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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Proposed budget will gut DEP authority on oil and gas

Tell your Rep.: Protect PA air and water from fracking pollution!

Usually when elected officials craft a budget bill, their aim is to reduce budget deficits and fund government programs.

But then there’s the Pennsylvania Senate—which recently loaded a state budget bill with provisions to gut environmental protections and help oil and gas drillers get more permits, faster. The bill will soon head to the PA House for review and a vote.

The proposed budget would take away the authority of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to make oil and gas permit decisions and give it to the legislature instead. 

Private contractors hand-picked by drillers would review permit applications. Permits would be fast-tracked regardless of potential environmental risks and the omission of required information.

This terrible budget deal would be very costly for Pennsylvanians, who would face more air and water pollution, and health problems for years to come.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your state Representative that the environment and public health aren’t for sale, Vote NO on HB542.

This bill won’t help balance the budget, but it will give drillers license to pollute. You can use the sample letter, but please personalize it for greater impact.

Thank you,

Nadia Steinzor, Eastern Program Coordinator


Anonymous said...

Eastern Program of WHAT? Is this a reliable source? It sounds like it might be misleading or distorted.

Anonymous said...

What a crock of sh%t ! Yea i'm sure they will have an actual license to pollute ! Sounds very much like the public hearld or whatever it's called !

Anonymous said...

Just read it and think.... It has FAKE NEWS written all over it,. What a bunch of fools.
However, if it is true, its great news.!

Tony said...

where do people keep coming up with this bull$#!t?

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Certainly sounds like fake news. Preposterous. Who would ever dream up a story like this?

Unfortunately, the PA Senate has included all of this in their proposed legislation to support the new budget that they passed last month.

Although it isn't mentioned here, they also included a severance tax on natural gas produced in Pennsylvania and a tax on the people who buy gas to heat their homes. Take the time to read the proposed legislation. It is online and you can read it right at home.

I would think it was fake news myself except for the fact that I took time to read the PA Senate's proposed bill.

Anonymous said...

Keep "Drinking the Kool-Aid" all of you. When the end comes you won't feel a thing. In case you can't figure out what I mean, I suggest you look up "drink the Kool-Aid" in any search engine. Then consider this: DRUMPF IS THE NEW JIM JONES...

Anonymous said...

Well then, This IS good news. Thanks Jim

Anonymous said...

Uhm, eastern program director of WHAT?