, stop flying back and forth to New Jersey, Florida, and wherever - stop "campaigning" and get the hell back to the job you were elected to do. Vice-President Pence is waiting in the wings if can't or won't do your job. And, God help us if he assumes your gilded throne.

Anonymous said...

1:09 You should be happy nothing is getting done, since obviously you hate his policies.We get to enjoy some more time with the Obama landmark policies of greatness and free stuff for everybody. And by the way, if Vladimir Putin was running the country, you would be dead right no, so stop with the B.S.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks poster 109 needs a little cheese with that whine.

Anonymous said...

1:09. You nailed it. That man is nothing but a phony con man who bluffed and lied his way to fool a number of people who really didn't know any better. Anyone who read anything other than Coors Light cans would have seen right through his charade. Long before he ran from office he was known as "know-it-all, Know Nothing." Unfortunately in that election, many folks KNEW they didn't like Hillary so they chose the alternative. But...that's over with and we're stuck with this dude. At least until the Senate enacts the 25th amendment due to his inability to govern. That fact is quite obvious with the current state of affairs on Pennsylvania Avenue. How anyone could continue to believe in a man that is caught lying on a daily basis, I have no idea! He is a failed businessman many times over and stiffed contractors out of millions of dollars. The reason he won't show his tax returns is due to the MILLIONS owed by him to the Russian Oligarchs. NO U.S. banks would lend him money and the RUSSIANS were the only ones that would lend him money due to his multiple bankruptcies. His current M.O. in this job is only to enrich himself and his family through tax cuts. They were all included on the failed healthcare bill. He doesn't care about John Q. Public unless he thinks they will help him. The best way to convince anyone is to tell them to step away from the barstool, read multiple news sources and decide for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Never argue with a drunk, a fool, or some idiot on the internet....

Slim Pickens said...

I don't know about how the liberals think, but I, for one, fell a hell of a lot safer with President Trump in the White House than I ever did with Obama.

Becky Naylor said...

Thank you for putting this up! It made my day seeing a piece from the paper my grandfather used to edit, as I don't often think to pull up their site to read it often.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, we really didn't have much to choose from did we ??? Obama screwed us for 8 yrs....Hillary is great at manipulating, fraud, shes great at lying etc, Trump is certainly getting a lot of people (just like her) exposed both Dems & repubs, Now just stop your bickering over it, judging, condemning Trump. Get yourselves settled into prayer, Trump has a team of prayer warriors, There's Bible Studies every week in the White House, first time ever in 100 yrs, if you don't know God on a personal basis or if you don't read & know what the word of God says, if you don't pray you'll have no clue what God is doing nor you'll never understand what God is doing, God wants our country back, our country was founded on Christian principles & I believe He chose Trump to do the job for Him!!! You can slam him All you want but be careful,the Word of God says, "TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED" Also,
"If My People who are called by My Name will humble themselves, seek My Face, PRAY, turn from their wicked ways, I'll hear from Heaven, forgive them of their sins, & HEAL their land, God wants America healed & made great again, Trump was His choice, We the hard working people are sick & tired of our hard earned money taking away & given to the welfare, illegals, etc!!! Obama care was & is a joke, we pay dearly for it, So we ALL need not be judging, nor condemning but on our knees in prayer, There's power in Prayer! NUFF said, by the way, that's my opinion which we're all entitled to, God Bless America, & we want our country back !!!

Anonymous said...

Oookay 9:41, the guy who said surviving the 60's without getting an STD is the same as Vietnam is obviously a devout christian bringing god back into the Whitehouse. Doesn't the bible also preach to share and help thy neighbors? Or is saying forget everyone else, I got mine the lesson it teaches?