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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Video Of Comments Presented At Public Meeting On Coudersport Frack Water Treatment Plant Courtesy of Public Herald

Public Herald's Editor-in-Chief submitted testimony regarding the lack of oversight and misinformation concerning radioactive material for a proposed fracking wastewater discharge facility on the Allegheny River in Coudersport, Potter County, PA.

Hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with facility operator Epiphany Allegheny, LLC. This headwaters region of the Allegheny River watershed is part of the "Triple Divide" – a highly unique ecosystem, one of only four in all of North America; also featured in the Public Herald documentary TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED]:

Two members of the Seneca Nation of Indians testified at Tuesday's hearing regarding the fracking wastewater treatment facility proposed for Coudersport, PA slated to discharge treated waste water into the Allegheny (Ohi:yo') River. The Allegheny Indian Reservation of the Seneca Nation is located downstream, along the Allegheny River from the Pennsylvania border upriver to Vandalia, New York in Cattaraugus County. This reservation also includes the City of Salamanca. (Ohi:yo' means "Good River.")

Local "Water Dogs", including the president of the local "God's Country" chapter of Trout Unlimited, gave their full support of a plan by Epiphany Allegheny, LLC. to build a fracking wastewater treatment facility on the Allegheny River [Ohi:yo' River to the Seneca Nation]. Plans for the facility, which will discharge up to 42,000 gallons of treated wastewater into the river, were shared during a public meeting in Coudersport on January 16th hosted by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Fracking wastewater contains radioactive material, but the local Water Dogs do not seem concerned that there will be no testing of "water" after treatment but before discharge into the river, to ensure that radioactive elements have been removed.

Members of the public submitted testimony to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) about the proposed fracking wastewater discharge facility, both for and against the project.


Anonymous said...

WHEN this project does not do as advertised we are going to be very petty in rubbing your supporting noses in all that poop!

Anonymous said...

Submitted Testimony ? Was this a court hearing ? Let me ask a simple question what do the sewage treatment plants in each town let go into the rivers and streams ? Would it be just as dangerous ?

Anonymous said...

Tell me how they are going to eliminate the radium 226 and 228 before they dump it into the river ? Why won`t they monitor the levels before and after processing ? I really think this whole thing is a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

nice smug smile on that dudes face isn't it.. He's probably laughing the whole time, thinking what a waste of his time..

Kirsten Wolfe said...

A win for us? That is the biggest untruth. A win for us would be DEP saying no to the proposal and then implementation of follow through with consequences and liability of criminal charges when the waste is not taken out of the area properly.

Anonymous said...

Right on 7:20. They've already made up their minds and are paying lip service.

Anonymous said...

DEP said they will not require the fluid to be monitored for radiation. But if radiation accumulates in the river the DEP said CAMA would be responsible for clean up. This exposes the sewage customers to these costs. It would really suck if they had to pay to dredge the radiation from the stream if Epiphany's experiment doesn't work as promised. It wouldn't be the first time Epiphany didn't deliver as promised. TJ still hasn't refunded the folks who invested in his last invention, the Epiphany One Puck. Hey CAMA I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell!

Brother Nature said...

Radium and all of the other elements that are in the source water can be removed from the water by proper distillation. Radioactive isotopes will adhere to a solid particle first rather than hold on to the vaporized particles.

Anonymous said...

mr jim...

just why do you not publish EVERYTHING I TRY AND COMMENT ON? you know I don't say anything wrong, you don't like my opinion? are you paid to keep my opinion off the record? why didn't you publish my comment on this article????? because you didn't like my opinion of your buddies who made idiots of themselves in the meeting and on camera and was posted publicly? it did take me awhile to write those comments you know.... how do YOU look in the mirror each morning? do you feel justified to censor comments you don't agree with? you have been shadow banning my posts or just not publishing them. I hope you are proud of your censored website keeping this residents opionion away from public view. you wouldn't want anyone waking up to the corruption here would you mr jim... well good luck to you. and your silly reign as lord censorship over potter county. I see right straight through you mr jim. and the games you play with your silly websites making sure you track and identify each poster. why are you afraid to publish the comment I made on the 18th? there was NOTHING that needed to be censored from that post. YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD THE INTEGRITY TO PUBLISH THIS RESIDENTS COMMENTS mr. jim.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Mr. Anonymous,
I've published at least 100,000 of your comments. I've published more comments from you than from anyone in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

mr jim. 100,000 of MY COMMENTS??? I have only written less than a dozen in two 1/2 years. I sure don't know where you get that info. I rarely visit this site unless it's to check on what jklm latest antics have been..
check your records, the 100,000 posts were not by me.
thanks for posting my rant above. I'll re-submit my earlier comments and would appreciate your posting them even if you don't agree with them.

