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Friday, September 22, 2017


Daring to Dream
Pastor B.J. Knefley

Are you a dreamer? No I’m not referring to the dreams you have at night. I’m talking about dreams for your future, for tomorrow and beyond. I’m talking about dreaming about new things, higher mountains, new adventures and all that goes with it. Are you there yet? Do you dream this way or are you like many who are plodding your way through the mundane of today. I want to be a dreamer of impossible dreams. I’m not ready to settle for the status quo.

Remember the story of the little train that could? Wasn’t that all about dreaming, believing that he could? Forgoing the obstacles to reach new heights, new adventures, and new experiences. Isn’t it this kind of dreaming that brought us computers, trips into outer space and other exciting places? So why don’t we do more of it? Why don’t you or I? Are we playing it safe, not wanting to rocking the boat? Afraid to pay the costs of new adventures?

Some dream but that’s all they do is dream, there’s no action. Did you realize that dreaming is only half of the equation? Anyone can dream, but not everyone will test their dreams and take the next step. Why? Fear of failure, because dreamers fail and they fail often, but they get back up and start again. Which category do you fit into?

Remember Caleb? His story can be found in Joshua 14. He was one of two spies that voted to go cross the Jordan River, but they were overruled by eight others who wanted to play it safe. Afraid to dream, the people wandered for another 40 years. When Caleb finally got into the Promised Land he requested to take the mountains. At 85 he looked to conquer the mountains, not the plains but the rough terrain. He was a dreamer and he was willing to take the risks.

My wife and I are in the winter of our lives and we’re still dreaming. We’re looking at new mountains to climb. Perhaps there’s a new mountain in your future too, but it will require you to dream again and take the risk. Think about it.

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Bernard "Mike" Fowler said...

This is a great article. Pastor Knefley inspires me each Friday.