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Saturday, January 27, 2018

DEADLINE: Fracking waste in the Allegheny River?

A proposed fracking waste treatment plant along the Allegheny River could result in radioactive drinking water source for thousands of Pennsylvanians.

The proposed plant in Potter County would process over 20,000 gallons of toxic fracking wastewater, dumping the “treated” water back into the Allegheny's headwaters. But, a recent study found treated fracking waste could amplify the radioactivity of a local river 650 times.1 2

With the PA Department of Environmental Protection taking public comment through Monday, we have a short timeline to prevent the Allegheny from becoming radioactive. Tell the PA Department of Environmental Protection to keep fracking waste away from our rivers.

The company behind the facility admits there’s a potential for radioactive radium to remain in the treated wastewater. And another recent study from Penn State found elevated levels of the substance as far as twelve miles downstream from similar plants, with worries about what the combined effects of this fracking wastewater pollution could mean for the health of Pennsylvanians’ even further along the Allegheny.1 3

Pennsylvanians have a right to clean drinking water, and our most iconic rivers like the Allegheny deserve protection from the fracking industry’s hazards. The DEP is only accepting public comments about this wastewater plant until Monday, so add yours now to ensure clean water for our rivers.


David Masur
PennEnvironment Executive Director

PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center
1429 Walnut Street, Suite 1100, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 732-5897
1831 Murray Ave., Ste. 219, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, (412) 521-0943
Member questions or requests call 1-800-401-6511.

  1. DEP review of water treatment plant delayed,” Endeavor News, August 19, 2017.
  2. Radium again found in Allegheny River and tributaries,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 18, 2018. 
  3. Jennifer Matthews, “Treated hydraulic fracturing wastewater may pollute area water sources for years,” Penn State-News, July 13, 2017.


Anonymous said...

The mere fact that this is even under consideration is insane.
Greed knows no limit.

Brother Nature said...

it's very simple chemistry people. If you boil contaminated water and condense the steam in another location it is simply H2O. All solids, chemicals, and contaminants are left behind as sludge or brine.

Anonymous said...

2:47 This is unproven techmnology according to the DEP. And if permitted would be the first of it's kind. You have a theory.

Boiling frack waste upwind of the Elementary School will impact the air quality according to the air quality exemption permit application and the DEP. And boiling waste doesn't remove the radiation. If it's that easy then there wouldn't be radioactive sediment downstream of three other DEP permmited frack waste treatment facilities.

Shame on TU & UAWSA.

Anonymous said...

False, brother nature. Many organics have boiling points lower than that of water and will be carried over with it. And as for the sludge or brine left behind... how do we dispose of that? Better to never have created the problem.

Anonymous said...

It's just like going on vacation to mexico, if you're really that worried about it , just don't drink the water.

Anonymous said...

2:47 would you and all of your family members br willing to drink it then for the rest of your lives?

Anonymous said...

Either build it or JKLM will stop handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bribes "Donations" to Coudersport, T/U etc... You have a choice people. This is not good for your community, you are being played.

Anonymous said...

boy when and if something happens where the water is contaminant someone better save their money cause the law's going to come down on there Heads

Anonymous said...

if it all about greed and not considering the long term wffect to our environment get them outta here

Anonymous said...

Totally agree 4:40 pm.. the folks in your community better wake up..if this is proposed..youll have a ghost town...people will be leaving that area..say good- bye to Potter County, God's Country....Don't be fooled...stand up & fight for your community...

John R. Stilson said...

Ok, one more time, Alfa particles have a bio hazard factor of 20 and beta particles are 1, gamma radiation has a value of 1. Thus forth the alfa particles have a 20 times more detrimental effect on human tissue and blood, and they don't wash off. Do you still want this facility at the headwaters and within winds range of you children?

georgeanna decarlo said...

Thank you for publicly addressing this! Coudersport Area Municipal Authority (CAMA) Solicitor George Stenhach balked at a resident's request at their meeting last week, to put radiation monitors at the site. Solicitor Stenhach said since they're not required by DEP, he would turn it over to the project engineer for consideration.
How can proponents of this project tout safety, yet let this project get this far without radiation monitoring already a stipulation regardless of whether it's a requirement? Stenhach said cost of the radiation monitors was also a consideration but at the hearing a DEP rep said that CAMA could require Epiphany pay for the monitors.
CAMA's strategy has been to restrict public comment to phases of this project; phase 1, they'll only discuss what's pertinent to that particular phase, the lease etc. which although may be clever legal finesse is ridiculous in light of the severity of this project and makes about as much sense as me scolding my child for deducing that I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies because I'm following the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, assembling ingredients and have a bag of chocolate chips on the counter.
The public needs bold speakers like yourself who are not afraid to publicly this share information. Your input is valuable and much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Say thank you may I have another to these people when you see them - As currently listed on CAMA site

Are we really about to be screwed again by another owner of the Buffalo Sabers?

William Krog, Chairman
Todd Brown
Edward Easton III
Tim Haskins
Paul Herzig
George Stenhach, Stenhach& Stenhach, Solicitor
John Segursky, Uni-Tec Engineers, Engineer
Beverly Morris, Manager

Anonymous said...

Or shower, or cook, or brush your teeth, or hunt animals drinking it.... and this goes for all people along the Allegheny. Yeah, I see your point. Great solution.

Anonymous said...

OK, there are a lot of comments here against fracking and energy production. Now if you use a motor vehicle, electricity or heat with any type of gas stop with the comments. To anybody who use none of those you do have the right to object. Enough of the I use energy but don't product it in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

The Allegheny River is a habitat and safe haven for many of our Bald Eagles who eat and drink from the fresh waters. It's not only about us, but about the animals and birds that God has given us dominion over. We are to take care of them too.

Anonymous said...

Ok 8:54am frack supporter, what you fail to understand is that many of us support use/ extraction of fossil fuels. That's a no brainer. However, we also want it done correctly. Dumping treated frack water into the headwaters of any river is ignorant and very unwise. it has been proven it's not 100% failproof. We err on the side of caution. You could care less..