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Friday, November 24, 2017

Elkland, Osceola, Valley Ambulance Dispatched For House Fire

At 11:40 PM on Friday, Elkland, Osceola & Valley Ambulance have been dispatched to a house fire at 104 North Street in Elkland. Knoxville & Nelson dispatched  mutual aid.
1:01 AM--FIRE OUT. 
Dispatched at 11:40 pm with Osceola Fire Dept and VCAA to a possible house fire on North Street BOX 3-02
Chief 3-10 (A Walters) arrived on scene and confirmed fire in the structure! All residents had gotten out of the house!
Chief 3 (M Goodrich) arrived and upon Chief 3-10’s report established Elkland Command
Engine 14-1 from Osceola arrived on the scene first and with an interior crew with assistance from Chief 14 (K McLean) went to work! Some of Dept 3 firefighters arrived and back laid 5 inch hose from 14-1 to a hydrant 75 feet away.
Engine 3-3 from Elkland arrived shortly after Osceola gained entry to the house and with their crew went inside with Chief 3-30 (B Davenport) & Capt 3 (A Swan), assisted Osceola.
Elkland Command called for second alarm for extra manpower for interior crews and RIT.
Fire was brought under control at approximately 12:30 am and was out by 1:30 am.
Very strong work on the initial attack by Osceola and subsequent back up by Elkland.
No injuries were reported!
On a personal note,
This was as close to text book as you can get and with great success! After the knockdown a PPV fan was put in place at the front door and utilized! I have never been so proud and excited of the excellent work by everyone!

Thanks to Osceola (14), VCAA (25), Knoxville (6), Nelson (18), Lawrenceville (8) and Tuscarora (39)
CHIEF 3-10
Andy Walters

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