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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wind farm expected to get underway in Potter Co. this year

By ALEX DAVIS Era Reporter
Bradford Era

Construction of a wind farm in eastern Potter County is expected to get underway this year and be operational in 2018.

Big Level Wind LLC, a subsidiary of Walden Green Energy LLC, a privately held New York-based wind development company, plans to build 25 wind turbines in Hector Township, said John Soininen of Walden Green Energy.

“We leased just under 6,800 acres of land from private landowners and the project will have a footprint of approximately 240 of those leased acres,” he told The Era on Wednesday.

Original plans called for a total of 26 wind turbines to be built on about 200 acres of private lands in the township near the border of Tioga County. But a lawsuit between Big Level Wind LLC and JKLM Energy LLC, a natural gas development and production company headquartered in Wexford, changed those plans. The companies since have resolved litigation and reached an agreement on the mutual use of the property.

More details on the major project will be made available when the final schedule is set, Soininen said.

“It’s great that Hector Township and Potter County are going to realize the benefits from both of these energy projects without further delay,” said Jack Kenworthy, Walden’s head of development. “We have always been confident that this site could support both wind energy and gas facilities, and this agreement with JKLM proves that out. We look forward to working with JKLM on this site.”

JKLM officials also shared some sentiments.

“When we sat down together and looked hard at this site, both sides were able to make some accommodations that resulted in an agreement for both projects to move forward without further conflict,” said Jefferson Long, JKLM’s vice president of land. “Working on integrating wind and gas facilities on a single site was a new process for both companies, but we worked it out and look forward to continued cooperation with Walden.”  Read more...


Anonymous said...

What's the projected amount of birds of prey these wind mills are going kill.

Anonymous said...

Fewer birds are killed by windmills than cats...

Anonymous said...

Only because Pennsylvania's PROTECTED feral cats kill Millions of birds.

Anonymous said...

How much power do windmills actually produce? Or are they just for looks. Maybe 1 windmill will cover 1 house

Anonymous said...

They will be hauling dead birds out by the dump truck load if they put these wind mills in. The noise attracts birds and then hypnotizes them into the blades. God bless president Trump !

Anonymous said...

As someone that has worked on windmill sites y'all are idiots worried about birds. I have seen more birds killed on the side of the road from cars than windmills. The amount of homes that are powered by each turbine depends on the size of the turbine. The ones just north of here power an estimated 800 houses per turbine.the project will being work and money to the local community.

Joe Dirt said...

So...exactly what long term work will this bring to the community? I don't believe anyone local to the area works on windmills.

Anonymous said...

Big Level Wind LLC, is more like big blow hard, this company got millions of federal tax dollars to set these wind mills in different areas to see how feasible the wind mills could be,nobody in potter or tioga (except the land owner) will benefit from these wind driven eclectic turbines, if you want the power from these wind mills, go to New Jersey, or Philadelphia, all we will get is to marvel at the blades going round and round.....and lets not forget the noise that might drive the deer insane....what few are left..

squish059 said...

We prefer our energy come from companies who poison our water sources (frack, coal, oil), not ones that utilize natural resources. Now I will use propaganda to try to make people dislike these turbines to help make sure fossil fuel trillionaires keep a stranglehold over the economy. As an avid hunter, I will pretend to care about the lives of poor animals, despite no evidence to support conspiracy theories about bird deaths at these sites.
I am your typical gullible conservative redneck. No wonder Nei-Nazis thrive in Potter Co.

Anonymous said...

Amen @ 11:28 How is that Keystone XL leak working out for our Native Americans????? Trump Lovers!!!!! Oh yeah Trump got his!!!! Yeah up here they would rather drink dirty water & breathe dirty air. No wonder.....

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be complaining if it was going on your property. Bunch of greedy hypocrites in potter county. If you get money your all for it but if your not getting any then your against it.