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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bill Pekarski: Day 431, Living life on my terms

Bill Pekarski:

Day 431, Living life on my terms.

On Friday evening (Nov. 10) at 6 o’clock on WGRZ Channel 2 News, our town is going to have the regional spotlight shining brightly on how it has rejuvenated and is reinventing itself. According to reporter Danny Spewak, the 3-5 minute segment paints a positive picture of Coudersport as a unique small town and wonderful place to visit.

It is something that I have been saying for well over a year now through my daily stories; we live in a grand area and deserve to be proud. We have attractions for nature enthusiasts, dark sky observers, history buffs, and so much more.

For the hungry visitor, there are outstanding and reasonably priced dining options lining the entire Main Street as well as within a 10-mile radius. People can grab quick food on the go (Sheetz, Subway, Original Italian Pizza, Fox’s Pizza/Tastee Freeze, etc.), sit down to a comfortable meal at any number of casual restaurants (KayTee's, The Tea Room Cafe, Fezz's Diner, etc.), enjoy drinks and tapas at Olga's, or even partake in a variety of culinary options at establishments like the Crittenden Hotel, A & W West End Grill, Mosch's, Sweden Valley Inn and Laurelwood Inn.

Lest I forget, coffee and ice cream at the Cream 'n Sugar.

I was also happy to see the news crew come to town as the Rt. 6 project was nearing completion. They were able to appreciate how the investment in our infrastructure supports our reinvention, complete with street lights that do not pollute the natural dark skies with artificial light.

Additionally, we have many things to look forward to in the near future. We will start building a new town pool; the bowling alley is almost fully refurbished and ready to open, the restoration of the Old Hickory Tavern, and the upcoming Eliot Ness Fest: Touched by the Untouchable next summer. The list of new things and offerings goes on and on. It all adds up to one concept: momentum.

Coudersport and the surrounding communities are poised to benefit greatly from an increased tourism trade. It also makes our area a great place to live.

No, we don't have any big shopping malls, box stores, or major chain restaurants. We don't have four-lane roads or concrete jungles. We don't have any major sports teams or arenas to host shows or attractions.

What we do have is acres of forest land, miles of streams, vast star-filled skies, a friendly and accommodating local gentry, great food, and an astounding history all wrapped up in a peaceful setting in a county that is aptly nicknamed "God's Country."

Sure, we grew as Adelphia grew and our area benefited from a strong influx of new people from all around the country. After that company went bankrupt, many of the newcomers and also some local folks headed out of town and we went into a bit of a tailspin. But Coudersport was here before the growth, we survived the outcome, and those people who were raised here or even stayed for whatever reasons have not rolled over and died. We are still here and we are stronger than ever -- and it is being done on "our terms."

So I hope everyone will help spread the word about Friday's newscast and everyone tunes in to see our story.

Today I dedicate my progress to all of us. This is only the beginning of what is going to be a true renaissance, the reinvention of Coudersport.


Anonymous said...

God bless you Bill for your writings and your dedication to your town, not from the area but enjoy reading your stories.....as you said "Stay Stong" can't wait to see the "Old Hickory" when it's finished...it's a time & season to be thankful to appreciate everything we have!

Cream 'n Sugar said...

Your words are spot on, Bill! Thanks so much for being the catalyst for WGRZ coming here to highlight our beautiful town and area!

Anonymous said...

can you ride ATV's and UTV's in the coudersport Areas?

Anonymous said...

The Eliot Ness Fest seems like a good idea and a project for the community to support. One concern that I would have is the use of the "touched by" motif may carry with it a potentially negative interpretation. In an era in which we are faced with daily news concerning Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Jerry Sandusky and others, it is unfortunate that the term that was once used in the most positive sense can carry with it a negative connotation, which is certainly unintended in such a celebration.

Anonymous said...

12:14 with all due respect that is hogwash. No one with a brain exceeding the dimensions of a pea would consider that title to have anything to do with the media feeding frenzy you have fallen victim to. Sexual abuse and related topics are serious issues and should be exposed and offenders held accountable, but don't think people are stupid enough to somehow equate this festival with that pack journalism topic of the day. None of those people you mentioned have anything to do with this.