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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Day 482, Living life on my terms

Bill Pekarski:

Day 482, Living life on my terms.

The cold weather finally started catching up with me a little today. I awoke feeling very dizzy combined with a deep and productive cough. My oxygen levels are still good so I am pushing all the juice and vitamin C that I can get my hands on. Pneumonia is a real scary potential for me and I do not want to go down that road again.

So if anyone is making any chicken noodle soup out there, please think of me! Just kidding, I will be fine.

Not feeling so well made me think about when I was younger and would stay home from school. Mom would make sure I was warm with plenty to drink. I would get to watch some game shows, The Munsters, I Dream of Jeannie, and all of the other daytime television I would normally miss.

Normally when I was home from school, I would end up with tonsillitis. After a couple of days of penicillin I would be fine and back to normal. In fact, all I ever caught was tonsillitis. I never got regular colds or the flu, just inflamed tonsils and glands.

For this reason, Dr. George Mosch would not remove my tonsils. He would just say that since I only get tonsillitis, they are doing their job and didn't want to mess with them. He also advised that as I got older, the tonsillitis would not happen as often. Funny enough, he was absolutely right and my tonsils are still where they belong.

I used to enjoy the trip to Dr. George's office. they had the television mounted in the corner of the waiting room and a box of blocks and other toys for kids to play with while waiting to see the doctor. Also, back then they were able to "prescribe" candy pills for kids as we left. They would put them in a little medicine envelope just like the regular pills, just these were much more tasty.

And that was the way it went for me until I turned 13 and developed an allergy to penicillin. By that time, my bouts with the illness were already slowing down and by the time I went to IUP, I never got tonsillitis again. That Dr. George was one smart doctor!

Today I am dedicating my progress to the late Dr. George Mosch. Thank you for seeing me through my childhood and being such a treasure to our community.


Kathy said...

I remember those little candy pills. Must've been pure sugar! So good. :)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Herm (Mosch) also gave out those little pink candy pills (yes, pure sugar) but HIS were in a little white rectangular box with lines for writing the "prescription" details. What lovely memories . . . .