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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kim Buchsen Adresses Rotary And Seven Aspiring Coudersport Jr./ Sr. High Students

Coudersport Rotary was pleased to host Kim Buchsen of Agile Business Consulting, Inc. as our guest at our Monday, November 20th, lunchtime meeting. Seven Coudersport Jr./Sr. High School students attended her lecture.

Agile Business Consulting helps companies harness the power of digital technology. It is a United States-wide company with offices in Buffalo and Las Vegas and with affiliations world wide.

33 years ago, as a student, Kim Buchsen, was associated with Coudersport Rotary Club. Rotarian Paul Herzog gave her first job and George and Rotarian Natalie Stenhach acted as mentors in her aspirations to be a lawyer. 

Kim Buchsen was one of the first Coudersport Rotary’s outgoing exchange students. She was assigned to the Flemish speaking part of Belgium and says that this experience taught her that she can do anything to which she sets her mind.

Kim said that she still uses what she learned from being an exchange student and being associated with Rotary. She finished her presentation by saying, “Reach for the stars and go for
your dreams.”

Thank you Kim for speaking before the Coudersport Rotary Club!

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