Anonymous said...

Frank Weeks, preservation and improvement of water quality is what you say you stand for? How does barium strontium BTEX and radiation improve water quality? those are not minerals humans are lacking, they are toxic to human life and water quality!
The guy from trout unlimited spent the whole 5 minutes talking about HIMSELF! really? and the other Trout guy uses the same tired old excuse if you don't like it , turn off your gas and heat. what an uneducated sell out of a statement and I'm tired of hearing it everytime you post on this website. Your argument is totally ridiculous and I can't believe anyone buys that for a minute! whats wrong with responsible drilling and disposal of this resource. so your argument is that if we need to use the oil then it should be okay to harm humans and the environment? It should be done without affecting health and life PERIOD. and how about the guy who says I have good clean spring water and I'm happy and I'm all for the plant being built. why, because you think you are safe with your spring water for now? how about the air you will be breathing that you can not protect yourself from. how about your grandchildren?

Anonymous said...

You people have no idea what is coming. If some companies truck this radiated toxic chemical out of state to ohio now, just how many companies do you expect will be trucking this garbage into potter county to get rid of it. You will all be amazed at the amount of comapnies hauling this garbage in as it is a nationwide problem of how to dispose of it. Good ol potter county will be a hub of the disposal industry now and the residents will soon be complaining of all the industry traffic at the very least. and dumping it into the headwaters??? Get ready for lots and lots of trucks hauling toxic radiated garbage into the area. Hope these trucks don't ever have an accidnet on the roads or a spill. Ever wonder why they call it propritary ingredients and they can't tell you what's in it? Because if public knew what it is, They would demand a stop to the use of them. But not in potter county where the sheeple can't think for themselves and believe trout unlimited and all the others are "protecting the water" . Shame on all you sellouts who claim to be water authority and/or protection. How do you all look in the mirror each morning? to all of you on the water authority and special groups like trout unlimited, does getting invited to the golf club in-crowd once a year really mean that much to you as a human being that your quest for power and to be included results in selling out human life? I have never and I mean never lived in an area where so many lifetime residents ignore what is going on or simply believe what these people tell you because you have known that person their whole life. can't you all think for yourselves and see they are selling out to the gas companies? what part of dumping toxic harmful radiation into the water sounds like "promoting clean water" as you say you stand for? I can't understand why that meeting wasn't absolutely flooded with concerned residents.

Anonymous said...

Since this community doesn't seem bothered by the plans to pollute water to not just here but all the communities downstream, get ready. I would suggest making sure your health insurance is up to date and I expect the hospitals will be booming with new business and jobs. Horray for potter county! What will you people do when you finally realize all your health problems, stomach aches, headaches, nosebleeds, and then cancers, kidney disease etc. go ignored by the medical communities so they can keep it off the books. How will you feel when you are so ill you can't function any longer and the doctors dismiss it all because the oil and gas industry is protected. good luck finding doctors who will tell you the truth and even try and help you if you mention why you are sick. I can just imagine 10 years down the road when some of you who can think, look back and realize just what a mistake selling out this county to the oil and gas has done. Do any of you care about your families future? The children downwind from the school? the whole town? When this plant starts emitting toxins into the air for everyone to breathe and you all FINALLY realize you are getting sick, will you care then? When TU says they are protecting the water for the future, THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Doesn't anyone see that they chose potter county for a reason? have you read the studies that show this is often done in poor areas of the nation. read the studies of just what is admitted to in the water they intend to claim they are treating. Have any of you water authority members even READ what is in the toxic soup and the effects it has on humans? If so, how can you say you are promoting clean water? This stuff can not be cleaned from the water. They will not even test for the chemicals that can not be removed.
and lastly, to anyone who replies to this post with the same old tired lines we all are used to seeing on here, why don't you educate yourselves first. Read the Physicians for social responsibility report (all 200 plus pages) and then ask yourselves if you really think you are smarter than the scientific and medical findings that have been documented as FACT on the harmful effects of all this fracking. WAKE UP AND START COMPREHENDING THE FACTS.
thank you.