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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Galeton Weather Report December 2017

Well the year has rolled around fast. After a rather mild, beautiful Fall we now are in winter--full blast. A month ago Paul from the NWS stopped by for his annual visit. I asked him for his winter prediction. He said "don't quote me, but I think it will be a mild winter". Paul may still be correct , however for the first 10 days winter has started out quite chilly.

December started out rather nice with sunny mild days then on the 8th things changed. It became clear and cold with the first measurable snow on the 8th, one inch. From then on it became and "old fashioned winter" However, on the 18th we saw a 40 degree reading . For the last five days of the month morning readings were below zero with minus 8 on the 28th and minus seven on the 31st. Daytime highs were barely in the teens and midday on the 31st it was 7 above. No change is predicted for the first week of January, except it may even get colder next weekend. We did miss the Lake Erie lake effect snows.

We recorded 1.35" of rain and melted snow. Last year we received 3.84" This year we received 9.3" of snow, last year 19.7" For the year we received 44.59"rainfall which is 1.60" above normal. Snowfall for 2017 was 43.89" which is 10" below normal.

We had 16 days with 1" of snow or more on the ground. The greatest depth was 3" on the 17th. We had one foggy morning and one morning with glaze. The average high for the month is 34 degrees and the average low is 18. The average rainfall and melted snow is 3,05".

Happy New Year

Henry W. Lush
NWS Observer