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Saturday, February 24, 2018


PITTSBURGH, Pa (Feb. 24) – Epiphany Water Solutions is committed to providing factual and complete answers to the questions people in the Coudersport area have about its waste water treatment facility to be co-located at the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority’s facility in Eulalia Township. The company issued this statement today regarding the safe storage and management of water and solids at the Coudersport facility:

Q. How much untreated waste water will Epiphany store on site?
A. The facility will have the capability of storing a maximum of 67,000 gallons of waste water, in a series of secure tanks that are elevated above the flood plain and outfitted with a redundant secondary containment system.

Q. What kinds of waste solids will Epiphany store on site?
A. Small amounts of heavy metals and traces of radiological material (less than one-millionth of one percent) removed during the chemical precipitation process will be stored in secure containers until they are prepared and shipped for disposal at a permitted landfill. Clean salt that is removed in the distillation process will also be stored in secure containers at the facility while it is awaiting transport to customers for use as road salt.

Q. Is there any possibility of contaminants being accidentally released to the river or the environment, or in the event of a flood or heavy rain?
A. No. Epiphany’s facility has fail-safe redundancies built into its design and construction, including elevating all equipment above the level of a 100-year flood event, as well as secondary containment systems designed to prevent any water from ever unintentionally flowing in or out of the facility. The treatment system also includes real-time monitors that will detect any disruption to either the precipitation or the distillation processes that automatically prevent any potential impact to the environment and immediately alert our on-site technicians.

Q. Are there any other distillation plants in Pennsylvania or anywhere else that have the same treatment process and promise of “pure” water as their discharge?
A. Yes. There are many treatment plants that use distillation technology to treat various types of waste water, including three in Pennsylvania that are dedicated to the treatment of waste water from oil and gas production operations. Epiphany has combined the best technologies from those existing facilities to create the most robust and reliable waste water treatment process to date. Our facility will create a new standard for best practices in the industry.

Q. Where does this waste water come from and how much can be treated at Epiphany’s facility?
A. Waste water transported to Epiphany’s Coudersport facility will include flowback and produced water from existing wells drilled and operated in the immediate vicinity. The amount of water generated by those wells will vary, based on each well’s specific stage of completion and production. The facility is designed and constructed to treat a maximum of 42,000 gallons of water per day.

Q. Will waste water be transported into our community from other places?
A. Epiphany’s Coudersport facility is intended to treat water generated locally by oil and gas production operations, from wells between 10-20 miles from the plant. It is economically impractical to transport water from distances greater than that.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that would help easy my fear as a CAMA user is if you take out a100 million dollar mitigation policy and put it into an account that can never be foreclosed on or liquidated in bankruptcy filing. Otherwise the the CAMA user and community may be hit with a huge cleanup fee that we cannot pay for. The only reason this is considered is because CAMA is poor.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, they paid for 2 insertions. Maybe if they keep repeating it, it will become true.

Unknown said...

Who owns the land where the proposed site is to be located?

Anonymous said...

Isn`t one of the Epiphany co-founders the same guy who bilked investors out of their hard earned money a few years back ? Some kind of cell phone charger that didn`t work ? Yeah I would trust this guy....

Anonymous said...

Laurie Barr said: 11:00:00 yep, that would be the Kick Starter Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/epiphanylabs/epiphany-one-puck/comments

I'm still scratching my head wondering how he could have schmoozed the CAMA board members into agreeing to use CAMA coffers to cover all the upfront costs of engineering, permits and site prep, while there is no reimbursement agreement in place if permits are denied.

Anonymous said...

stupid hicks that's how it is... too lazy to get a lawyer

Anonymous said...

10:01:00 AM CAMA was schmoozed into agreeing to use sewage customers money to cover the engineering, permits and site prep costs under solicitor George Stenhach's watch. http://coudersportborough.org/sewer-authority

Anonymous said...

so are the people in CAMA hiding from the public knowing they made these decisions? are the kids from the parents getting bullied in school can everyone walk the streets without getting egged?

Anonymous said...

Bill Krog, Todd Brown, Bev Morris, George Steinhach, John Segursky, Paul, Kevin Saulters, Ed Easton and JKLM have all aligned themselves with this scammer, You obviously have similar morals in my opinion. Be sure to give these guys a pat on the back when you see them lol.

If you read all of the information, articles, research done by other people on epiphany, the scam kickstarter campaign, the failed party application you'll see it amounts to a lot of self promotion and fluff. There is no proven concept, just like there is no battery charger the works from a cup of coffee.

This guy probably has no money after he spent the over $100,000 from Kickstarter, to pay for anything and you dumb asses fell for it and he has you paying for everything and you are getting a tiny bone thrown to you.

Watch, one of these guys will show up on the board of epiphany or will get payola for “consultation”

But don’t worry, you guys are in good company as a retired 3 star general, Gus Pagonis, has joined in too.

They’ve even been sued twice recently by vendors, (from a Hauling company the other appears to be a pipe supplier)

Pa Docket Number: MJ-05227-CV-0000120-2014
Pa Docket Number: MJ-05203-CV-0000016-2016

Really, they cant even be responsible enough to keep you vehicles properly registered.
Pa Docket Number: MJ-05302-TR-0004243-2017

There’s even a bad check charge against a tommy joseph going back to 1999
Docket Number: MJ-53101-CR-0000057-1999

Kirsten Wolfe said...

CAMA board members, getting Disney trips paid for oh wait, probably access to time shares and condos in Florida and Vegas.

Kirsten Wolfe said...

Bribes, 1000.00 checks to pay for soccer recreation league, save our area pool!!! Guess what's next? Anyone want to take bets? How about Denton Hill? Could that be next? Pegula would be a big hero in Potter County to revitalize a ski resort. Go for it! What's stopping him? Oh, wait, how about the school district? Perhaps Pegula should start donating money to the school district. Hey school board, why not stick your paw out for some cash?