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Friday, August 4, 2017


Hamilton-Gibson Productions free, five-night Improv Workshop will be Monday through Friday, Aug. 7-11 in the Gallery at the Warehouse Theatre at 3 Central Avenue in Wellsboro.

The workshop is for novices and the experienced.

Participants will learn the key elements of improvisation, including techniques for creating a character and situation, responding and advancing, presenting ideas in a scene and reacting to other players. They will work on improving their skills by playing games and creating mini-skits.

To graduate, participants will perform an evening of improv skits for the public on Saturday, Aug. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Warehouse Theatre. Admission is Pay-What-You-Can.

Gabe Hakvaag will lead the workshop. He has a long history in sketch and improvisational comedy, including working with comedy troupes such as The Unusual Suspects, Broadcast Free Radio, Renegade Duck and others. His collaboration with improv comedian Kurt Fitzpatrick resulted in the creation of the one-man show Rebel Without A Niche, which premiered in New York City in June 2006 and has since been performed throughout North America.

“Improv is working on stage without a script,” Hakvaag said. “It can be very scary to be on stage with no safety net and no boundaries but once people get into it they also find out how much fun it can be.”

Improv comes with a set of basic rules of engagement to make sure everyone is working together and never leaving someone stranded without support, according to Hakvaag. “When everyone on stage is engaged, listening to each other, and taking the ball forward, the results are surprising and often very funny,” Hakvaag said.

The only requirement is that the participant take part all five nights of the workshop and be willing to improv in front of a live audience on Aug. 12.

For information, to register to participate or for tickets, call Hamilton-Gibson at 570-724-2079, email or visit

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