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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mountaineer Search and Rescue Activated To Search For Hikers

Mountaineer Search and Rescue

Team was called out tonight at 1850hrs for 5 missing hikers in the Brooks Run area, They were to return by 1430 hrs. It was unknown to which trail they may have decided to hike, Team members were deployed to different trail heads and trail ending areas in hopes of first locating their car so a search area could be set up. While team members were still in-route to these locations the hikers made their return to camp. Which was good as temps. were in the 10 to 15 degree area, Not a good night to spend out..... Every one was in good shape upon their return


Anonymous said...

That's very good news! So nice to know we have such dedicated people ready to volunteer their time & talent to help when needed-even if it's so cold!

Anonymous said...

First of all thank God they are safe & sound, second, thank God for all Volunteer Emergency personal, but third, it's cold outside people, use your head. It's pretty dumb to go hiking in this frigid weather!!!