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Friday, August 11, 2017

Epiphany Frack Waste Water Treatment Plant Proposed For Coudersport Has Been Denied By PA DEP

The controversial and untried frack waste water processing plant that was proposed to be located at the Coudersport Municipal Sewage Plant on Toles Hollow and discharge treated frack waste water through the municipal system into the Allegheny River has been denied a permit by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for now

Anonymous said...

I love typical liberal comments, no substance, no intelligence, no justification.
Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Eat that JKLM ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Really great news for a Change! The political group in Coudersport must be fit to be Tied! Congratulations

Anonymous said...

The swamp gets drained and it's rats look to score elsewhere. Strike two!

Anonymous said...

Good news!

Anonymous said...

If they say it is not bad for humans put in your own water supply.RECYCLE

Anonymous said...

This is not a liberal conservative issue. At this level of politics, party affiliation doesn't matter. Common sense & Integrity does. This entire plan showed poor judgment. There were a number of environmental health and safety concerns that needed addressing.

This was an experiment.This was unproven technology and it was not developed to process frack fluid.It was designed to purify surface water for drinking in third world countries. It wasn't developed to remove the chemicals used in fracking.

CAMA board members embraced the unknown. NOT ONE MEMBER CONTACTED THE DEP since April of 2016 when JKLM proposed this idea.

And the land CAMA leased doesn't belong to CAMA according to the deed. It belongs to the Borough of Coudersport.

And according to CAMA's minutes the board agreed to pay for all the associated costs! This made no sense at all. Why CAMA agreed to pay a dime to build an experimental facility to get rid of their waste made no sense.

CAMA oversees sewage processing. And now that this was denied I really hope the board members avoid investing in experimental projects for unconventional shale gas industry in the future.

Why they invested thousands for engineering cost already made no sense to me and raised BIG RED FLAGS.

According to the addendum of their signed lease, CAMA agreed to purchase the gravel for site prep and also agreed to pay for the plumbing to and electrical for the facility too! And CAMA agreed to purchase the permits!WHY?
I still can't believe CAMA agree to cover all these costs!

I would have asked CAMA about these costs but they simply refused to answer questions at their board meetings. This is VERY UNCOMMON.

One of the other questions I would have asked was why only charge $1000.00 per month? Why would CAMA allow Epiphany full use of the CAMA office building and restroom?

It would be hard to find a decent home to rent at that price.

I'm all about the numbers. Bottom line, investment versus the revenue it may have created doesn't work out in CAMA's favor. CAMA gave Epiphany the deal of a century! There seems to be something very questionable here and the public really deserves the truth.

And this is not going to create jobs. If it was approved, truck drivers will no longer hauling need to haul JKLM's waste to the ZERO DISCHARGE facilities in Kane and Smethport.

It doesn't matter if you are a republican or democrat. Pro or anti gas.
less local jobs is not a good thing no matter what your party affiliation is.
This is common sense.

The public's number one priority needs to be protecting the air quality downwind at the elementary school, not helping JKLM find a local place to dispose of their waste locally.
Downwind, children of republicans and democrats sit in the desks downwind at the Elementary School.Downwind, liberals and conservatives sit at the Empereon Marketing desks.And these folks don't get paid enough to sit and breathe the Volatile Organic Chemicals.

And what if this does eventually get approved, when people downwind begin having actual & perceived health effects can CAMA be sued? Who will pay the legal fees? This could cost a ton of money.

CAMA may have dodged a bullet when this permit was denied.

Lease: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwV75wo6lhJPTEJtSmRqUkJCVms/view?usp=sharing

Slide show https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ruRYHiuN9UDjx9LxdNPkkHx6UFs7iBKGppyTcIsjkd4/edit?usp=sharing

JKLM Waste plans https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13rUPNjXUkPliB0e3Cfcl6RjZB1wffmPhqmQQ2H9UpMs/edit?usp=sharing

saveourstreamspa said...

CAMA's Willing to Forfeit "Adorable" Are You? By Georgeanna DeCarlo

Great to see another article that promotes the natural beauty of Coudersport and recognizes efforts of our residents and businesses to co-exist in balance with our natural resources."The Most Adorable Town In Pennsylvania Is Perfect For A Summer Day TripFeel a blast of cold air on your face as you experience a natural phenomenon. Lie back against the grass and stargaze. Or, simply stroll through the quaint streets of Coudersport to discover charming shops and delicious restaurants. Embark on a summer day trip to just what might be the most adorable town in Pennsylvania."It is still possible to achieve the goal set by area leaders decades ago to make this area a tourist destination. But not if our local officials do not share this vision. Coudersport Area Municipal Authority (CAMA) had an obligation to inform the public that they were hijacking this plan. Not only will homeowners' property value suffer from a fracking wastewater treatment facility here - which is only happening at JKLM's request, not as a result of CAMA exploring pathways to increase revenue without raising taxes (there are other options) but CAMA blatantly disregarded decades of effort and investment of local agencies and businesses who strategized in alignment with these local, county and state guided principles. So we're trading our community vision for what? A short-term contract from Epiphany with CAMA fronting thousands of taxpayers dollars to grade the land to Epiphany's specs. Since CAMA's doing the work, Epiphany can check all the boxes "NO" on its DEP permit asking whether their project involves displacement of land, etc... Although Epiphany's permit was denied, WHAT was CAMA and particularly CAMA solicitor, George Stenhach, thinking? If they're not serving the needs of the public, who are they serving? Corporate manipulate of government officials is becoming more blatant daily but so are agency efforts to correct this. A closer look needs to be taken at how business has been being done by CAMA officials.Area Municipal Authority

Name Term Expires AddressBorough Appointments: William Krog, Chairman 1/1/2021 23 Avenue CTodd Brown 1/1/2020 207 Ross GlennEdward Easton III 01/01/18 505 North Main StreetSweden Township Appointment: Tim Haskins 01/01/19 1277 East Second StEulalia Township Appointment: Paul Herzig 01/01/17 1115 East Second StreetGeorge Stenhach, Stenhach& Stenhach, Solicitor John Segursky, Uni-Tec Engineers, Engineer, Beverly Morris Manager.

Anonymous said...

Save the Allegheny now has a "document" page where you can access the lease, Epiphany facility plans, application and more! http://savetheallegheny.org/index.php

Anonymous said...

This is a temporary hiccup on the water treatment plant because of an administrative issue rather than a determination of whether the treatment system is compliant. Be patient.

Anonymous said...

10:34 Thank you for chiming in. It sounds like you know what you're talking about! Administrative, of that sounds better.

According to the CAMA minutes Epiphany said these permits were all approved by the DEP last June. This must be a clerical error on the DEP's part.

And what about that other hiccup... the land CAMA leased to Epiphany is not owned by CAMA. But the signed lease states that CAMA does owns it. Does ownership even matter? Or is this a clerical error?

Who will Epiphany pay rent to? The Borough of Coudersport (owner) or CAMA?