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Friday, January 26, 2018

Think About It

Neat Little Packages
By Pastor B.J. Knefley

Don’t you just wish that life were filled with neat little packages? You know the kind I mean don’t you? Wouldn’t we all want a life where everyone got along and everything worked right? Kids didn’t fight and always got good grades in school. Neighbors got along with neighbors and there was no crime. We all had enough money and everything was fair. As much as we might like life in a neat little package it just doesn’t happen. In fact, it’s just the opposite isn’t it?

Sometimes I just don’t get it. Perhaps you’ve seen it too. There are some who seem to work hard, do everything that’s right, and they still never seem to get ahead. It’s like they just can’t get a break. Is it Karma? Is it just life? I know that the good and the bad fall upon everyone, but why does it seem to happen more to some than to others? Some people seem to have the golden touch, while others just the opposite.

It is said that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you do with it. It goes back to the half-empty or half-full outlook. Some people see disaster while others see opportunity. Why? Are we naturally wired to think one way while another is wired the opposite or is it learned? Can I reprogram myself to be more positive and to be more solution focused?

There is a saying that says, “What we live with we learn; what we learn we practice; and what we practice we become”. If this is true then unlearning is possible, if we choose to. The operative word is “choose” and to do that will require work and determination. The first part of choice is the act itself. I must choose to take action and that’s the easy part, it’s the second part that’s the most difficult. Actually taking the action and consistently doing it is the most difficult because until it’s learned, the action will seem unnatural. So even though we won’t find life in a neat little package we can live more fully by the choices we make. Next time life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to make lemonade and invite my family over so we can see how long we can set in the same room without fighting!! Just saying.

Anonymous said...

We just have to live one day at a time Bernie...
Accept the things we can not change.
Pray daily...Stay in the word of God..and change our perspective...Love..Live..laugh, take the negative & turn it around into the good..

Anonymous said...

Many times you cannot wish or pray away misfortune. This is a very simplistic take on reality. Spend some time in a Childrens' hospital and see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Accept the things we can not change....
I have spent time in a Children's hospital...had a nephew in there...
I have a sister with a disability, I will continue to pray for things I can not change....I will continue to pray for my sister...